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God Of War Ragnarök Grave Mistake Trophy Guide

God of War Ragnarok Grave Mistake trophy
Gold Trophy

Grave Mistake
Battle King Hrólf

Here is the God of War Ragnarök Grave Mistake trophy guide where we will help you battle King Hrólf.

King Hrólf can be fought in the King’s Grave section of Midgard to the far East of the Lake of Nine once you have defeated 12 Berserker’s which are locked behind Berserker Gravestones which become accessible after you craft the Draupnir Spear in The Forge.

However, except for the first Berserker on the list, you won’t be anywhere near powerful enough to take of the other Berserkers down until you’re at least at the end game as these bosses pose some of the toughest challenges in the entire game.

There are a few things I recommend you do along the way before attempting to take down any of the Berserkers to give you a much easier time of things:

  • Max out your Health and Spartan Rage meters by unlocking and looting 30 of the 35 Nornir Chests in the game.
    Check out the Full Belly trophy guide for how to find and unlock all 35 Nornir Chests.
  • Find and unlock every Legendary Chest in the game to collect a ton of useful gear including Relics, Hilts, Runic abilities and a lot more besides to help make you more powerful.
    Check out the Legendary Chest Locations for how to find and unlock every Legendary Chest in the game.
  • Earn Invasive Species Silver Image PS for completing all of the Crater Hunts where you can then craft the very powerful Dragon Armour at the Blacksmith.
  • Unlock the Hilt of Forsbrandr which is a very powerful, useful hilt for disrupting the bosses attacks when used and is acquired by firstly destroying all 48 of Odin’s Ravens then opening every chest in Niflheim and defeat both The Raven Keeper and The Pale One which is a fully grown Dragon you encounter halfway through the fight.
    Check out the Odin’s Ravens locations for where to find and destroy all 48 of Odin’s Ravens throughout the realms.
  • Fully Upgrade your Armour for your preferred set, I chose the Dragon Armour.
  • Fully Upgrade every Weapon by finding their respective crafting materials which are: 
    1. Leviathan Axe: Frozen Flame.
    2. Blades of Chaos: Chaos Flame.
    3. Draupnir Spear: Gale Flame.
  • Earn How It’s Going Silver Image PS for maxing out the Amulet helping you be more efficient by slotting in up to 9 different Enchantments.
  • Use your acquired XP to max out your skill trees for each weapon as well as maxing out the efficiency of any of your preferred Runic Abilities to increase their efficiency.
  • Upgrade all 3 of your Spartan Rage options to improve the effectiveness they have for either damage or healing depending on the Rage you have selected.
  • Ensure your power level is between 8 or 9 depending on how proficient you are at playing the game then for the sake of this trophy, lower the difficulty to its easiest where the Berserkers can still ruin your day very quickly, however, you won’t die one or two hits giving you a chance to fight back, especially as in 2 of the fights you will be facing off against 2 or 3 Berserkers at once which really ups the difficulty.

The Berserker Gravestones are found throughout the main realms in the game: Svartalfheim, Midgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim and Niflheim. You will need the Inert Hilt of Skofnung which, at the time of collecting it, won’t be equippable as a Hilt, however, you will need the item which you acquire during the story when looking for the Norns.

The Inert Hilt of Skofnung activates a Berserker Gravestone locking off the area in a fight to the death which will then be dispelled once the Berserker has been defeated and you retrieve the Hilt from the now destroyed Gravestones.

Once you have defeated King Hrolf Kraki you will then receive the true Hilt of Skofnung which you will need as you progress towards Collector Silver Image PS.

Once you have defeated the 12 Berserkers found throughout the game you can then return to King’s Grave where you first acquired the Hilt of Skofnung where you can then face off against King Hrólf Kraki who is second only to Gná, the Valkyrkie Queen in terms of difficulty.

The Berserkers you will be facing off against as well as the order I recommend taking them down in are as follows:

  1. Hardrefill The Callous.
  2. Beigadr The Feared.
  3. Frækni The Zealous.
  4. Hjalti The Stolid.
  5. Hvitserkr The Bold.
  6. Haklangr The Bearded. This is an important Berserker as taking him out rewards you with a Chaos Flame.
  7. Svipdagr The Cold and Sisters of Illska.
  8. Bodvar The Fierce and Starolfr The Troublesome.
  9. Skjothendi The Unerring.
  10. King Hrólf Kraki.

Don’t be surprised if, even on the easiest difficulty with maxed out gear, you die a good amount to the Berserkers as they are end game challenges, especially the fights against multiple Berserkers at once.

Hardrefill The Callous

Svartalfheim, Nidavellir Beach.

Hardrefill The Callous is by far the easiest of the Berserker’s to take down and whilst the Gravestone will be available once you take the train back down from the forge after having crafter Draupnir I do recommend coming back later in the game if you’re struggling.

Hardrefill will come at you with swipes and slashes which are parryable unless they’re red or dodgable for the most part by dodging the side for a jumping swipe or backwards if he is slashing at you.

One of his nastier attacks is where he jumps in the air and slams back down on to your position which can devastate your health bar which he will also do multiple times towards the end of the fight so ensure you dodge at the last second to avoid taking heavy damage.

One of his nastier attacks is where he jumps in the air and slams back down on to your position which can devastate your health bar which he will also do multiple times towards the end of the fight so ensure you dodge at the last second to avoid taking heavy damage.

Whittle his health down whilst keeping an eye on your own health bar, use your companions Runic Sigils to increase elemental damage and take your time learning the mechanics of the fight as you go learning through failure.

If you’re struggling taking Hardrefill The Callous out then you are nowhere near ready to face the other Berserker’s so either improve your weapons, Armour, Companion, Amulet, Skills, Runic abilities and Rage to where you are more proficient.

Once you have taken Hardrefill The Callous down, collect the loot and retrieve the Hilt of Skofnung to dispel the barrier.

Beigadr The Feared

Svartalfeim, Alberich Island.

Once you are at the end game, head to Alberich Island in the Northern section of Bounty Bay and interact with the Gravestone when you’re ready.

Beigadr The Feared is a seriously tough challenge at lower levels so come back when you’re at the end game to be able to stand a chance against him.

Beigadr will effectively spam you with lightning attacks in all sorts of forms from streaks of lightning coming at you through the floor which require precision dodges to jumping in the air and spears of lightning towards you plus a good deal more besides all of which can stun you in place leaving you open for some nasty punishment.

Pick your openings here as it may look like you might have an opening that can lead in to a punishing barrage of attacks that can empty your health bar.

This is definitely one of the simpler fights on the list, however, don’t take it lightly as every Berserker can be formidable if you take one to many chances.

Ensure you get out of a stunned state as quickly as possible and utilise your parries / dodges and collect health whenever you it drops.

Take Beigadr the Feared down once you’re powerful enough to do so.

Frækni The Zealous

Midgard, Lake Of Nine.

Frækni The Zealous is one of the easier Berserkers to take down as he only has a few attacks you need to watch out for and doesn’t hit overly hard as long as your armour is up to scratch.

You will have the usual unblockable attacks to avoid and the normal attacks to parry. There will also be a chance to shield smash Frækni as he raises both arms and it’s vital you do break his attack otherwise you will be taking heavy damage.

As long as you parry where you can and dodge the unblockabale attacks you shouldn’t have that many troubles taking Frækni down.

Hjalti The Stolid

Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands.

Hjalti The Stolid is found in Western corner of The Forbidden Sands and can be fought after you have completed the Song of the Sands Favour where you free the 2nd Hafgufa subduing the sandstorm.

He can be a tough opponent who uses his Maces to slam in to the ground, perform heavy hitting combos as well as sending poison spells towards you.

You will need to use a Shield smash when he raises his Maces out to his side to prevent a heavy damage dealing shockwave.

Use parries and or dodges wherever possible and place Runic Sigils on him to deal increased elemental damage.

This fight might take a few attempts but use the opportunity to learn his attacks and improve on your timings to take Hjalti out.

Hvitserkr The Bold

Vanaheim, River Delta, Pilgrim’s Landing.

You will need to be in River Delta in Vanaheim which will do a you make your way towards a good number of collectibles in Vanaheim or as you work towards either It Was a Good Day Silver Image PS or New Friends Bronze Image PS.

Either, way, head round to Pilgrim’s Landing in River Delta, clear out the Seidr and begin the fight with Hvitserkr who will be able to spawn in more Seidr during the fight, all of whom, inlcuding Hvitserkr himself will deal a decent amount of poison damage on top of their normal attacks.

Dealing with the spawned in enemies quickly is essential as if they swarm you, you might miss a heavy attack from the Berserker which can end your run very quickly.

They also have a half decent chance of dropping health so it’s well worth while focusing on them.

Hvitserkr will come at you with the usual attacks as well as a jumping slam that can rip through your health bar if you’re caught in the splash zone.

As long as you clear the Seidr and Nightmares as they spawn in and don’t let them mob you then use your Runic and Rage abilities on Hvitserkr, you will have him down soon enough.

Haklangr The Bearded

Vanaheim, The Crater, The Sinkholes.

Before you can take on Haklangr the Bearded, you will firstly need to complete the Creatures of Prophecy main mission where you will then begin the Scent of Survival Favour as you make your way back to the Mystic Gateway, which, once completed will land you in a new area: The Crater.

From here, you will then need to complete the Return of the River Favour to be able to access the required areas, then, I strongly recommend you unlock Invasive Species Silver Image PS where you will clear the way to the arena where you will be able to start the fight against Haklangr or at least complete the Favour: The Burning Skies to remove The Ash Tyrant from the pillars above the Gravestone.

Either way, once you’re ready, row the boat around to the dock behind the arena then go through and start the fight. There is a Celesital Altar, however, I have tried this fight during the day as well as at night and I couldn’t find any noticeable differences so it’s your choice on the time of day.

Haklangr is one of the toughest solo Berserkers in the game, he has a very high defence, hits like a truck and has a wide, varied skill set 

One of the nastier attacks he does is turning his Warhammer upside down and slamming it in to the ground. You can dodge this attack but it will take 2 dodges and the timing is very strict or you can activate your Rage to disrupt the attack. Whichever you choose though, do something as getting caught in this attack can be lethal.

He will also place a Wind shield around him every so often meaning the Axe and Blades will deal greatly reduces damage so ensure your Draupnir Spear is heavily upgraded before going in to the fight to have a much easier time of it.

Keep the pressure on, parry, dodge and strategize to take Haklangr the Bearded down ensuring you collect the Chaos Flame he drops.

Svipdagr The Cold and Sisters of Illska

Alfheim, The Barrens.

Firstly, ensure you have completed the Secret of the Sands Favour clearing the sand storm in The Barrens where the Gravestone over to the East will become available then get ready for one of the toughest fights in the game.

You have 3 Berserkers to take on, manage and defeat with the Sisters of Illska sharing a health bar and absolutely being the priority to take down as if once they’re removed you will have 66% less Berserkers to take on.

You will have a heavy barrage of elemental attacks coming from the Sisters whilst trying to avoid the melee attacks from Svipdagr so being fully upgraded is essential for this fight.

You can, if you choose to, focus on Svipdagr first, however, that didn’t work well for me as the Sisters would become seemingly enraged heavily increasing the frequency of their ranged attacks making the fight a lot more challenging.

Manage your space in this fight, know where the enemies are for the most part and a the Sisters share a health bar, it doesn’t matter which one you hit as they will both take the damage so don’t worry about running across the arena to fight a specific Sister if there is another one next to you as you leave yourself open to attack.

Once the Sisters ar down, the difficulty really drops off, however, don’t be complacent as Svipdagr, whilst on his own now, is still a Berserker and will punish you if you become complacent.

Avoid the slams and swipes whilst making good use of any Runic or Rage abilities that have recharged from your fight with the Sisters and keep an eye on your health whilst still using Freya / Atreus to keep the pressure on to take him down.

Bodvar The Fierce and Starolfr The Troublesome

Svartalfheim, Jarnsmida Pitmines.

Head all the way through The Applecore from the Aurvangr Wetlands in Svartalfheim after forging the Draupnir Spear back to the Jarnsmida Pitmines.

Check out the Svartalfheim Legendary Chest locations for exactly what you need to do, you need Legendary Chest 13 then take a right from the Chest out of the mines then drop down to the right to find the Gravestone.

You will have 2 Berserkers to fight here, now whilst that sounds easier than the 3 you fought in The Barrens, this pair hit a lot harder and will disappear and move across the arena rendering them virtually invulnerable for a few seconds, usually just as you use a Runic ability or Rage attack and for me personally, I had a lot more trouble with these 2 than I did with the Sisters and Svipdagr in Alfheim.

The majority of the Berserkers you have fought along the way have fairly similar attacks and are fairly simple to telegraph their attacks, these 2 however, change things up heavily and are brutal in their execution.

One of their nastier attacks is where you will have a large wave of arrows coming towards you which if you’re busy getting a beatdown from the other Berserker can easily rip through your health bar leaving you open for more punishment and usually a failed attempt.

Also, Bodvar and Starolfr have their own health bars so I strongly recommend focusing on 1 of them rather than both as once you have defeated one of them you will have cut the difficulty by 50% making the final section of the fight a lot more manageable.

You will need to be fully upgraded or very close to it in order to stand a chance here as the pair are aptly named, the Fierce and the Troublesome. This was one of the hardest fights in the game for me.

That said, it is doable with a healthy combination of skill and practice.

Take them both down in one fight to save yourself the trouble of needing to fight either of them again.

Skjothendi The Unerring

Niflheim, Mist Fields.

You will only be able to take on this Berserker once you have completed the main game then head over to Sindri’s House and throw the Axe at the chimes over to the left from the Mystic Gateway to summon Ratatoskr who will thank you and give you a bag of Yggdrasil Seeds allowing you to travel to the Mist Fields in Niflheim.

Follow the path around and drop down to the small arena where you can then begin the incredibly tough fight against Skjothendi, a very tough Berserker who efficiently uses the nastiest element in the game to ruin your day: bifröst.

The main reason bifröst is such a nasty affliction to have is for every portion of bifröst that has built up on your health bar will remove that portion of health from your health bar for every hit meaning if you have a significant build up of bifröst you can easily die in 1 or 2 hits even if you’re close to full health on the easiest difficulty.

The easiest way to cleanse bifröst from your health bar is to activate your Spartan Rage, if it’s if activated then deactivated immediately, it will be enough to remove the status effect from Kratos making the fight a lot more manageable especially if you have Wrath where you can hopefully deal some damage at the same time as cleansing your afflictions.

On top of the bifröst status, he will also come at you with a lot of heavy unblockable attacks including jumping slams, although her main priority will be to get you under bifröst status so parry the majority of her attacks where you can to avoid taking additional damage.

This is a fight of patience as going in all out will see you paying the price so be calculating in your assault but don’t worry about having to back up when the bifröst attacks ramp up. There’s no time limit for the fight so being cautious and avoiding a nasty status attack will benefit you more than one or 2 additional attacks then ultimately dying for being greedy will.

However you approach this fight though take Skjothendi down to the best of your ability, then, if this was your last Berserker fight, get ready to head to Midgard to take on the King of the Berserkers.

King Hrólf Kraki

Midgard, King’s Grave.

After you have taken down the 12 Berserkers found throughout the various realms you can then return to King’s Grave where you originally acquired the Hilt of Skofnung whilst Kratos and Freya were searching for the Norns where the gravestone will then form allowing you to begin one of hardest fights in the game.

King Hrólf Kraki is the leader of the Berserker’s and it shows as his attacks are taken from each of the other Berserker’s except they hit harder, faster and with more lethality.

King Hrólf will come at you with all manner of attack including every element in the game in various forms, slams, swipes, jumping attacks, a heavy mix of unblockable, parryable, elemental nova and slashing attacks all designed to ruin your day.

One of the deadliest attacks he has is the ability to cover you in bifröst which can end your fight really quick if you get caught in a combo whilst covered in bifröst.

The easiest way to cleanse bifröst from your body is to activate your Spartan Rage, even if it’s only for a split second so it’s vital you save your Rage for any instance where your health bar has some blue on it or you can die from a hit at half health even on the easiest difficulty.

Speaking of difficulty, this fight is nigh on impossible at the harder difficulty levels so for the sake of the trophy, stick on the easiest difficulty then switch back again afterwards if you choose to.

I recommend going all out at the start of the fight using your Runic abilities for all 3 weapons ensuring the attacks land as well as using Freya’s Runic Summon and off course, place sigils on Kraki before using any elemental attack to deal increased damage.

The King does have a good number of attacks you can parry so make good use of your shield then get in there to deal some punishment getting ready to back up when he recovers.

Every so often, the big man will hover in the air, it’s imperative you throw an Axe or Spear at him to avoid a heavy unblockable attack, then as long as you remove the elemental orbs by throwing either Axe or Spear at them and take a few losses to learn the fight mechanics, you should be able to take him down eventually.

Once King Hrólf is down you will then earn your trophy as well as receive the most powerful hilt in the game: Skofnung.

Take down all 12 Berserkers and then defeat King Hrolf to earn your trophy.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök Grave Mistake trophy guide complete, I hope it helps you battle King Hrólf.
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