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Far Cry 6 Review

Here is our Far Cry 6 Review giving you a subjective, unbiased review helping you make a more educated decision on whether or not the game is for you.

Release Date
PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC,
Price At Launch
Action-Adventure, First Person Shooter,

The game

Far Cry 6 is set on the island paradise of Yara which is run by Anton Castillo, a tyrant who rose to power through lies and manipulation and now runs the population with an iron fist!

Castillo’s motivation is a product called Viviro which is being marketed as a cancer cure, unfortunately though the opposite is true.

The farmers and workers that are forced to work in the tobacco farms have severe illnesses, legions over their bodies and a greatly reduced lifespan.

If anyone tries to fight back then the military is sent in with a shoot on sight policy clearing out the protestors and forcing people to live in fear.

This is where you, Dani Rojas comes in to the mix, you start off as an ex soldier who is chilling out, enjoying life until you’re thrown into the mix after your best friend is brutally killed aboard a ship by Castillo’s forces.

Now you’re out for vengeance as you fight, talk, craft and clear out the enemy forces with a wide variety of weaponry and skills ultimately working towards ending Anton’s reign.

The good

If you’re a fan of the Far Cry series and want more of the craziness, you’re well catered for here with everything at your disposal from a backpack that fires homing rockets to a crocodile companion that happily eats your enemies for lunch.

The guns are one of the reasons a lot of people come back to the Far Cry games and you won’t be disappointed here, there are a serious number of guns and artillery to explore and utilise as you progress through Yara where nearly everything you can fire is upgradeable, mod-able and customisable allowing you the freedom to play your way.

If you want a silencer on a shotgun, go and craft one, if you want explosive rounds that really make a mess of ground troops, as long as you have the resources crack on.

The island itself is very large and it feels lived in, there’s not many areas in the game whether you’re in a jungle or in a city which feels empty.

There’s usually animals roaming around both hostile and passive as well as cars, people, Soldiers, checkpoints, trucks.

It’s a very deep involved world for the most part, yes there are areas that aren’t that heavy on activity but that allows you to take a breather and admire the well put together scenery that just flows from place to place as if you were exploring an island yourself.

The not so good

The game plays fine but it doesn’t do anything to wow me.

When I played Far Cry 3, I thought wow, this is frickin’ awesome, if this is a sign of things to come then I’m all in. I’ll be a lifetime fan… It wasn’t meant to be though.

Far Cry 6 is fine like I said but it’s only fine. If it was a new IP I think the game would be an amazing experience but it’s Far Cry… again, there’s nothing new and inspiring or ground-breaking and I think that Ubisoft were aware of this as they priced it at £54.99 rather than the £69.99 we have come to expect for new PS5 titles.

I think they’ve knocked 15 quid off the price as they knew the game would get ripped apart if it released at a penny under 70 notes.

The story of Far Cry games have always revolved around the antagonist with them taking centre stage, consistent encounters building up a need inside the player to take them down, whereas here, you meet Castillo at the start then not again for a long, long time.

Whilst there’s cutscenes with Castillo in them, he’s certainly not portrayed as an antagonising, just out of reach problem to deal with like Vaas (FC3), Pagan Min (FC4) or Joseph Seed (FC5) and it’s a big shaming given how good Giancarlo Esposito’s portrayal of Anton Castillo is.


There is online co-op in Far Cry 6, but and it’s a big but. The connection is poor at best, I have tried playing with various other players in the same country, in different countries, I even bought a second copy and tried on my other console in my house to get a decent connection and it just didn’t work properly.

I know some of you have had a flawless experience in online, however, I have to let you know as part of the review my findings and for me it just didn’t work as you’d expect, there was stuttering, freezing, or just a consistent lack of connection to online players.

This was performed on PS5 with every other game I tried working well and connecting with good strength.


The game sounds fine, it sounds as you’d expect. The music sounds really good, it’s fresh, funky and makes you move a bit whilst playing. The voice actors have done what they can given the story with Giancarlo Esposito being the star of the show as Anton Castillo.

The other voice actors do a really good portraying what there is of the story but to be honest, standing shoulder to shoulder with Giancarlo is a big ask for any actor and next to him, the others just fall short which isn’t their fault.

Esposito is just a powerhouse of a presence even digitally when he turns on the business he steals the show.

The guns are… OK they pop and bang and reload well enough they just sound a bit flat, explosions are again as you’d expect, there’s nothing ground breaking or innovative here. It’s as if they went to the store and picked up gun sounds volume 10 then loaded it into the game.

Whilst it’s not terrible, there’s nothing here to rewrite the rule book on what an open world fps should be.


You have the usual series of trophies to earn throughout Far Cry 6, if you’ve been through a Far Cry game before, you’ll know what to expect with clearing every outpost, one without being detected.

Play through the story, recruit all amigos and a good deal more besides as you go through the game.


Overall, for those of you that love a Far Cry game and have been craving more Far Cry-ness, you’re catered for here. For those of who who are looking for the series to push the envelope and give you something new and exciting, I think you’re going to be disappointed.

I will say, it is a very good thing that they priced the game at £54.99, that extra £15 saving helped keep me more onside than I otherwise would have been and the game plays well and Yara is a beautiful place to explore but overall, I was left wanting more rather than being blown away.

On that basis, I award Far Cry 6 a solid 7 out of 10 with the hope that Ubisoft can move the series forward in a much bigger, bolder direction in future entries. We have seen they can improve series such as Assassin’s Creed, let’s hope they can bring some passion back into Far Cry!

Final Score: 7


That’s our Far Cry 6 Review I hope it helps you decide whether or not the game is worth your time and money.

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