F1 2021 Review

F1 2021

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Here is our F1 2021 Review giving you a subjective, unbiased review helping you make a more educated decision on whether or not the game is for you

Release Date
PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC
Price At Launch
EA Sports

The Game

F1 2021 is the definitive Formula 1 racing simulator which encapsulates everything from running and managing an F1 team to racing around the tracks at break neck speeds in the most up to date F1 cars available
Codemasters’ annual F1 release has arrived and this years edition expands on a winning formula from previous editions
New to the series is a story mode called braking point which sees you going back to the very beginning in the F2 class and this not only portrays your rise in stature but also how geared inter team rivalries can really get

The Good

Visually this game excels and shows pinpoint accuracy of the detail in both the cars and circuits and this gives you a true feeling just like you were at the circuit
The cars themselves each run an identical V6 1.6 litre turbo hybrid engine the game still manages to recreate the different tones that each power unit makes and you get a real feel for how on edge a car is with its aerodynamics as you attack each corner at the edge of adhesion
This is amazingly recreated in the duel sense PlayStation 5 controller as it vibrates and shudders violently as you go over a rumble strip that signifies the edge of the track
This attention to detail leads me into how the cars handle in career mode when your driving a damaged car as each part will wear out you will find that you can sometime lose a gear when the gearbox starts to fail or completely lose the ability to use ERS for a q3 run meaning you have to set the best possible lap with a car not running at 100%, this makes the game have a true simulation feel for those who wants the most authentic experience possible.

The not so Good

Now we have to move onto the negative sides of the game where normally all new circuits on the calendar would be included but this is not the case in F1 2021, Codemasters have upon first playing the game given us a message saying all new circuits will appear as free updates to all players but this is not very good from the standpoint of the officially licensed product
And this pattern continues even further when we have lost all short variations of circuits and the entire historic cars section of the game is gone and for us at least, will be sorely missed
The League Racer trophy / achievement is currently glitched upon launch which is a shame, we were so close to having a perfect launch on the trophy / achievement side of things, but it’s let down
We’re a trophy / achievement guide website primarily so things like that impact our subscribers and viewers


Online has not been forgotten about with the normal ranked and social play lobbies for those who wish to just play a random race against random opponents
Online can be the making or breaking a Racer, fortunately, F1 2021 has rolled its sleeves up and has come to perform, we’ve had very minimal dropout (you always get a bit) and a smooth experience which shows how polished and prepared Codemasters have the servers


The cars sound amazing, it’s as if you’re at the track listening to them which is no surprise given Codemasters legacy with the F1 franchise
The main braking point story brings some good voice action with plenty of emotion throughout the fraught story the dev’s have brought to the game
Overall the audio sounds polished and on point for the type of game F1 2021 is

Trophies / Achievements

You’re well covered with things to do on your way to earning the Platinum or 100% of your GamerScore with the list being made easier than previous entries in the series. online trophies / achievements have been scaled back considerably which should please the majority of players
There’s also a good amount of win in these conditions or change your emote on the podium, miscellaneous trophies / achievements which add more replayability to the game
Click the link to go to the F1 2021 Trophy Guide


Here are a series of photos to show you how the game looks


To summarise F1 2021 is a worthy addition into the series and certainly can be called the most comprehensive and detailed F1 game that Codemasters has made and they have put some real effort into making sure they have covered every different possible aspect of an F1 career from the feeder F2 series to driving and managing an F1 team
It’s such a shame they haven’t left the Historic cars in the game for that nostalgic feeling, that combined with the smooth, polished game and launching with a glitched trophy / achievement, I award F1 2021 a 7/10 it just doesn’t feel as polished as F1 2020 did. Maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s the new owners (EA Sports)
Either way, if you’re looking for a solid racing game, you could do a hell of a lot worse than F1 2021

Final Score



That’s our F1 2021 Review, I hope it helps you decide if the game is for you
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