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God Of War Ragnarök Midgard Nornir Chests

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Midgard Nornir Chest locations guide where we will help you find and unlock each of the 4 Nornir Chests throughout the realm helping you work towards unlocking Full Belly Silver Image PS.

In order to open a Nornir Chest you will need to activate 3 Runes found in the local area to the Chest and will need to be either rung, ignited or activated simultaneously where you will receive either an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead raising your health or rage meters respectively.

All 4 Nornir Chests can be found and unlocked once Kratos and Freya set out through Midgard and are found throughout the areas in and around the Lake of Nine with 2 needing you to take down some fairly tough enemies so ensure you are appropriately geared and levelled before going for them, especially Nornir Chest 4 in The Oarsmen as the Centaur there can ruin your day very quickly on the harder difficulties.

The 4 Nornir Chests in Midgard can be found at the following locations:

Nornir Chest 1

Midgard, Lake of Nine.
Runes: C, N and R.

In the North West section of the Lake of Nine you can go through a valley to a cliff face at the end where you will find the Nornir Chest which will need to be unlocked by igniting the braziers on top of the 3 Runes dotted around the area with the Blades of Chaos.

The C Rune can be found by turning around from the Nornir Chest and looking up where you can easily light the brazier with the Blades whilst on the ground below.

For the N Rune, go right then climb up the wall grappling across to the upper section, going around to the cliff edge where you can drop back down but before doing so look up to the right of the drop to find the N Rune brazier which needs to be ignited.

Once the N Rune has been ignited, drop off the cliff to the ledge below then look up to the left where you can light the R Rune brazier.

Drop off the ledge down to the starting area where you can then go around to the left and open the now unlocked Nornir Chest which for me held an Idunn Apple.

Nornir Chest 2

Midgard, Lake of Nine, Raider Hideout.
Runes: R, N and C.

Go to the East side of the Lake of Nine in to the Raider Hideout and clear out all of the enemies where you can then mantle up to the left to find the Nornir Chest against the back wall.

All 3 Rune braziers will need setting on fire and you will need to ensure Freya has Runic magic equipped (press PS DP U to change Freya’s equipped magic).

The R Rune can be found to the left of the Nornir Chest and will require Freya to fire a Runic Arrow towards the red vines like you would have done previously in the story.

Once the vines are clear you will need to aim in three specific places where you can cause a chain reaction with the Blades of Chaos lighting the R Rune brazier.

  1. Have one Runic Arrow sent towards the brazier.
  2. Send another just to the left of the brazier.
  3. Finally, have one arrow sent closer to you on the left wall.

Equip the Blades then aim at the centre of the closest Runic mark where you can then send a charge down Blades which will cause a chain reaction exploding all 3 Runic symbols setting the brazier on fire in the process.

Turn to the left when facing the R Rune brazier and drop down to the lower level looking to the right to find a pedestal with a bomb on the top of it.

Collect the bomb (it’s not on a timer) then turn around and look to the back wall where you will see the N Rune brazier through a hole in the back wall you can throw the bomb through.

There is rubble in the way over to the left so aim right and as long as you get the bomb in the small room you will ignite the N Rune brazier in the explosion.

The bomb will spawn an infinite amount of times so if you miss, just try again.

The C Rune brazier can be found be collecting another bomb from the pedestal then look to the left of the pedestal to find a cut out section of rock at the end of which will be the C Rune brazier at the top.

You need to have Freya send a Runic Arrow to the brazier itself then another slightly below and finally a third near the base of the rock ensuring the are all connected to one another.

Throw the bomb at the bottom of the Runic Symbols taking the curvature of throw in to consideration, aim high just below the ceiling where the explosion will then cause a chain reaction going up the rock igniting the C Rune brazier.

With all 3 Rune braziers lit you can then go and open the Nornir Chest which for me contained a Horn of Blood Mead.

Nornir Chest 3

Midgard, Lake of Nine, The Lost Treasury.
Runes: R, C and N.

The Lost Treasury can be found in the Southern section of the Lake of Nine down a slope adjacent to Tyr’s Temple.

Head down there and take out the ambush which will be a lot easier to do with your Blades of Chaos then look over to your right to see the Nornir Chest.

Turn around from the Nornir Chest, grapple the right side of the shield and throw it to the right where you can then mantle up to the section above.

Aim at the explosive pot and have Freya send an arrow which will not only clear the rubble but also drop a pillar down which will be required later so ignore it for now then head around to the right through the wall and defeat the Wisps.

Look up to your left where you can find the R Rune on the top of the wall, send 1 Runic Arrow at the brazier then another just below where you can then cause a chain reaction with a blast from the Blades lighting the brazier.

Next, go to the right overlooking the Lake where you can drop down and grapple the shield back to the left where if you look to the right of the shield you can see the C Rune brazier which is lit with another set of Runic Arrows and a blast from the Blades to light it.

Climb up the shield whilst it is on the left then go back to the pillar you previously fell with the explosion, grapple it and throw it to the left where it will hang off the edge of the platform.

Drop back down to the lower area, grapple the shield again and throw it to the right where it will then get stuck on the pillar giving you access to the gate below.

In order to open the gate, grab the wheel and move it so the bars are removed from the doorway then look to the right and have a Runic Arrow placed on the gate mechanism and throw your Axe which will blow the Runic Arrow freezing the mechanism.

Do the same for the gate mechanism on the left quickly where you can let go of the wheel and sprint through the gate before the mechanisms are freed. You will need to be quick here as they don’t hold for long so if the gate does close on you, retry as needed.

Once inside the room, turn around and throw the axe at the blue disc on the right which will sever the mechanism allowing Freya to enter the room with you.

Look to your left in the corner to find the N Rune brazier which can be lit with 3 Runic Arrows strategically places on the brazier and along the right side wall where you can then light the brazier with a quick blast from your Blades.

You can now go back outside and loot the Nornir Chest which for me, contained an Idunn Apple.

Nornir Chest 4

Midgard, Lake of Nine, Shores of Nine, The Oarsmen.
Runes: C, N and R.

The Oarsmen is a dungeon which can be found in the Northern section of the Lake of Nine by hopping over a log, lifting a stone to go through to the Shores of Nine and burning the vines to your right enabling you to jump the gap and head down to the Oarsmen.

This area has a few tough enemies to take down so ensure you are appropriately levelled and geared before going for this chest.

Clear out the initial ambush then climb the wall at the back of the area and take out the Centaur as well as the Hel-Raiders.

Once all enemies are down, climb the gold chain at the back right of the area then drop down and pull the ships chain to reveal a staircase you can descend.

At the bottom, go round dealing with the Wisps and open the gate going back through to the start of the dungeon.

I suggest familiarising yourself with where the Runes are before going for it as you will not have time to figure it out once you hit the first Rune as the timer is very strict.

The R Rune can be found to the right of the Nornir Chest. The C Rune can be found in an inaccessible area to the left of the Nornir Chest and the N Rune can be found to the left of the staircase you used to come down into the Oarsmen dungeon originally.

God Of War Ragnarök Nornir Chest 14 R Rune
R Rune
God Of War Ragnarök Nornir Chest 14 C Rune
C Rune
God Of War Ragnarök Nornir Chest 14 N Rune
N Rune

There is a cracked section of floor you will need to stand on in order to hit the 3 Runes with your Axe which has to be done quickly as the Runes will reset after a few seconds.

God Of War Ragnarök Nornir Chest 14 Stand Here
Stand Here

Throw the Axe at the C Rune first.

Turn to your left and quickly throw the axe above the N Rune allowing for the curve of throw to hit the Rune chime as it is a fair distance.

Quickly recall the axe and face towards the gate you previously opened where, as long as you’re standing where I directed you, you will be able to just hit the R Rune.

You do have to be very quick here so if the chest doesn’t open, try again as many times as you need to then once the Nornir Chest unlocks open it up and my Nornir Chest contained a Horn of Blood Mead.

That’s where to find and how to unlock all 4 Nornir Chests in Midgard.

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