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God Of War Ragnarök Asgard Legendary Chest Locations

Here is the God Of War Ragnarök Asgard Legendary Chest locations guide where we will help you find both Legendary Chests throughout the realm eternal, Asgard.

Whilst Asgard doesn’t officially have any collectibles on the World overview, you can, however, find 2 Legendary Chests as you make your way up towards Asgard as Atreus.

If you don’t collect both of these Legendary Chests during this section of gameplay you won’t be able to get them later on. Fortunately, there’s nothing essential in either Legendary Chest that you need for any of the trophies.

The 2 Legendary Chests in Asgard are as follows:

Legendary Chest 1

Asgard, Plains of Ida.

Proceed through the path to where you need to clear the brambles (hold GGGULTRAR2 to send larger sigils) as Atreus works his way to the wall.

Just before jumping up to the cliff where you find the aforementioned brambles, will be the legendary chest, itself surrounded by brambles.

Hold GGGULTRAR2 to charge a large sigil on the brambles then fire another charged sigil at the top left edge of the cliff.

From here, quickly mantle up to the cliff above using the grapple point to the left then sprint over to the edge of the cliff overlooking the bonfire.

Send one charged sigil in to the bonfire which will then cause a chain reaction to clear the brambles allowing you to drop back down and loot the Legendary Chest which contains the Splintered Sigil Bow Ability.

Legendary Chest 2

Asgard, Gladsheim.

When Atreus and Thor return from Muspelheim look to the far left wall when facing Odin’s desk to find the Legendary Chest which contains the Runic Capacity Accessory.

That’s where to find both Legendary Chests in Asgard.

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