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Here is the complete trophy / achievement guide for FARCRY New Dawn, detailing every trophy / achievement you can earn as you make your way across Hope County

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PS4, Xbox One, PC
51 ~  1  2  10  38
Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
1 ~ Honorary Scout
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
Online Trophies / Achievements
1 ~ Have Buddy, Will Travel
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
50 Hours

Platinum Image

Earn all Trophies

The Meaning of Prosperity
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Help Carmina get back to her mother in Prosperity. Host only

The first trophy/achievement you’ll unlock in Far Cry New Dawn. All you need to do is complete the very simple prologue, watch/skip the cut-scenes, craft the saw launcher, make your way down through and past the derailed train cars.
Once you’re back in Prosperity, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Silver Image
GS - 50

Upgrade and secure Prosperity. Host only 

To earn this one, you need to simply complete Act 1, and the mission, Under Siege, you’ll be mobbed by seemingly never-ending waves of Highwaymen, there’s plenty of ammunition around around Prosperity.
If you’re struggling, pause the game and lower the difficulty, aim for the head as best as you can, once completed your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Return to Eden
Silver Image
GS - 50

Bring the Father back to New Eden. Host only

You’ll finally be able to make your way North of the border here, you’ll unlock your trophy/achievement after completing Act 2 and the mission, Joseph’s Secret. You need to ensure you have plenty of molotovs & incendiary ammo/arrows as you need to light bonfire’s on the way up the river.
You need to be quick about this, any of you that played Far Cry 5, you’ll remember Bliss well, essentially you need to light the bonfire, before the bliss and or Highwaymen kill you, once at the top of the river, talk to Joseph Seed, follow the on screen mission objectives. Once the mission is complete, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Problem Solver
Silver Image
GS - 50

Solve the biggest problem in Hope County by defeating the Twins. Host only

The hardest fight in the game by a long, long way, these 2 narcissists are hardcore even on easy. I recommend you make sure you have a lot of perks activated, as well as having upgraded the Infirmary back at Prosperity to increase your maximum health.
To make this fight infinitely easier, go in with legendary weapons. Anything less than legendary and you’ll have a bad, bad time here, I went for a legendary LMG, anyone will do, unload in the closest twins face (the one with the flame-thrower) she should die soon enough.
Then get to the other twin, the sniper, unload in her head until she falls, that’s the toughest fight done with and after the cut-scene and dialogue has finished, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

The End of Eden
Gold Image
GS - 100

Decide the fate of the Father. Host only

Use as many explosives as you can, a legendary grenade launcher comes in very useful here, if you haven’t got one of them, rely on the old faithful combination of many bullets unloaded into his critical spots to down him quicker.
Don’t play with this guy and keep your distance, he punches like a truck, even on easy. Once he’s defeated, congratulate yourself on having completed he main story of Far Cry New Dawn, unlocking your Trophy / Achievement in the process

A Graceful Return
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Recover Grace’s prototype gun and welcome and welcome her back to Prosperity for good. Host only

Grace is one of the Specialists you’ll need to recruit as part of the main story, her prototype gun is essentially a more powerful version of the saw launcher.
Traverse the train carriages (you want the pink ones) pick up the required items, once you return to Grace, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Coming Up With the Goods
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Return Selene’s valuable stash. Host only

Another Story related trophy/achievement that is completely unmissable. Go to the mission marker and jump down into the water, proceed back up through the maze-like area turning the valves (follow the arrows) to complete this one, make sure you kill and loot the alligator on the way up (you can’t miss it) as this will count towards Master Skinner trophy/achievement, once you’ve retrieved Selene’s stash and made it back up to her your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Wiki-Bean-ia in Business
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Help Bean get back his business plan so he can set up his intel network in Prosperity. Host only

Bean is a specialist you’ll encounter very early on in Far Cry New Dawn, simply complete his fetch quest to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

The Ryeunion
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Reunite Nick Rye with Carmina and Kim. Host only

Nick Rye is a specialist you can find in Hope County, simply follow the on screen prompts. A little bit of advice for you, the Carmina can fire a decent machine gun, simply make your way through the mission markers, return to Nick when prompted to complete the mission and unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Expeditious Retreat
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Complete your first Expedition to force the Highwaymen out of a stronghold

To start Expeditions, you’ll need some Ethanol, reclaim a few outposts and you’ll have more than enough to start these, go to Prosperity, make your way to the far end, you’ll find a Helicopter and an NPC, talk to him to unlock the first Expedition H.M.S. MacCoubrey
Your objective is to infiltrate the ship, retrieve the package then ex-filtrate to the chopper and escape. To make this as simple as possible, get yourself a couple of silenced weapons such as a silenced Assault Rifle and a Bow and finally a heavy damage dealer like an LMG
Once you’re in the Expedition, head over to the pink smoke, that’s a rough location of where the package will be, if it’s close to the stern of the ship the package will be in the cargo hold, if it’s above the Bridge, it will be on the Bridge itself.
Proceed forward very cautiously, as if you’re detected you will have to deal with never ending waves of Highwaymen. Use your silenced weapons as effectively as possible, go slowly and only engage enemies when you have to. If you do have to go loud, then go loud with a vengeance, sprint to the smoke and get the package retrieved as soon as possible.
Either way, whether you go stealthily or not as soon as you have package, you’ll get a waypoint, this will be where the chopper will land for extraction, unluckily for you, the package has a GPS tracker, in the process of you taking the package and getting into the chopper you’ll have a small army to deal with regardless of your previous stealthy endeavours.
Hence the need for the LMG. Drop the enemies as quickly as possible, especially the ones shooting at the chopper. If you die or the chopper is destroyed you get to do it all over again from the start, there are no checkpoints in Expeditions
Once you’re back in Prosperity, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Honorary Scout
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Gather intel 10 times by talking to Wiki-Bean-ia scouts. Host only

A potentially missable trophy/achievement in Far Cry New Dawn, missable only if you buy all of the maps either from a wandering merchant or from the Cartographer’s in Prosperity. You’ll start encountering scouts just after having completed the mission from Bean just after you first get to Prosperity.
They can be identified by a blue diamond with an exclamation mark “!” in the middle of it, the scouts tell you of nearby outposts, treasure hunts and all manner of locales that can be accessed across Hope County. If you do buy all of the maps, that then makes the scouts redundant and this trophy/achievement unobtainable.
An easy way to get this one done is to complete the mission for Bean, get a couple of outposts liberated, then fast travel back to Prosperity, there will be a scout just to the left of the main gate.
Talk to him, then fast travel back to Prosperity from Prosperity, he will have another scout marker above his head, allowing this one to be completed very easily and very early on in the game (I had to redo this one for the Platinum as I missed it on my first Play-through)
As son as you have gathered 10 pieces of intel from scouts, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Loot a Highwaymen Supply Drop. Be careful, it won’t be unguarded!

Supply drops are quite a regular thing across Hope County, they’re a large square crates with a marker on them.
The Highwaymen are very keen and quite quick at retrieving them, you’ll get periodic on-screen messages appear whenever a supply drop is available, get yourself to the new marker that pops up, kill the Highwaymen if there are any and grab the loot, if the Highwaymen have already looted the supply drop, kill the runner and then loot his body to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Gather 15 plants growing in Hope County. It’s the closest thing to a pharmacy we have nowadays

You’ll find 3 kinds of plants growing across Hope County, that have a varying amount of uses, Bourgainvillea can be found growing along rivers, Yucca which can be found in forests and Cistanche which can be found along roads and in caves.
Simply find 15 of these plants, they’re very hard to miss, the have a white glow to them when you’re close, to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Scavenge an Outpost. You can always reclaim it. Host only

You’ll unlock this one as soon as you retake a taken Outpost. Doing so will be your best source of the precious ethanol you’ll require as you make your way through a good amount of trophies/achievements in New Dawn.
First up you need to take an outpost, which is simply a matter of getting to one and simply kill every Highwaymen you find there, do this stealthily and you’ll receive more bonuses. Do this noisily and you’ll have a lot more Highwaymen to take out for your troubles.
Once the outpost is yours, fast travel back to the outpost, selecting the scavenge option
Simply do what you did before, kill all the Highwaymen again, to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Home is Where the Part Is
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Upgrade Prosperity’s infrastructure for the first time by investing in the right parts. Host only

Another trophy/achievement which will require that precious resource, ethanol. You should be able to get this trophy/achievement through natural curiosity, for those of you lacking in that department, go to Prosperity after having cleared out a couple of outposts, go up to any of the blue markers in prosperity such as the garage, infirmary or explosives lab.
As soon as you’ve upgraded any part of Prosperity your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Sidecar Sidekick
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Drive with Timber for a total of 5 minutes. Just don’t take him to the vet

Timber is one of your Companions and if you haven’t unlocked him yet, he’s in a bit of trouble. Head over to Meatfort, a butchers set up by the highwaymen that deals exclusively in dog-chops
Going to Meatfort will trigger the side-quest called Man Eat Dog World. Once you’re there there are a couple of Highwaymen in the back room turning a young pup into tomorrows dinner so get them dropped as brutally as you like.
Now make your way into the cages, Timber’s cage will be unlocked, but to complete the sidequest, open the other cages.
Pet Timber, he will now fight alongside you as you proceed through the game.
Now that you’ve got Timber, make your way outside to find a motorcycle with a sidecar, simply get in this bike and have a drive about with your new best friend for a total of 5 minutes, take care not to crash or roll the bike as Timber will come flying out and you’ll have to start the 5 minutes again, you can’t be idle for this, you do need to be moving, but if it’s easier just drive around in circles for 5 minutes in an open field. As soon as you hit the 5 minute mark, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

White Gold
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Commandeer an Ethanol tanker and bring it back to one of your outposts

Ethanol Tankers are a very rare occurrence across Hope County, I played the game for around 20 hours and only ever saw 2 of them.
Make sure you have a high damage dealing, high accuracy weapon like a legendary Assault Rifle/LMG.
You have to be accurate in your shots here, take out the driver as quickly as possible, make sure you don’t damage the Tanker itself as it will blow up within around 10 shots. Take out the Tankers entourage as well as they’ll fire on it as soon as you steal it. You also need to have at least 1 outpost that you’ve taken back from the highwaymen.
Once you have taken out the entourage and have the Tanker, a way point will appear and you get a dedicated route to follow to get back to your outpost, follow this route and if lady luck is on your side, you’ll make it there without any resistance, as soon as you’re at your outpost, get out of the Tanker to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Finders Keepers
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Complete 3 Treasure Hunt missions. Host only

A Treasure Hunt is identified by a green diamond on your HUD/world map these usually involve you opening a strong door, then proceeding down into a bunker or making your way through a series of caves to get to a hideout
These are quite useful as they usually house a variety of crafting materials as well as some perk magazines that instantly give you 1 perk point just by simply picking them up, you’ll come across several of the treasure hunts as you make your way across Hope County, talking to scouts is a good source of unlocking their locations as well.
As soon as you’ve completed your third treasure hunt, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Picklock 5 safes. With no more banks, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to experiencing a heist

To pick a safe, you need to unlock the lock-picking perk, this only costs 6 perk points and is invaluable as inside every safe is some very precious titanium
Try and make this perk one of the first one’s you unlock, as you make your way through the game you’ll come across plenty of these safes in outposts, caves, buildings, highwaymen strongholds, you’ll have a much easier time unlocking this trophy/achievement as you go rather than having to remember where 5 safes are for a later date.
Either way, as soon as you have successful picked 5 safes, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Closed for Applications
Silver Image
GS - 20

Recruit all Guns For Hire. Host only

There’s a total of 8 guns for hire across Hope County, several of which you’ll unlock as you make your way through the trophy/achievement list.
To see which companions you have unlocked, check the roster in your menu

Carmina Rye
You unlock her automatically at the start of the game

Pastor Jerome
Go to Ramone’s Lookout to start a short side-quest entitled Jerome Comes Home a very simple little quest, follow the on screen prompts and you’ll have Pastor Jerome unlocked soon enough

To unlock this Badass Grandma you need to have completed the Crow’s Feet & Eagle Eyes missions. You’re supposed to complete this mission with the Sniper Rifle that triggers Nana’s companion mission but to make this a lot easier, use a decent Assault Rifle with a good scope. The first part of this mission will have you shoot helmets, they’re easily identified by having a flashing red light on the top of them.
Shoot all ten helmets for both rounds, then shoot a series of balloons. The final part of the mission will have you defend Nana against a few waves of Highwaymen. Once they’re all dead you’ll unlock Nana in your roster

To unlock your own personal, demolitions expert you need to drive a very slow rickety old car through waves of Highwaymen. This can be a frustrating mission as it has a very bad combination of a car with no power, a companion that aims like Stevie Wonder and an entire army of highwaymen and helicopters to get through. Keep pushing your way through and eventually you’ll get a break in the crowd and make it through, unlocking Hurk as  nice reward

The Judge
You’ll automatically unlock The Judge after completing the story mission Joseph’s Secret

Make your way to Meatfort, a very nasty place where the Highwaymen are turning puppies into dinner. So dispatch them, then make your way into the cells, open all the cages with dogs inside, pet Timber to unlock him as a companion

AKA the tank. This charging lump of bacon is an absolute beast. To unlock this anabolic pork chop head over to Elsinore farm, to trigger the To Love A Boar side-quest. A very short easy quest, kill the Highwaymen at the location, then shoot the padlock off the shed to free Horatio and have him join you as a companion 

Gina Guerra
To unlock this badass, head back to Prosperity after having completed the mission Joseph’s Secret. You’ll get a mission called Mo’ Mommies, Mo’ Problems. Head over to the location you’re given with some serious firepower, bring a legendary grenade launcher, an LMG and as many explosives as you can carry and a fair bit of patience, this mission feels broken for the most part.
You’re tasked with protecting Gina whilst she races and to take out all Highwaymen that appear, these include snipers, heavy armour, bikes, trucks and Jeeps
Problem is, more often than not Gina will be taken out when she’s the other side of the arena, take the highwaymen out as quickly as possible to try and alleviate this issue. Once you’ve taken out each and other single one of the highwaymen you’ll then have Gina as a Companion

Once you have unlocked all of the above companions, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

How's it Look, Doc
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Craft 10 Medkits. They’ll definitely come in handy

To craft a Medkit, bring up your weapon wheel and then hold TRIANGLE/Y,  you will need a trio of crafting materials to do so, these are the
Bourgainvillea flower – Find these along rivers and lakes.
A Cistanche Plant – Find these along roads and in caves and a
Piece Of Meat – Which you can find by looting near enough any animals corpses.
As soon as you’ve crafted 10 Medkits your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Kill or Be Killed
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Kill a Monstrous animal. It’s do the same to you given half the chance

These mutated beasts can pose quite the challenge, I’d recommend you leave this one until after you’ve completed the main story. Go in with a legendary LMG.
There are 4 monstrous animals you can find around Hope County, these are the Bear, Bison, Boar and the rarest being the Cougar.
These animals are very easily identified, 1 by having the ability to near enough one-shot you even with a fully upgraded infirmary behind you and 2 by having large glowing orange “critical” spots on their bodies, these are your targets.
If you hit a monstrous animal anywhere other than their Orange Spots you’ll have a very long fight. As soon as you’ve downed your first monstrous animal your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Paladin’s Secret
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Find Sam Fisher’s outfit in the Government Plane Wreck Expedition

You need to have completed the previous 4 expeditions to be able to access the Government Plane Wreck Expedition. Once you’re here, cross the water on your left and proceed forward, you’re looking for the tail end of the crashed plane
Watch out for the highwaymen patrolling, take them out with silenced weapons or just sneak past them, there’s more than enough cover
Once you’re inside the plane, stay on the left side, take out the guard on the ground floor and interact with the laptop in the middle of this room, then proceed up the stairs on the left side of the plane, kill the other guard.
Sam Fisher’s outfit will be on the back wall, interact with this outfit to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Silver Image
GS - 20

Find all the Dear Photograph locations and see Hope County as it used to be. Host only

There are a total of 9 photographs to synchronise with across Hope County, these are part of the side-quest A Thousand Words, which you can start just after having completed the prologue.
However, you can’t finish this trophy/achievement until after you completed the mission, Joseph’s Secret
To start the quest, you need to go to the main house in Prosperity, proceed up the stairs on your right to find Tracey’s Shoebox. Providing you have already unlocked the trophy/achievement Honorary Scout you can purchase the locations of these photographs from the cartographers’ in Prosperity
In order to synchronise the photographs simply line up the picture when at the given locations to get an idea what the world used to look like.
Please use the video below to see the locations needed to sync your photgraphs’
Once you’ve synced your 9th and final photo your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 20

Rediscover some sweet tunes for the new world. Find all hidden MP3 players. Host only

There’s a total of 10 MP3 players across Hope County. Once you’ve completed the mission Joseph’s Secret and have fully upgraded the cartographers’ in Prosperity you can purchase the locations for these music playersMake sure you have unlocked the trophy/achievement Honorary Scout before buying any maps from the cartographers’
Also, to make this so much easier, purchase the perks – Lockpick and Grapple
For the most part, you’ll have to make your way into a bunker or through a cave system to find your MP3 players
As soon as you’ve discovered your tenth and final MP3 player your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

My Little Fortress
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Make Prosperity better than ever! Build all Infrastructure upgrades available. Host only

Make sure you leave this one until you’ve unlocked the All Your Bases trophy/achievement. By doing so you should have more than enough ethanol to upgrade all locations in Prosperity, also, you can’t unlock this one until you have recruited all 5 specialists, as they each have a respective area in Prosperity that will need upgrading
Each location in Prosperity will have 3 tiers to them, I, II & III. You’ll need to upgrade them all to unlock this trophy/achievement

  • Cartographers – Make sure you have unlocked Honorary Scout trophy/achievement before you purchase ANY MAPS
  • Expeditions
  • Explosives Lab
  • Garage
  • Healing Garden
  • Infirmary
  • Training Camp
  • Workbench
 Once you have successfully upgraded every department in Prosperity, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock 
Master Skinner
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Collect at least one skin from every type of animal in Hope County. Host only

Quite a technical one to unlock, a basic overview would be you need to kill near enough every animal out there and loot their body. Some of these animals are quite hard to find though, to make your life easier, get the trophy/achievement Honorary Scout unlocked as it’ll glitch if you carry on with this one.
Once you’re satisfied you have got the Honorary Scout trophy/achievement unlocked make your way to the cartographers’ and purchase all of the animal location maps. This will cover the majority of the animals you need, in addition, there are several animals that are incredibly rare across Hope County, but a lot more common in certain expeditions
Oh, and you also need to take down all 4 monstrous animals as well, just to put the icing on the cake.
Make sure you only defeat these enemies with bullets/bows/melee as any sort of explosives or fire will destroy the animal and destroyed animals don’t count towards this trophy/achievement. 

Here’s the full list of all animals required to unlock Master Skinner

Across Hope County

  • Black Bear
  • Bison
  • Boar
  • Bull
  • Caribou
  • Cougar
  • Deer
  • Demon Fish
  • Elk
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Moose
  • Pronghorn
  • Rattlesnake
  • Wild Dog
  • Wolf Wolverine
  • Monstrous Animals
  • Bear
  • Bison
  • Boar
  • Cougar

Rare Animals

  • Cattle, H.M.S. MacCroubrey Expedition, near the starting point, if not here, restart the Expedition
  • Crocodile, Government Plane Wreck Expedition, in the river to the right of your starting point
  • Hare, I.S.S. Crash Site Expedition, Look in and around the Woods, use the Binoculars to tag the Hare making this easier
  • Shark, H.M.S. MacCoubrey Expedition, look towards the Stern (Back) of the ship in the water, watch out for other Sharks when you dive down to loot the one you’ve just killed 
  • Skunk, Alcatraz Expedition in a locked cell, shoot the lock and kill the Skunk before it manages to escape
Once you have successfully skinned every animal, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock
Hit the Road
Gold Image
GS - 50

Complete 7 unique Expeditions on the Rank III difficulty

A definite candidate for the hardest trophy/achievement in the game. I strongly recommend you leave this one until one of your last trophies/achievements in New Dawn as by then you’ll have enough resources to fully upgrade your expedition centre in Prosperity as well have having enough of an idea and the skill to complete these very challenging expeditions.
Make sure you bring a legendary LMG, a legendary bow and a decent third option like a grenade launcher/SMG just in case. To get to rank III difficulty, you’ll need to have completed the same expedition on both rank I and rank II difficulties, these, will of course scale in difficulty.
It is possible to retrieve the package in complete stealth, but even if you manage this, as soon as you collect the package, the world and it’s highwaymen will descend on your position. Hence the LMG, take everyone out as quickly as possible ensuring that you protect the chopper.
As always, if you die or the chopper is destroyed you’ll be sent back to the very start of the expedition so take care!
In between expeditions, make sure you refill all of your gear, Ammo, Explosives and medkits to give yourself the best chance for the next one.
Once you’ve completed your 7th and final expedition on rank III difficulty, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Pure Ninja
Silver Image
GS - 30

Liberate a Rank III Outpost while staying undetected

Definitely one of the more challenging trophies/achievements in Far Cry New Dawn.
Before you even attempt this one, make sure you have the binoculars, have unlocked all 3 takedown perks, expert, advanced and master.
Have a legendary saw launcher, legendary silenced Assault Rifle and a legendary Bow.
Whichever outpost you choose to do this on, it has to be rank III difficulty, hence the challenge, you will have dogs and elites to deal with in these outposts
Tag every enemy you can with the binoculars and work your way through them from top to bottom. Take out the Snipers on their towers first either with a bow or the saw launcher.
Then proceed to the other side of the outpost, re-tag all the enemies you may have missed from your initial tagging session. Then take them out as best as you can.
One good, helpful thing about these outposts, if you do fail to take out each and every enemy without being detected at all then fast travel back to the same outpost, the enemies will be in very similar locations. Re-tag them and have another go.
As soon as you have liberated the outpost with the Undetected Bonus your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

All Your Bases
Silver Image
GS - 30

Liberate all Outposts at least once on Rank III

Across Hope County, there are 10 outposts, liberate all of these to unlock your trophy/achievement. Outposts are your best source of ethanol, which is required for pretty much everything in the game, you want to increase your maximum health? You’ll need ethanol, you want to increase the cars you can craft and have access to at your garage? You need ethanol. You can easily spot where an un-liberated outpost is as it will have a large plume of smoke coming from it that can be seen from miles off.
To unlock rank III difficulty, you must have already liberated the outpost on both rank I and rank II difficulties
There’s 1 solution but 2 ways of clearing out an outpost in New Dawn, first up you can go loud, go in and kill everything like a madman and take the outpost that way, but be warned if you’re spotted, the alarm will be sounded (providing you haven’t disabled it of course) and you’ll have some heavy resistance to deal with.
Once all highwaymen are dead (including the helicopters) you’ll complete the outpost
Your other option is to go in with silenced weapons or a bow and some takedown skills. Stay as low and as quite as possible. Utilise the binoculars to tag enemies making them easy to take out. Silence the alarms, just in case either with a well placed arrow or get to them and silence them by hand.
Again, take all enemies out and you’ll complete the outpost
Whichever way you choose to do these outposts as soon as you’ve liberated your 10th and final Rank III outpost your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Craft 3 weapons. They don’t need to look good, they just need to get the job done!

You should be able to get this one through natural game progression, make your way to a crafting bench, providing you have the required materials you can craft any weapon that has a symbol of a spanner.
Once you have created your third weapon your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

You're a Catch
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Successfully catch one of every type of fish in Hope County. Get those omega-3s

First up, you’re going to need to buy the fishing rod for 4 perk points. There’s 6 separate breeds of fish to catch in Hope County and thankfully the mechanics for catching them have been reworked greatly from Far Cry 5.
In order to catch a fish you need to go to designated locations on your map, you can buy these maps from the cartographer in Prosperity (don’t buy any other maps apart from the Fishing Locations as they can negate another trophy/achievement Honorary Scout)
Simply go to the fish marker on the map, open your weapon wheel, select the fishing rod, cast out, you’ll see the fish go straight to your line, snatch the line by pressing R2/RT, then just reel the fish in, if you get resistance move your line to counter the fishs’ movements.
The 6 fish you need to catch for this one are Bull Trout, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Chinook Salmon and the Paddlefish Sturgeon.
The size of them doesn’t matter, simply whip all 6 out of the water and you’ll unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Save Your Bacon
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Recruit Horatio. Don’t mind his temper, he can be pig-headed sometimes. Host only

To unlock this armoured slab of bacon make your way to Elsinore Farm, to do a very short side-quest called To Kill A Boar.
Kill the highwaymen there, shoot the lock off the shed, you’ll recruit Horatio and unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Use 3 smoke grenades

Simply craft 3 smoke grenades from your accessory bar (hold L1/LB) to make a smoke grenade you need to have 1 Yucca plant and 1 black powder (3 of each for the trophy/achievement) once you’ve crafted your 3 smoke grenades simply throw them out wherever you like, your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock

It's Super Effective!
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Headshot an Enforcer with Piercing Ammo

Enforcer’s are the elite enemies you’ll find around Hope County once you’ve progressed far enough through the game, or have started to liberate rank III outposts, you’ll recognise these guys as they wear pink motocross outfits and are very heavily armoured with a yellow health bar
As for the piercing ammo, you can find these around any liberated outpost or simply make some from the crafting bench.
Equip a weapon such an Assault Rifle/LMG then press R1/RB to switch ammo types. You don’t actually need to kill the elite to unlock this trophy/achievement, simply shooting it in the head with piercing ammo will suffice.
Piercing ammo, is the ammo that looks like it’s exploding on the right side of the icon
As soon as you successfully headshot an enforcer with piercing ammo, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Have Buddy, Will Travel
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Complete 3 Expeditions with a co-op partner

The only online trophy/achievement in Far Cry New Dawn, you will need either PS Plus or the XBOX Live Game Pass to be able to unlock this one.
You need to be in a game with any online player, then go off and complete 3 expeditions, as soon as you’re back in Prosperity after having completed your third and final expedition whilst in online co-op, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Kill 25 enemies using any type of lockdown. Put that railroad spike to good use!

Takedowns are the best way of removing problematic Highwaymen from outposts if you’re not very proficient at ranged comvat. Takedowns are incredibly useful in general combat as well. The AI are dumb as all hell in New Dawn. You can engage an enemy, hide in a bush right in front of them, come out and get a Takedown.
There’s a few perks that can help you out a lot in this endeavour, advanced, expert and master takedowns will allow you to take down any enemy (except bosses) providing you’re undetected.
Saving you a lot of potential hassle, especially in the expeditions. Whatever way you choose to do this, as soon as you’ve successfully taken down your 15th highwayman with a takedown your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Captain's Courageous
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GS - 20

Kill your first Enforcer. I’m sure this will send the Highwaymen a good message

Enforcers are the elite highwaymen dressed up in a pink motocross outfit and they are, outside of the few bosses you face the strongest enemies in the game.
Best way of going up against them is to fight elite’s with legendaries, a legendary LMG will turn this guys dead very quickly, especially if you aim for the head.
You can easily find these elite’s in rank III outposts. Whatever way you choose to do this as soon as your first enforcer is dead your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Good Job, Cap
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GS - 10

Kill 5 enemies by throwing a shield at them

For some of you, the shield kills will stack between fast travelling, for some it will have to be completed in 1 location such as an outpost. Unfortunately there’s no way of knowing for your playthrough, keep a good track of the shield kills you have achieved. If you have 5 or more and no trophy/achievement, then you will need to get them all in one location making this quite tricky
Find yourself a Brawler, they’re the only enemies that carry shields, take him out and grab the shield, make sure you have a good rank II sidearm equipped (I chose the Magnum) to throw a shield you need to hold R3/RS
One last thing that should help you out a lot, once you throw your shield, keep a good eye on it as it has a tendency to bounce off quite a distance and can be quite difficult to find again if you’re not paying attention.
Find yourself a group of highwaymen, simplest strategy I found was to shoot an enemy once, maybe twice (careful not to kill them) then throw your shield at them, killing them. Do this another 4 times and you Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Stack 'em Up
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GS - 10

Purchase the 5th tier of a stackable perk. You can never have enough

There are several perks that are “stack-able” you’ll know if a perk can be stacked as it will have 2 arrows pointing up on it, these are incredibly useful and should be taken advantage of at your earliest opportunity.
You can increase the number of MedKits, light & heavy ammo and an increase to the amount of explosives you can carry.
These only cost a small handful of perk points each time you upgrade them. Once you’ve upgraded any stackable perk for the 5th time your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Fly, You Fools!
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GS - 15

No wings means less drag, right? Take a short flight in the wingless plane

The wingless plane is the Carmina, which you’ll unlock after completing the side quest for Nick Rye. Once completed, make your way to any Boathouse (I chose the one nearest Prosperity) make sure you have some dynamite equipped, your objective here is to throw the dynamite in the water then drive over it just as it explodes, which will send you into the air.
Once successful, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Kill 10 brawlers with any saw launcher. they never saw it coming

The best saw launcher in the game is a legendary one, called the Saw Launcher V.T. which will require you to have 182 components, 140 titanium, 11 circuit boards and 11 carbon fibre. This saw launcher will allow you to lock on and fire 3 homing saws at once.
Brawlers are the shielded enemies, fortunately there’s an area in Hope County that’s custom made for this trophy/achievement this being an area called Bonecrusher Pit, you’ll find nothing but Brawlers in this area, once you’ve killed them all with the saw launcher, fast travel back to Bonecrusher Pit and kill them again, once you’ve dropped the 10th Brawler across Hope County with a saw launcher, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Legend Has It
Silver Image
GS - 20

Craft your first Legendary Weapon or Vehicle and start a legend of your own

A legendary weapon is the strongest type of weapon you can craft in the game. You will, however, need a lot of materials to do so, the rarest of which are circuit Boards
You can acquire these easily enough by completing expeditions. Once you have the required amount of materials, simply go to any crafting bench and craft a legendary weapon, at which point, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Tip o' the Hat
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Knock an enemy’s helmet off with a charged melee attack

You’ll have a much easier time of it going for an enemy with 2/3 health bars, as a weak enemy will die before you can have earn this trophy/achievement. Get yourself any melee weapon, you can find these in any outpost/simply craft one at a crafting bench.
Find yourself an enemy with a crash hat on (not an elite) and then hold down R2/RT with your melee weapon equipped then release after a couple of seconds, it will take 3 good hits to the head to knock his helmet off.
Once successful your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Anger Management
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Eliminate 10 enemies within a single activation of Wrath

Quite simply, the most frustrating trophy/achievement in the entire game. Unfortunately, it’s also quite a broken one requiring not only skill but a large amount of luck as well.
Wrath is one of the Eden’s Gift perks you can access after completing the mission where you meet Joseph Seed.
This perk will cost you 8 perk points. Once unlocked you hold down R3/RS to activate Wrath, which essentially turns you into a mini-Hulk.
You’re unable to use weapons in this mode, but your punches can one-shot enemies with up to 3 health bars. You need to ensure you use R2/RT to hit enemies rather than trying to melee them with R3/RS as this won’t have any effect at all.
The place I found the easiest to get this was on the expedition, Five Stars Theme Park, be as stealthy as you can on your approach to retrieve the package (follow the pink smoke) then once you’ve retrieved the package go loud (shoot a few non silenced rounds) get to the extraction point as fast as you can, then wait, a lot of enemies will appear, and on this expedition they don’t seem to let up, run around for a minute or 2 and have a quick count of the enemies, once you’ve got around 8-10 enemies close to you, activate your Wrath skill and go mental, if the enemies have a shield, aim for their feet as this will still one shot them.
Now, like I said earlier, it is a very luck based trophy/achievement. Fortunately, you can repeat the expedition as many times as you like.
Once you’ve downed 10 enemies in a single activation of Wrath your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Hey Father, Watch This
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GS - 15

Perform an Aerial Takedown after using Leap of Faith

Like most trophy / achievements in Far Cry New Dawn, this one is best left until after the main story element has been completed. If you are in a rush to get this one unlocked, you can do so directly after completing the mission where you meet Joseph Seed.
After his, you can unlock your Eden’s Gift perks. It will cost you 7 perk points to unlock Leap Of Faith
Also, to make things a lot easier, make sure you have unlocked 2 additional perks, advanced takedowns and expert takedowns. This will allow you to perform a takedown on any type of enemy, that isn’t an elite or a boss
The best place I found of doing this was at Blacklung Mine. Fast travel there, take out the enemy on the roof just in front of you, get onto this roof (avoiding or taking out the guard on the tower) once you have a good line of sight on a Highwayman that’s stationary, jump off the roof then press CROSS/A whilst in mid-air to perform your Leap Of Faith, as soon as you land on the enemy press R3/RS to perform your aerial takedown, it might take you a couple of tries, but simply fast travel back to Blacklung Mine and keep trying until you’re successful, at which point, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Unlock the first level for all Perks

You can get this trophy/achievement after meeting and completing the mission with Joseph Seed. There are a total of 30 perks in Far Cry New Dawn, to unlock level 1 for all 30 perks, you’ll need an amazing 182 perk points. This, however, isn’t as daunting as it sounds thankfully.
There’s many, many ways to gather perk points across Hope County, chief among which are outposts, weapon challenges and skinning animals a certain amount of times, check the challenge tab on your in game menu to find out what challenges you have outstanding and how many perk points you’ll be awarded for each respective challenge. As soon as you’ve unlocked your last level 1 perk your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Archery Expert
Silver Image
GS - 20

Kill an enemy more than 100m away with a basic arrow

A potentially very frustrating trophy/achievement made simple here at Griffins Gaming Guides. Fast Travel over to “The Island” Outpost, once you’ve gotten the Chosen Bow, which you will receive in your inventory after lighting the Eden’s Flame
Once you’ve fast travelled to The Island Outpost, equip your binoculars to tag all nearby enemies, the target you want to be aiming for is the highwayman on the tower over to your left, crouch down behind the rock near where you fast travel, take aim using the 2 prongs as a guide.
You want the Highwayman’s head just below the lower prong and fire a shot, this might take you a few attempts but you’ll get there eventually. Don’t forget, you need to make sure you have a basic arrow equipped, this is the arrow on the left of the selection screen (press R1/RT to change ammo type)
Once successful, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock 

Get to the Point
Silver Image
GS - 40

Finish off an Enforcer with a bayonet

To get this one done, you’re going to need a weapon with a bayonet attachment, for those of you that aren’t clued up on World War 1 weaponry, a bayonet is essentially a large knife strapped to the under barrel of a firearm, there are several of these available to craft from your crafting bench
Enforcers are the heavily armoured pink moto-cross looking enemy with the yellow health bar you’ll find around Hope County.
Deplete the Enforcers’ health bar until there’s 1 block left, then with your weapon equipped (the one with the bayonet) melee the Enforcer with R3/RS, providing you kill the Enforcer with the bayonet, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 20

Survive a 30m fall using only Leap of Faith to nullify the impact

Leap Of Faith is a perk that’s accessible after you have met Joseph Seed for the first time. You’ll need 7 perk points to unlock Leap of Faith, which essentially gives you a very nice double jump ability
To unlock this trophy/achievement you’ll need to make your way to the Eden’s Flame location, go around the back of the monument, right the way to the top edge, take a running jump off the edge of the cliff, holding forward as you fall, just before you hit the ground, press CROSS/A to initiate your “Leap Of Faith
When successful, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

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