Forspoken release date moved to October 2022

Forspoken Hub
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Forspoken is a very fast paced open world where you will be able to combine magic and traversal to help you navigate through the lands of Athia as Frey Holland a young New Yorker pulled into a mythical war.

Unleash beautifully deadly attacks on your enemies by drawing on your new found powers as you work towards freeing the oppressed populace from the Tanta.

Forspoken was originally set to release 24-May-2022 but we now know the Forspoken release date moved to October 2022 to allow a final polish and we have no problem with that at all.

Given the successes of recent PlayStation exclusives I have every faith Forspoken will only benefit from a few months of delays to bring a much better final experience to the players at launch.

We will have more on Forspoken closer to launch.

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