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God Of War Ragnarök Family Crests Artefact Set

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Family Crests Artefact set guide where we will help you find and collect the 6 artefacts that make up the set which is part of The Curator Bronze Image PS.

To see which artefacts you have collected for the Family Crests artefact set. go: GGGULTRATP> Goals> Artefacts> Family Crests which will only appear after you have collected 1 of the artefacts in the set.

You will be able to acquire the Family Crests artefact set in Vanaheim which will require you to row through to River Delta as well as open the Pilgrim’s Gate, both of which are done along the way when you unlock either New Friends Bronze Image PS or It Was A Good Day Silver Image PS.

Ensure you’re appropriately geared before going for the Family Crests artefacts as you will have a good number of tough enemies to take down along the way as well as a fairly powerful boss, Soul Eater.

The Family Crest artefact set has the following 6 artefacts required to complete the set:

  1. Hoenir’s Crest.
  2. Odin’s Crest.
  3. Skirnir’s Crest.
  4. Freya’s Crest.
  5. Kvasir’s Crest.
  6. Hylli’s Crest.

Collect all 6 artefacts to complete the Family Crest artefact set.

Artefact 1: Hoenir's Crest

Vanaheim, River Delta, Nóatún’s Garden.

Clear the log on your left from the Freyr’s Camp Mystic Gateway then head along the river staying to the left to the Nóatún’s Garden dock and clear out the enemies using the Axe to take down the fire shielded Flame Graðunger’s shield.

Once they’re all dead, avoid the poison gas and head over to the North East corner as you have the river to your back to find the Hoenir’s Crest on the floor behind the building you can climb up.

Artefact 2: Odin's Crest

Vanaheim, River Delta.

Leave Nóatún’s Garden going straight across the water to the right where you can go in to a small cave.

Row through the cave taking a right when you can docking the boat at the beach then if you look forward you will see a staircase, look to the left of the staircase on the floor amongst the vegetation to find the Odin’s Crest artefact.

Artefact 3: Skirnir's Crest

Vanaheim, Freyr’s Camp.

After leaving the camp when Freya joins you, clear the vines then take the boat around to the river bank where you will see the artefact sitting just to the right of the dock point.

Artefact 4: Freya's Crest

Vanaheim, River Delta.

Row your boat around to the Cliffside Ruins then look to the adjacent beach you can dock at just across the water to see a Mystic Gateway to the right of which on the floor will be the Freya’s Crest artefact.

Artefact 5: Kvasir's Crest

Vanaheim, River Delta, The Veiled Passage.

I recommend unlocking It Was A Good Day Silver Image PS or New Friends Bronze Image PS to ensure you have opened the Pilgrim’s Gate (Go to Cliffside Ruins, clear the enemies, climb the wall then clear the red vines over to your left with 3 Runic Arrows and a charge from your Blades of Chaos, climb the chain that drops down and open the Pilgirm’s Gate).

Row around to Goddess Falls then take a left behind the rocks and row into the Veiled Passage.

Go straight through the cavern to the last beach then smash through the wooden barricade on your left and take out the 5 poison pods (1 on the right, 1 in front of your position and 3 on the left wall you need to climb up).

Once up on the higher level take out the enemies whilst avoiding the blue flowers as their spores can wreck your health bar then take out the 3 poison pods on either side of the passageway to avoid taking heavy damage as you continue through the area.

Continue forward dealing with the ambush then head right looking to the right to see the pod you can destroy with a blast from your Blades to remove the poison dart shooting pods.

Go back to the cliff edge to find the Kvasir’s Crest artefact on the floor behind a destroyable wooden panel.

Artefact 6: Hylli's Crest

Vanaheim, Vanir Shrine.

Once you have acquired Kvasir’s Crest in the Veiled Passage, go back to your boat and row to Goddess Falls, clear the enemies and climb the walls to Vanir Shrine.

(Full details can be found in the It Was A Good Day trophy guide).

Defeat the Soul Eater which can only be injured by throwing the Axe or Spear in to its open chest cavity then go forward, dropping the bridge on the right (hit the blue disc behind the bridge with the Spear then go round, avoid the poison spike pod then line up 3 Runic Sigil’s using your Blades to cause a chain reaction removing the red vines then throw a Spear or Axe in to the blue disc dropping the draw bridge), following the path around.

You will be ambushed by a few nightmare enemies which are easy enough to take down then if you would rather not have poison darts fired on you look in the bottom right corner as you enter the are to find the main pod in an alcove you can destroy with a blast from your Blades removing all poison pods in the area.

Continue through the archway to where you will see a wooden barricade which will have several Gulon’s burst through to ambush you so take them down whilst avoiding their explosions.

Look in the small cut out where the Gulon’s came out from on the floor to find the Hylli’s Crest artefact.

That’s the where to find all 6 artefacts that make up the God Of War Ragnarök Family Crests Artefact Set.

Head back to the, The Curator trophy guide to help you find any other Artefacts or any outstanding Kvasir’s Poems you may need.

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