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Dirt 5 is here and it’s time to rev your engines and get playing, the game brings you a wealth of game modes, including a detailed career mode with plenty of events to work through and the new playgrounds where you can allow your imagination to run wild creating the best, fastest, technical courses out there
Here is the complete Trophy / Achievement guide to help you through this experience as smoothly as possible

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PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC,
21 ~  1  8  6  6
Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
Online Trophies / Achievements
1 ~ Everyone’s A Critic,
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
30+ Hours

Please Note ~ As of patch 1.04 the developers have lowered the requirements for the Spare Some Change For Gas Trophy / Achievement to drive 1,000 miles from 10,000 miles which will make the game a lot quicker to complete now

Platinum Image

Collect all other Trophies

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Save your first customised livery

Choose garage from the main menu then select any car you wish. Next, choose the create option to enter the livery editor, make any alteration on your livery, for me I just changed a colour, however, Dirt 5 does bring a very good, in-depth livery customisation aspect to the game
Simply make and then save a change to a livery to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Fast Cars and Fancy Cards
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Customise and save your player card

Starting from the main menu, choose profile then player card. You may alter any option that you like from within this menu then accept the change to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Jack of All Trades
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Complete one of every type of Career Event

Dirt 5 features a total of 8 different race events and they are

Ultra cross
A race where you drive on varied surfaces

Rally raid
imilar to ultra cross except this one is point to point rather than lap racing

Land Rush
Circuit racing where you are in a pack of evenly powered vehicles 

Like land rush only these events are designed more for off-road vehicles 

Ice breaker
Circuit racing on frozen rivers and lakes

High speed oval racing using custom made oval racers

Point to point time trial where the route has vertical inclines and tight corners

Stadium based tricks and stunts

All 8 events types can be played in chapter 1 of career mode and as this is just a complete you only need to cross the finish line for each event type for it to count
You will unlock this trophy / achievement whilst working towards the
No Event Left Behind one
Complete every type of career event to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Score 30,000 or higher in a Career Gymkhana event

A Gymkhana is an event that rewards you for performing tricks and stunts so you will need to string tricks together
This can only be done in a career mode event so playgrounds are off limits, your aim is to get your multiplier up to 2 then find one of the purple zones on the course that rewards you for spins and with your 2x multiplier should net you the 30k easily enough, it might take a couple of attempts but once you hit the 30k target your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Graduation Ceremony
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Complete Chapter 1

See Now I Am The Master for more information

Extreme Acceleration
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Complete Chapter 2

See Now I Am The Master for more information

Escape Velocity
Silver Image
GS - 20

Complete Chapter 3

See Now I Am The Master for more information

Final Shift
Silver Image
GS - 20

Complete Chapter 4

See Now I Am The Master for more information

Gonna Need New Tyres
Gold Image
GS - 20

Complete a 100m drift

Every rally car in the game can drift but to get long drifts it’s best to use a very powerful car like a classic rally car then when driving at speed and coming to a long sweeping corner press CIRCLE B to apply the handbrake and start the drift, applying more acceleration will keep the drift going until you exceed the 100 metre mark, unlocking your Trophy / Achievement

Long Jump
Silver Image
GS - 20

Jump 50m distance in a single jump

You will get this naturally through career mode, you need to go into a Stampede event called The Crusher, in this event you will come to a jump taking you over 50m so simply complete this event to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Spare Some Change for Gas
Silver Image
GS - 50

Drive 1,000 miles

Please Note ~ As of Patch 1.04, the requirements for this trophy / achievement have been lowered from 10,000 miles to 1,000 miles making this a lot more manageable now
The last trophy / achievement you should unlock in dirt 5. Ensure you have completed every career event, and have unlocked every other trophy / achievement in the game. Then it’s a matter of driving. A lot
Mileage can be earnt in any game mode, online or offline thankfully which makes this mildly less painful to get through. Choose a quick car that you’re comfortable with and a nice fast track then start clocking up the miles
Once you have gone pass the 1,000 mile target, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Practice Makes Perfect
Gold Image
GS - 50

Complete 10 clean laps

If you touch the side of the track or another opponent then you have not completed a clean lap so this is best done by taking your time and driving slowly around the lap
You don’t need to win the race, you can complete a race in last place, as long as you have run a clean lap, that will enough of a requirement for this one
This can be done in any mode that involves a lap based event so if it doesn’t come naturally then choose arcade from the main menu and finish off your 10 clean laps 
Once you have completed 10 clean laps, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Superstar Story
Gold Image
GS - 50

Complete Chapter 5

See Now I Am The Master for more information

Checks and Balances
Gold Image
GS - 50

Earn a total of $1,000,000

This is a cumulative trophy / achievement, the better you place in the events, the more money you will earn
You won’t need it all in the bank at once so spend as you need to. You will unlock this one fairly early in your career, as soon as you exceed the 1 million credit mark, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Blank Slate
Silver Image
GS - 100

Build and test your first Playground

Time to show the world what a playground should look like by creating your own and taking it for a test spin
Choose Playgrounds from the main menu then create, now choose any available arena and game mode to load up the blank arena. Next, choose the create option and add as little or much as you wish into the arena 
Then with the Playground finished off you need to press OPTIONS / START to bring up the menu and choose the test option
At this point you will enter the car selection screen and your playground will load, once it has loaded your Trophy / Achievement will unlock 

Everyone's a Critic
Silver Image
GS - 100

Rate a Playground

Select Playgrounds from the main menu then discover which will load up some of the many Playgrounds people have created, choose one of them and have a go around the Playground
After you have completed a Playground, you have the option of rating it by holding X/A to like it or hold CIRCLE / B to dislike it
Either choice is fine, once you have rated the Playground, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

I'll Show Them! I'll Show Them All!
Gold Image
GS - 100

Unlock all Throwdowns in the career

Throwdowns are special events unlocked by completing certain events in career mode
Dirt 5 features 13 throwdowns and they are as follows

  • Showdown Sprint – Unlocked after completing half of the Sprint events.
  • Battle for the Ice – Unlocked after completing half of the Ice Breaker events.
  • UC Head 2 Head – Unlocked after completing half of the Ultra Cross events.
  • Path Finder Brawl – Unlocked after completing half of the Path Finder events.
  • Gymkhana Trial – Unlocked after completing half of the Gymkhana events.
  • The Rally Raid Rampage – Unlocked after completing half of the Rally Raid events.
  • Stampede Storm – Unlocked after completing half of the Stampede events.
  • A Landrush Plot – Unlocked after completing half of the Land Rush events.
  • The Alpha – Unlocked after I had completed around 18 events total.
  • Gate Crasher Clash – Unlocked after I had completed around 80 events total.
  • Collection Challenge – Unlocked after I had completed around 90 events total.
  • Charge – Unlocked after I had completed around 100 events total.
  • Anklebiters – Unlocked after I had completed around 120 events total

With the last throwdown unlocked your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Now I Am the Master
Gold Image
GS - 100

Complete the Superstar Finale of the Career

Make your way through the career completing and winning the races to advance through the game
With any of the 3 main events won go to the faith chapter where you will unlock the superstar finale which is a one on one ultra cross race, you need to win this race to unlock your Trophy / Achievement 

No Event Left Behind
Gold Image
GS - 100

Complete every Career Event

Dirt 5 has a total of 125 Events, each one of these has 3 objectives that need to be completed, however, for this trophy / achievement, you simply need to complete the event finishing in any position. Try and aim for as high of a place as you can to help you on your way to level 50 and earning 1,000,000 credits
Once you have completed all 125 events your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Gold Image
GS - 150

Reach level 50, becoming a Superstar

Level 50 might seem a long way off at level 1 but it’s not that bad, the better you do in events the more experience you will earn and level up faster, you should earn this trophy / achievement on your way to the No Event Left Behind trophy, however, if you’re not level 50 by then simply re-enter any career event until you reach level 50 where your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

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