Dirt 5 Jack Of All Trades Trophy Guide

Dirt 5

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Jack of All Trades

10g tester 2

Jack of All Trades
Complete one of every type of Career Event

Guide Created By ~ ValeNort46

Here is the Dirt 5 Jack Of All Trades Trophy Guide
All 8 events types can be played in
chapter 1 of career mode and as this is just a complete you only need to cross the finish line for each event type for it to count
You will unlock this trophy / achievement whilst working towards the No Event Left Behind Gold Image PS 100g tester 2 one
The 8 different race events are

Ultra Cross

A race where you drive on varied surfaces

Rally Raid

Similar to ultra cross except this one is point to point rather than lap racing

Land Rush

Circuit racing where you are in a pack of evenly powered vehicles


Similar to Land Rush except these events are designed for off-road vehicles

Ice Breaker

Circuit racing on frozen rivers and lakes


High speed oval racing using custom made oval racers


Point to point time trial where the route has vertical inclines and tight corners


Stadium based tricks and stunts

Complete every type of career event to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dirt 5, Jack of All Trades Trophy
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