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God Of War Ragnarök Muspelheim Nornir Chests

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Muspelheim Nornir Chest locations guide where we will help you find and unlock both Nornir Chests throughout the realm of fire helping you work towards unlocking Full Belly Silver Image PS.

Before you can head to Muselpheim, you need to find both Muselpheim Seeds which are located in Svartalfheim in Legendary Chests 3 and 9 (check out the Svartalfheim Legendary Chest locations guide for how to acquire both Muspelheim Seed halves).

In order to open a Nornir Chest you will need to activate 3 Runes found in the local area to the Chest and will need to be either rung, ignited or activated simultaneously where you will receive either an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead raising your health or rage meters respectively.

There are 2 Nornir Chests to find an unlock in Muspelheim, both of which will require you to be near the end of the game or having completed the main game where you should then be strong enough to take down those who stand in your way.

Nornir Chest 1

Muspelheim, Burning Cliffs.
Runes: C, R and N.

Progress all the way through the story to where Kratos and Atreus go to Muspelheim, drop down following the linear path taking out the enemies.

After shimmying across the ledge, go down the hill and look round to the right to see a point in the rock you can throw the Spear in to clearing the way through to the Nornir Chest which unsurprisingly, given the realm you’re in, needs to be unlocked by igniting 3 Runic braziers.

The N Rune can be found by looking up to the right of the Nornir Chest, place a Sigil on the base of the brazier then ignite the Sigil lighting the brazier in the process.

You can find the C Rune by going back out the way you came then look to the right to see the brazier in the distance.

Place a triple Sigil on the pillar to the left of the Brazier, place another Sigil on the right side of the next pillar and finally, one more Sigil on the other side of the pillar ensuring they’re all connected then send a blast to the left side of the left most Sigil with your Blades to cause a chain reaction igniting the C Rune.

Finally, for the R Rune, go back to the Nornir Chest, turn around and look across the lava flow where you can place a triple Sigil to the left base of the Brazier, another 2 Sigils on the pillar to the left then send a final Sigil in to the C Rune brazier which will then send a chain reaction across the Sigils igniting the R Rune.

With all 3 Braziers lit, loot the Nornir Chest which, for me, contained a Horn of Blood Mead.

Nornir Chest 2

Muspelheim, The Crucible.
Runes: F, N and R.

Before you can access The Crucible in Muspelheim, you will firstly need to find 2 Muspelheim Seed halves that can be found in 2 Legendary Chests in Svartalfheim.

Check out the complete Svartalfheim Legendary Chests locations guide for how to find and loot both Legendary Chests. You need Legendary Chests 3 and 9.

In order to unlock the Nornir Chest which can be found in plain sight in the middle of the central area of The Crucible you will need to complete every trial that stands before you that are tied into a unique unlock method: Runic Swords.

There are 6 Trials in total and each Runic sword has 2 Trials linked to it, which, once completed, will unlock that Rune on the Nornir Chest.

The Trials themselves can be tough, especially Flawless at the F Rune, below I have listed off a brief description of what’s required to complete each of the 6 Trials you need to loot the Nornir Chest.

If you need further information or advice, check out the complete Trials by Fire trophy guide for exactly what to do.

The 6 Trials you need to complete are as follows:

The F Rune sword can be found through the left passage and requires the following 2 Trials to be completed:

  1. Weapon Mastery.
    Defeat all enemies within the time limit.
    Take down the enemies with opposing weapon types so if they have a blue shield, use the Blades, a red shield then use the Axe and for a white and black shield, use the Spear.
  2. Flawless.
    Avoid taking damage.
    Take down 15 enemies without being hit once. This is one of the tougher Trials in the game.

Completing both of the initial Trials will unlock the F Rune on the Nornir Chest.

The N Rune sword is found in the back chamber of The Crucible and has the following 2 Trials needing to be finished:

  1. Ring Out Challenge.
    Opponents rapidly regenerate from any damage.
    Throw enemies out of the arena as they out heal any damage you inflict for the most part.
  2. Feed The Rift.
    Throw orbs into the realm tear to close it before time runs out.
    You have 2 waves to complete with the first wave requiring 6 orbs to be thrown in to the rift then an additioanl 15 orbs to close it down for good.

Completing both of these Trials will unlock the N Rune on the Nornir Chest.

Finally, the R Rune sword can be found along the right side passage and holds the following 2 Trials:

  1. Population Control.
    Kill the elite while keeping the population under the limit.
    Don’t allow 5 or more Grim on the field whilst taking down the Bergsra.
  2. King Of The Hill.
    Keep enemies out of the rings until the time expires.
    Crowd control weapons and abilities are essential as you fight through 3 waves taking down the enemies as quickly as you can.

Completing the 2 Trials listed above will then unlock the R Rune on the Nornir Chest.

With all 6 Trials complete, you can then go and loot the Nornir Chest which contains a Chaos Flame.

Check out the complete Trials By Fire trophy guide for exactly what you need to do in order to complete the 6 initial Trials of Muspelheim where you can then loot the Nornir Chest.

That’s where to find and how to unlock the 2 Nornir Chests in Muselpheim.

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