Dying Light 2 delayed until 2022

Dying Light 2

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Another week goes pass and another delay is here. The latest casualty of the 2021 gaming schedule has been Dying Light 2 delayed until 2022.
The follow up to the critically acclaimed parkour zombie survival, traversal master piece has had more release dates than there there were DLC packs for the original.

We were supposed to receive Dying Light 2 early in 2021 then the confirmed, concreted in release date of 07-Dec-2021 was announced with tonnes of marketing and advertising.

Now the release date has been pushed back to 04-Feb-2022 which sounds like I’m being critical but I’m really not. I applaud Techland for their decision to not release an unfinished game and to have the balls to say, hold up, we aren’t quite ready rather than worrying about upsetting a fan base by pushing a release date back.

Games aren’t remembered for the date they came out, they are remembered for what they are like upon release and Dying Light 2 is set to be such a large, open, intense game that if they need to push the release date back another few times, I fully support them on their decisions.

As long as Dying Light 2 is ready for launch in February, I expect it will be as good as we are hoping for.

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