God Of War Ragnarök Muspelheim Odin's Raven Locations

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Muspelheim Odin’s Raven Locations guide where we will help you find and destroy both Ravens throughout the realm of fire.

You won’t be able to access the Ravens in Muspelheim until near the end of the game during the, The Summoning main story mission or at any point afterwards if you missed them.

You will need to take out every one of Odin’s Ravens throughout the game in order to be able to access 1 of the Hilts required for Collector Silver Image PS.

Destroying a Raven will require you to get close to it then throw your Axe through the Raven removing it from the realm. All Ravens can be tracked on your World Overview.

Odin's Raven 1

Muspelheim, The Burning Cliffs.

Continue through the game until you begin the, The Summoning main story quest in Muspelheim which is one of the last missions in the game.

Drop down the cliffs after Hildisvini takes Mimir to Helheim to where the Wisps ambush you.

Clear the Wisps then look to the right wall to find the Raven sitting in the alcove.

Odin's Raven 2

Muspelheim, The Burning Cliffs.

Continue through Muspelheim to where you speak with Surtr. Initially he will slap you both away causing you to be ambushed by a Soul Eater and a legion of Draugr.

Take down both Soul Eaters as well as the legion of Draugr who ambush you then head back to Surtr who will eventually agree to help you.

As soon as you start walking down the ramp with Surtr, look up to your left to find the Raven sitting in front of an alcove.

That’s where to find both of Odin’s Ravens in Muspelheim

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