God Of War Ragnarök Odin's Raven Locations: Alfheim

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök God Of War Ragnarök Odin’s Raven Locations: Alfheim guide where we will help you find and destroy all 10 Ravens throughout the Elven realm.

The first 3 Ravens can be destroyed as you progress through Alfheim with Tyr and Atreus with the remaining 7 being removable either along the way to or having completed both the:

  1. Secret of the Sands Favour.
  2. Song of the Sands Favour.

Completing both Favours also unlocks Full Gufa Silver Image PS.

This will then subdue the sand storms in both The Barrens as well as The Forbidden Sands making every area required, accessible.

You will need to take out every one of Odin’s Ravens throughout the game in order to be able to access 1 of the Hilts required for Collector Silver Image PS.

Destroying a Raven will require you to get close to it then throw your Axe through the Raven removing it from the realm. All Ravens can be tracked on your World Overview.

Here is where you can find and remove each of the 10 of Odin’s Ravens throughout Alfheim:

Odin's Raven 1

Alfheim, The Strönd.

From the start of the area follow the main path to where you squeeze through the crack in the wall, take a right then drop down looking over to the left where you will see the Raven on a tree branch.

Jump across the broken bridge then throw your Axe at Odin’s Raven to have another one destroyed.

Odin's Raven 2

Alfheim, Temple of Light.

Jump across the chasm once Tyr has spawned the grapple points then head up the stair case dropping down to the left when you see the light emanating from the ground.

Once you have dropped down you need to stand against the left wall just on the corner of the left turn against the fabric where you can line up a throw with your Axe against the Twilight stone which will ricochet against the adjacent Twilight stone then hitting and destroying Odin’s Raven behind the metal grate.

God Of War Ragnarok Odins Raven 10 Stand Here
Stand Here

Odin's Raven 3

Alfheim, Temple of Light.

Once Kratos and Tyr have pushed the statues down to make the light bridge, take out all every Light Elf then look over to your left where you will see the Raven flitting about in an alcove.

Stand on the top of the staircase and throw the Axe to destroy another of Odin’s Ravens.

God Of War Ragnarok Odins Raven 11 Stand Here
Stand Here

Odin's Raven 4

Alfheim, The Canyons.

Once you have the Draupnir Spear, head back to Alfheim then take a left from The Strönd Mystic Gateway in to the newly accessible area.

Throw the Axe through the Hive Matter ensuring you clear all 3 tentacles out of the way which will open a climbable section of wall to your right.

Once you’re up on the higher level go over to the right where you will see the Raven flying around a rock which can be taken down by waiting for the Raven to circuit over to the left making it close enough to be dispatched with a throw of your Axe.

Odin's Raven 5

Alfheim, The Barrens.

Before going for this Raven I strongly recommend you subdue the sand storm to make the area easier to navigate which can be done by complete the Secret of the Sands Favour.

Once the sandstorm has been calmed go over to the Northern side of The Barrens to find the Raven on a tree branch just before you go into the structure housing some Dark Elves.

Dispatch the Raven with a quick throw of your Axe.

Odin's Raven 6

Alfheim, The Barrens.

Another Raven that will be a lot easier to remove once you have completed the Secret of the Sands Favour.

Once the sand storm has cleared, head over to the East to the large skeleton, head in to the mouth of the monster, mantle up then turn around and look up to find the Raven sitting in the right eye socket.

Despatch the Raven with a throw of your Axe or Spear.

Odin's Raven 7

Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands.

You will need to complete the Song of the Sands Favour to subdue the sand storm in The Forbidden Sands which will make traversing the area a lot easier.

Starting off at the junction for The Hjarta and The Forbidden Sands, go North West across the sands to a small cut out in the rock you can mantle up.

You will find Odin’s Raven flitting around behind a stone statue on the back cliff wall which is easily taken out with a quick throw of your Axe.

Odin's Raven 8

Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands.

After you have destroyed the 7th Raven, head North East along the side of the cliff to the next section you can take a left in to where Freyr’s Statue is.

You will see the Raven flying around above you which can be dispatched with a quick throw of your Axe.

Odin's Raven 9

Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands.

Head back across towards The Hjarta after removing the 8th Raven where you will see this Raven sitting in a large cut out in the rocks.

Stand to the South of the Raven on the highest sand dune and aim high before throwing Axe across to the Raven allowing for the natural curvature of the throw.

Odin's Raven 10

Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands, The Elven Sanctum.

Make your way over to the East of The Forbidden Sands then, before mantling up to the Elven Library, smash through the rocks below the grapple point revealing a new area you can access.

Head down the ramp then look over to your left when the cavern opens to see the Raven flying around.

Line up a throw of your Axe and despatch the Raven as it completes one if its turns.

That’s where to find and how to dispatch all 10 of Odin’s Ravens throughout Alfheim.

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