God Of War Ragnarök Besties Trophy Guide

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Pet Speki and Svanna

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Here is the Besties trophy guide where we will help you pet Speki and Svanna.

Speki and Svanna are Kratos and Atreus’ wolves who they use to pull their sled throughout Midgard.

You will be able to pet and comfort both wolves once you have cleared out the 4 main Raider Camps around Midgard’s Lake of Nine either before or after visiting the Norns in the main story or come back later in the game or after the main story if you’re under powered.

Clearing the Raider Camps will be part of the Animal Instincts Favour which will start once you have cleared at least one camp, then, once you have cleared all 4 Raider Camps, you will need to take down a powerful Raider Chieftan: Oluf Nautson who is as tough as he is large.

Taking down Oluf Nautson will enable you to collect the Crackle of Bilskirnir which is required to craft one of the Hilts required for Collector Silver Image PS.

The four Raider camps you need to clear out are as follows and won’t become available on the map until you have started the fight with the particular Camp:

Raider Camp 1: Raider Fort.

Situated in the North West section of the Lake of Nine containing several Raiders who will stand on snow drifts around the Camp out of reach of your melee weapons so throw your Axe or Spear at them to remove them.

Take down every Raider present to begin the Animal Instincts Favour.

Raider Camp 2: Raider Stronghold

The Raider Stronghold is found underneath Tyr’s Temple and can be access by heading South from the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway.

The enemies in here are tough and there isn’t a lot of space so make good use of your Blades as well as your Runic abilities when enemies are bunched together damaging multiple enemies with each hit.

Raider Camp 3: Raider Hideout

You can find the Raider Fort at the end of a gorge to the right of the slope you take up to the King’s Grave in the story.

Head through into their cavern and make good use of the bombs on the pedestal if you’re struggling to cause large amounts of AOE damage to your opponents.

Raider Camp 4: Raider Keep

The Raider Keep is in the Southern section of the lake of Nine and you’ll see the blood smeared over the walls from their previous kills.

Mantle up the left and squeeze through the gap taking out every Raider who would stand against you ensuring you keep your health high and your Runic abilities charged as once you have dropped the last of the Raiders, their Chieftain: Oluf Nautson will spawn and he can be a challenge if you’re under prepared.

He slams his weapon in to the ground causing fiery splash damage as well as headbutting and swiping at you.

Use your Runic, Rage and evading abilities to the best of your abilities and collect any health or Rage fill crystals in the local area to keep you topped and and work his health bar down to where you can land a fatal blow defeating the big man.

Comfort Your Wolves

Once Oluf Nautson has been taken down, go back to your sled where Kratos will comfort Speki and Svanna unlocking your trophy and completing the Favour in the process.

That’s the God Of War Ragnarök Besties trophy guide complete I hope it helps you pet Speki and Svanna.

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