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God Of War Ragnarök Making Amends Trophy Guide

God of War Ragnarok Making Amends trophy
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Making Amends
Free the Lyngbakr

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Making Amends trophy guide where we will help you free the Lyngbakr.

To free the Lyngbakr, you need to take a boat North from the Watchtower in Bounty Bay on Svartalfheim to the dock in the middle of the water which will start the favour: The Weight Of Chains.

Once on the dock, throw the Axe at the explosive pot on your right to clear the Debris, head up the path and take out the Wretch nest.

Go to the Northern point of the platform you’re on and explode the barrel behind the wall clearing the debris and shimmy across the wall down then back up to another Wretch ambush.

Pull the wheel down lowering the lift, send a Runic Arrow to the gate mechanism then throw the Axe at the Runic mark to freeze the gate in place for longer, head back to the point where you mantled up, go back down and to the right around to the lift then recall the Axe.

Ride the elevator up and smash through the floor below taking out the enemies who are waiting for you, collect the key, open the gate and go back to your boat.

Row South to the Watchtower, which if you haven’t been to before, throw the Axe at the explosive pot to clear the rubble and climb the wall going over to the right, use the key and hit the drum then head back to the Lynbakr after the cutscene.

Go back up to the upper level, clear the Draugr and go around to the right, explode the debris using the pot then go forward to cut the strut allowing you to break the disc holding the chain on the left fin.

Go back around to the South, and clear the Nightmares, climb the chain to the right, follow the path and clear the Draugr ambush where you can kick the chain down off the ledge, slide down and cut the next restraint allowing you to break the disc freeing the right fin.

Clear the Wretch nest revealing a bomb pedestal you can use to clear the debris on the platform to the North, jump across, follow the path then grab another bomb and clear the debris down on the jetty freeing up another dock you will need to return to your boat and row around to.

Climb the wall, clear the Draugr, Nightmare and Grim ambush then cut the final restraint. Look left and slide down the rope to the North East where you can smash the disc freeing the tail.

Clear the wooden blockage, slide down the chain to the boat then row over to the Lynbakr’s eye on the South Eastern quarter of the Lynbakr which will trigger a cutscene unlocking your trophy at its conclusion.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök Making Amends trophy guide complete I hope it helps you free the Lyngbakr.
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