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God Of War Ragnarök Helheim Legendary Chest Locations

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Helheim Legendary Chest locations guide where we will help you find all every Legendary Chest throughout the realm of the dead.

There are 5 Legendary Chests to find and loot in Helheim with the first 2 being obtainable when you run through the area as Atreus and the remaining Chests being lootable when Kratos goes through Helheim.

Legendary Chests are well worth your while to seek out and loot as they can contain anything from upgraded handles for a weapon to incredibly powerful Runic attacks making your battles a lot more manageable as you delve in to the more difficult sections of God Of War Ragnarök.

The Legendary Chests you can find throughout Helheim are as follows:

Legendary Chest 1

Helheim, Docks of Vadgelmir.

As you’re progressing through Helheim as Atreus with Thrúd deal with the Hel Walker ambush then just after Thrúd moves the crate allowing you to mantle up to the ledge above you go left behind the boxes then look right to find the Legendary Chest which contains Falling Sky Bow Ability.

Legendary Chest 2

Helheim, Docks of Vadgelmir.

After clearing the one of the ambushes you’re faced with Atreus and Thrúd will be looking at a way to move a crate blocking the way.

Thrúd will push a large crate of the way allowing you to mantle up, kick a gold chain down then follow the walkway to the end where you can turn around and shoot the disc holding the crate up.

Just where you need to stand at the end of the walkway will be the Legendary Chest which contains the Wrath Of The Wolf Runic Summon.

Legendary Chest 3

Helheim, Docks Of Vadgelmir.

Head through the area with Kratos and Atreus to where you place 3 Runic Sigils along the top of the gate where you can freeze the cog and go through.

Take out the enemies then drop down to the right, look over to the left where you can throw a Spear in to the pillar.

Head back up to where you threw the Spear dealing with the enemies along the way then jump across where you will be ambushed by several Hel Walkers.

Despatch them all then look to the left where you landed to loot the Legendary Chest which contains the Tame The Beast Heavy Runic Attack for the Blades Of Chaos.

Legendary Chest 4

Alfheim, Shipyard of the Fallen.

After going through the gate which requires you to place a Runic Sigil on the wooden gear you can throw the Axe at freezing the cog in place continue forward through the passageways mantling up to where you take down 2 ice shielded enemies (use your Blades to clear their shields).

Go over to the right and throw a Spear in to the pillar across the chasm, go back around and follow the path where you will see the Legendary Chest in plain sight which contains the Thrust of a Thousand Soldiers Light Runic Attack for the Draupnir Spear.

Legendary Chest 5

Alfheim, The Silent Clearing.

Once you have taken down Garm head through the corridors to the next gate you will need to open then look over to the right side of the area to find the Legendary Chest which contains the Onslaught Shield.

That’s where to find and how to loot every Legendary Chest in Helheim.

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