God Of War Ragnarök Jötunheim Legendary Chest Locations

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Jötunheim Legendary Chest locations guide where we will help you find the 3 Legendary Chests in Jötunheim which aren’t listed on the World overview and can be collected as Atreus as you go through the story.

If you don’t collect them during the story then you won’t be able to get back to them, but don’t worry as they aren’t required for any trophies or anything specific.

The 3 Legendary Chests in Jötunheim are:

Legendary Chest 1

Jötunheim, Ironwood.

Continue through the Ironwood as Atreus until you need to send an Arrow revealing a grapple point allowing you to swing across (story progression), take out the ambush then proceed down the path.

Swing across the next grapple point where you will be ambushed again.

Take them all down then look to your right to see the Legendary Chest which contains the Rampaging Ibex Runic Summon.

Legendary Chest 2

Jötunheim, Vimur River.

After you and Angrboda have skimmed stones down the river and have taken down the Draugr ambush ride down the river where you can see the Legendary Chest up to your right.

Go pass the giant clams where you can “dock” at the side of the river mantling up the cliff face, turn around and swing across the river using the grapple point on to the opposite ledge where you can loot the Legendary Chest which contains the Runestone Refinement Accessory.

Legendary Chest 3

Jötunheim, Idi’s Sinkhole.

Once down in the sinkhole go through the hole in the wall, take out the first Wretch nest then straight jumping over the small wall, take a right then jump up the wall at the end of the path to your right.

Take the first right jumping over the fallen pillar then first right again crossing the bridge.

Go left at the end of the path crossing another bridge, continue forward then right again pass the torch and the table.

At the end of this path take a left then follow the path around to the left dropping off the ledge to find the Legendary Chest which contains the Runic Potency Accessory.

That’s where to find every Legendary Chest in Jötunheim.

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