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F1 Manager 22 Review

Author: ValeNort46.
Genres: Racing, Sports.

Here is our F1 Manager 22 Review giving you a subjective, unbiased review helping you make a more educated decision on whether or not the game is for you:

Release Date
PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC,
Price At Launch
Frontier Development plc
Frontier Development plc
Racing Management.

The game

F1 manager 22 is brought to you by Frontier developments who we wish to thank for allowing us access to a review copy of the game but please take note that footage in out review may differ slightly to the final product thanks to the day one patch which releases just prior to release.

Frontier developers have a proud history and heritage of making management style games such as planet coaster and Jurassic world evolution where you manage a theme park in both those games so they have branched out into motorsport management and this heralds the first formula one management game released in over 2 decades.

In F1 manager 22 you play the role of team principal and it’s your job to ensure the successful day to day running of a formula one team during its on and off track endeavours through the course of an f1 season, your aim is to balance the books by not exceeding the budget cost cap whilst upgrading the car it’s drivers and teams facilities in an aim of  keeping the board of directors and sponsors happy.

F1 manager 22 falls into the category of a very reasonably priced title as it can be bought digitally for around £45 or below £40 if you shop around for a disc version and this makes f1 manager up to 25% cheaper than  most other racing game releases on the market.

The good

Starting off with content this literally is the management game motorsport fans rather than just f1 fans have been asking for and it does all it can to satisfy even the most diehard of fans as you have complete freedom to set a car design plan for your engineers or on the other hand build the team into an even bigger franchise to keep the fans and sponsors happy.

Graphically speaking management games are about what they can do rather than  about how they look but f1 manager has gone that extra mile and met up with all the drivers of the formula one grid and using state of the art camera technology have digitally added every driver into the game in stunning detail all adding to the realism of the game.

Moving onto the visual presentation of the game and frontier have worked closely with formula one design team who create the televisual side of the sport to create a very crisp and clear presentation that looks right at home with nothing looking out of place and the display is also packed with all the information you could ever require on successfully navigating a race which can change so dramatically in a matter of seconds.

Away from the on track presentation we also have the headquarters menu where you can away from a race weekend perform the day to day running of the team and all this team information is separated into 11 unique hubs covering every aspect you could ever want and a main home hub which allows you direct access to the main hubs and these have all been designed to be individual and also have been implemented with great care and attention to the finer points giving f1 manager 22 the depth and detail that it requires to keep even the most avid of fans happy.

To go with this depth is a first guidance option that assists the casual user by showing them on screen messages and prompts to getting the most out of their experience of been the team principal.

As this is a management simulation realism has to be taken into consideration and just like in a real formula 1 race an incident can happen at anytime during a race so you as the team principal must act quickly to an ever changing situation and this realism is also translated into the off track activities as well by been limited to how much money you can spend developing the car thanks to the cost cap and how much you can test new development parts in accordance to the aerodynamic testing restrictions, you will also be receiving emails informing you low stock in the warehouse or about car powertrain issues that if sorted quickly could stop failure further down the line or staff members who have low morale due to the pressures of the job they are doing.

The not so good

For all the good we do have to also cover negative and my first gripe would be that sprint races first introduced into formula 1 in 2021 are absent which is a shame as so much of the new rules in place for the 2022 season have been touched upon.

Also for a casual gamer who may not understand all the ins and out of a management game even with the first time guidance they could find this game a bit daunting especially with all the active information available in a race as they could get slightly sidetracked or distracted trying to digest all the menus and data been sent their way however that been said these issues are only very small when you consider the effort  that has been put into this overall package.


F1 Manager 22 is a completely offline game.


Sound also plays a key part as you will be spending the vast amount of your time in the menus the music is very subtle and calming whilst you decide on the best course of action to take for the team.

This sound also translates into the on track action by having formula one commentators David Croft and Karun Chandhok guide you through practice, qualifying and into the race and on the subject of the race the noise the cars make has also been accurately recreated so you get the feel that your actually standing by the side of the circuit as the cars roar around the track.


At griffins gaming guides we specialise in trophy guides and f1 manager 22 has a lavish range of trophies spread across the different areas and aspects of the game from the overall team to the individual departments and those trophies that are unlocked by simply playing the game.


Here are a series of images to show you how F1 Manager 22 looks:


So to sum up frontier developments plc has done the formula 1 fan base proud in a well rounded and polished product that can be played by the causal or diehard fan of the series and let’s hope they continue this work into future entries in the series and this game earns a solid 8 out of 10 from us.

Final Score: 8


That’s our F1 Manager 22 Review I hope it helps you decide whether or not the fame is worth your time and money.

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