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Here you can find all of our content for each and every game we have covered in the RPG Genre.

RPGs or Role Playing Games and games in the genre such as J-RPGs usually take you on grand adventures where you work to prevent cataclysmic events from happening either solo or as a member or leader of a party of adventurers. You will have a variety of weapons, skills, usually some magic and abilities to assist you through the perilous environment and are the sort of game you can easily sink 10s or 100s of hours into before you have seen everything.

We have covered a fair amount of RPG games with everything from Borderlands 3 to Final Fantasy VIII Remastered then back around throughout Kingdoms of Amalur and Nioh 2 and as always, if there is a game you would like a guide made for let me know over on Twitter and we’ll look into it.

The games below are in the date order we have covered them, you can either scroll through the list or use the Hubs tab or the search bar at the top of the page to find a particular game you need help with.

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To make things easier to navigate or if you’re looking for a particular game, here are the links to the top 5 game hubs in the RPG genre where you can find all of our content for that specific game in their own sections:


Or you can see all of our related content below for our RPG Genre posts.

Borderlands 3

Dark Souls Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered


Spiderman Miles Morales

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