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God Of War Ragnarök Odin's Raven Locations: Midgard

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Odin’s Raven Locations: Midgard guide where we will help you find and destroy all 6 Ravens throughout the realm of Men.

All 6 Ravens in Midgard can be destroyed as you make your way towards the Norns or at any time afterwards upon returning to Midgard.

You will need to take out every one of Odin’s Ravens throughout the game in order to be able to access 1 of the Hilts required for Collector Silver Image PS.

Destroying a Raven will require you to get close to it then throw your Axe through the Raven removing it from the realm. All Ravens can be tracked on your World Overview.

Here is where you can find and remove each of the 6 of Odin’s Ravens throughout Midgard:

Odin's Raven 1

Midgard, Lake of Nine.

From the start of the Lake when you enter with Freya on the sled go South East around the large structure staying close in to the wall where you will find a small crevice.

Go into the crevice where you will see Odin’s Raven jumping about on a ledge, take aim and throe the Axe through it to have another Raven destroyed.

Odin's Raven 2

Midgard, Lake Of Nine.

On the far East side of the Lake there will be a cut-out on the right of the slope you need to ascend to continue the story.

Head down the path then look up to the right to find Odin’s Raven sitting on a small ledge which you can despatch with a quick throw of your Axe.

Odin's Raven 3

Midgard, Lake of Nine, The Derelict Outpost.

Head down the ravine from Tyr’s temple towards the Derelict Outpost, jump over the small ledge then look directly to your left where you will see the Raven in the remains of a ship above you.

This Raven can easily be despatched with a quick throw of your Axe.

Odin's Raven 4

Midgard, Lake of Nine, The Derelict Outpost.

From Odin’s Raven 16, go around to the left and climb the gold chain, grapple across then hit the right disc on the crane to move the grapple point around, jump across and take out the Wisp ambush.

Look to your right and throw the Axe at the gold disc on the right to swing the crane around, grapple across then hop over the small ledge on your left.

Look up to see Odin’s Raven on the top of the crane strut which can easily be destroyed with a throw of your Axe.

Odin's Raven 5

Midgard, Lake of Nine, Shores of Nine, The Oarsmen.

The Oarsmen is an area in the game you can access in the Northern part of the Lake of Nine by jumping over a log, going forward and lifting a stone block to be in the Shores of Nine area then burning the vines on your right where you can jump the gap to the Oarsmen dungeon which has some tough enemies so ensure you are appropriately geared / levelled before going there.

Clear out the initial wave of enemies then climb up the wall after mantling up to the small ledge.

Take down the Centaur and the Hel-Raiders which can be tough but is doable with the right timing where you can then climb up the gold chain at the back right of the area.

Drop down to the lower level where you will see a large chain, if you look up high to the right you will see the Raven flitting around up above you.

You will need to aim high above the Raven to allow for the Axe to curve back down and hit it which may take you a few tries but as long as you adjust as required you’ll soon have another one of Odin’s Ravens destroyed.

Odin's Raven 6

Midgard, Lake of Nine, Well of Urd.

You will need to progress through the story to where you are going to the 3rd location as you are tracking the Norns on your sled where you will need to mantle up to the top of a cliff and smash through a blocked ice passage with your Axe.

You will be ambushed upon going through the ice passage so take down every enemy that stands in your way and climb up and around the wall to the top where you will have to take down another group of enemies.

Once they’re all defeated turn around and face the way you came overlooking the area below where if you look up to your left you will see Odin’s Raven flitting about on the cliff which can be despatched with a quick throw of your Axe.

That’s where to find and how to take down all 6 of Odin’s Ravens throughout Midgard.

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