God Of War Ragnarök Freyr's Gift Favour

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Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Freyr’s Gift Favour guide where you can acquire Freyr’s Gift.

This Favour is an important one when going for the Platinum as once it’s completed you will be able to access another Favour: The Desert Door which you need to complete as work towards Collector Silver Image PS for acquiring all Hilts and Relics.

Before you can begin the Freyr’s Gift Favour, you will firstly need to complete both the Secret of the Sands and Song of the Sands Favours in Alfheim which will subdue both sand storms also unlocking Full Gufa Silver Image PS in the process.

Once the sand storms have stopped, head to The Forbidden Sands and cross straight ahead from The Hjarta to the large statue of Freyr where you need to solve a simple puzzle lighting the pendant around the statue’s chest.

To start off, descend the light bridge beginning the Freyr’s Gift Favour then take a right up the hill. Look down to your right at the top and throw your Axe through the 3 weak points clearing the Hive Matter (you will do this a fair few times whilst working towards Full Gufa Silver Image PS).

Head back down to the start taking the right ramp down and collect the light crystal from the pedestal removing the light bridge above you which will reveal a Twilight Stone we need later in the Favour.

Take the light crystal back up and around to where you cleared the Hive Matter then go forward to the edge and place the light crystal in the new pedestal lighting half of the amulet on the statue.

Go back down the hill and straight then look to your right to see the Twilight Stone we revealed earlier that you can throw the Axe in to clearing the dense section of Hive Matter.

From here, go left and down the hill following the path round to the right where you can collect the light crystal removing the light bridge you used to get to the statue from The Forbidden Sands.

I’ll go over how to replace the bridge and leave the area at the end of this guide.

Take the crystal round and place it in the pedestal you took the first light crystal from replacing the light bridge.

Next, turn around and look at the orange section of wall that will open for a short time when it is hit with a Sonic Arrow.

Once the Wall is open, quickly throw the Axe through the opening in to the Hive Matter’s weak points, which will drop down a third light crystal when you get the angle right.

Go right then smash through the vases and rocks to your left and follow the path collecting the light crystal.

Take this light crystal back around and cross the light bridge we just replaced to another pedestal you can insert the light crystal in to lighting the 2nd half of the amulet.

Once both halves of the Amulet are illuminated, Freyr’s sword will spawn lighting the purple crystal circle on the floor allowing you to collect a Folkvangr Whetstone as well as some crafting materials XP and Hacksilver as well as the Invoke The Storm Runic Summon for Freya thus completing the Freyr’s Gift Favour.

Leaving the area

In order to leave the area allowing you to go back to The Forbidden Sands, take the light crystal from underneath the light bridge by the Twilight Stone and walk it back round to the lower level where you can reinsert the crystal in to the pedestal replacing the light bridge above you.

That’s how to begin and complete the God Of War Ragnarök Freyr’s Gift Favour in Alfheim.

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