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F1 2021

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F1 2021 has brought a new story mode to the series called Braking Point which we’ve broken down into a 17 part series taking you through the story of Aiden Jackson and Casper Akkerman as they race for AlphaTauri throughout 17 fraught Grand Prix’s across the F1 2020 and the F1 2021 seasons

Season 1


Let’s kick off the series with the the Braking Point Prologue
With the 2019 Formula 2 Championship coming down to the final race of the season, young British driver, Aiden Jackson is looking to etch his name in the history books


Having won the Formula 2 Driver’s Championship, Aiden Jackson has now secured a seat in Formula 1, and is preparing to take his first steps into the worlds most prestigious motorsport


The world of motorsport moves fast, with focus quickly shifting to the Chinese Grand Prix, Aiden Jackson and AlphaTauri are eager to find form heading into the fourth race of the 2020 season


The recent series of incidents with his teammate, Casper Ackerman – both on and off the track – have marred the start of Aiden Jackson’s rookie F1 season, with the French Grand Prix coming up, Jackson is keen to find the form that brought him so much success in F2

Great Britain

With AlphaTauri continuing to show signs of improvement, the F1 world turns it’s eyes to Silverstone, a real test for rookie Aiden Jackson, as he returns home with hopes of impressing the crowd and earning their support at this historic circuit


While the grid heads to Monza, the team at AlphaTauri have managed to find some welcomed consistency during the second half of the 2020 season. Both drivers are hungry to gain ground in competition, but Aiden Jackson is determined to outperform his teammate Casper Ackerman – both in the standings and in the eyes of the team 


With only a handful of races remaining in the season, time is running out for AlphaTauri to secure the points needed to finish above their mid pack rivals in the Constructors Championship.

Season 2


It’s 2021: a new season, and the possibility of a fresh start for Casper Ackerman and the AlphaTauri team, following the unceremonious end to the teams chances in the 2020 season, both driver and team are looking to deliver a strong start at the season opener in Australia 


Looking to bounce back after the frustrations of the Australian Grand Prix, Casper Akkerman and AlphaTauri are eager to find stability in Sakhir.
But as the race goes on, it becomes clear that his tyre wear is reaching critical levels…


Mechanical failures and team strategy frustrations have impacted Akkerman’s early races this season. With the grid now heading to Zandvoort, in Akkerman’s native country of the Netherlands, he hopes that a return home will be the panacea to his recent struggles


With several laps remaining AlphaTauri looks to be in a favourable position, with both drivers in the points, Casper Akkerman continues to push forward, but his team mate Aiden Jackson is continuing to gain ground on him


The Canadian Grand Prix appeared to be the nadir of Akkerman and Jackson’s relationship. With footage of the altercation going viral, AlphaTauri are hoping that both drivers can start to move past it over the course of the Austrian Grand Prix – and prevent this season from ending in a similar fashion to their last one.


As the 2021 season rolls on, the F1 grid moves to historic Spa-Francorchamps. With Casper Akkerman sustaining his recent run of form, AlphaTaurti hopes that both of its drivers can maintain this level of performance.


With an impressive run of form  behind him – and renewed focus – Casper Akkerman and AlphaTauri are hoping that they can continue to build on this performance as they head to the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, and into the final third of the 2021 calendar


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United States

With AlphaTauri continuing to put together an impressive run of form, the gap between 4th and 5th places in the Constructors’ Championship is continuing to narrow.

Abu Dhabi

It all comes down to this the final race of the season
With a superb effort over the back half of the year, AlphaTauri have managed to find themselves within striking distance of Haas, Devon butlers team

And there have it, that’s all 17 Grand Prix’s completed throughout the Braking Point story in F1 2021

That’s our F1 2021 Braking Point Let’s Play, I hope it helps you see what the story is about
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