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God Of War Ragnarök New Friends Trophy Guide

God of War Ragnarok New Friends trophy
Bronze Trophy

New Friends
Fetch Lúnda’s orb

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök New Friends trophy guide where we will help you fetch Lúnda’s orb.

Once you have gone through Vanaheim in the story and have been introduced to Freyr, and the other members at Freyr’s Camp you can, from any point where free roam is allowed or after the story go left from the Freyr’s Camp Mystic Gateway, have Freya send a sonic arrow into the log clearing the way then row the boat along the river.

Take a right when you can then right again to the Cliffside Ruins dock then turn your boat around to the beach opposite where you can speak to Lúnda to initiate the, The Mysterious Orb Favour which tasks you with finding the Orb.

In addition to finding the Orb you can also find 3 pieces of Armour along the way which we will also cover in this guide as explained in the video above.

Lúnda's Broken Belt

Row your boat left facing away from where you spoke to Lúnda following the river around to where you can dock on the right at Nóatún’s Garden, clear out the enemies then go to the back wall where you can use your Chisel on the dish allowing you to access a secret room, inside of which is a red chest which contains Lúnda’s Broken Belt.

Lúnda's Broken Bracers

Head back round to the Cliffside Ruins then dock opposite to where Lúnda and Brok are, clear out the enemies then climb up the back wall over to the left and take the first right.

Look to your left whilst keeping your distance from the small room and throw either an Axe or Spear at the 3 poison pods then open the red chest inside the room to acquire Lúnda’s Broken Bracers.

Lúnda's Orb

Come out of the small room then take a right jumping over to the platform then continue left where you will see a section of Vines coming out of the wall you need to have Freya place 3 Runic Arrows going to the left along the cliff face which you can hit with a blast from your Blades of Chaos, clearing the vines then dropping a gold chain down.

Go back down to the ground level then go around to the left, climb up the chain and go forward to where you can use the Chisel on the dish revealing a Runic word you can have Freya speak which opens the Pilgrims Gate.

Head back down to the ground level, jump in to your boat then take the first right through the canyon to Goddess Falls.

Before docking at the beach here, take a left around the wall and head forward in to the cavern staying to the right to find Lúnda’s Orb on the left of the first beach you can dock at.

Lúnda's Broken Cuirass

Get back in to your boat once you have the orb then head right through the cavern to the next beach you can dock at and head to the back wall to find another red chest which contains Lúnda’s Broken Cuirass.

Once you have either just the Orb or the orb as well as any of the 3 armour pieces, head back to Lúnda where you will hand her the orb unlocking your trophy in the process.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök New Friends trophy guide complete, I hope it helped you fetch Lúnda’s orb as well as her armour set.
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