Dirt 5 I'll Show Them I'll Show Them All Trophy Guide

Dirt 5

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I'll Show Them! I'll Show Them All!
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I’ll Show Them! I’ll Show Them All!
Unlock all Throwdowns in the career

Guide Created By ~ ValeNort46

Here is the Dirt 5 I’ll Show Them I’ll Show Them All Trophy Guide
Throwdowns are special events which are unlocked by completing certain events in career mode
Dirt 5 features 13 throwdowns and they are as follows

Showdown Sprint

Showdown Sprint unlocks after having completed half of the Sprint events

Battle For The Ice

Battle For The Ice unlocks once you have completed half of the Ice Breaker events

UC Head 2 Head

UC Head 2 Head unlocks after completing half of the Ultra Cross events

Path Finder Brawl

Path Finder Brawl unlocks after completing half of the Path Finder events

Gymkhana Trial

Gymkhana Trial unlocks after completing half of the Gymkhana events

The Rally Raid Rampage

The Rally Raid Rampage unlocks after completing half of the Rally Raid events

Stampede Storm

Stampede Storm unlocks after completing half of the Stampede events

A Landrush Plot

A Landrush Plot unlocks after completing half of the Land Rush events

The Alpha

The Alpha, for me, unlocked after completing 18 events

Gate Crasher Clash

Gate Crasher Clash, for me, unlocked after completing 80 events

Collection Challenge

Collection Challenge, for me, unlocked after completing 90 events


Charge, for me, unlocked after completing 100 events


Anklebiters unlocked for me after completing 120 events

Once you have unlocked every throwdown listed above your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dirt 5, I’ll Show Them I’ll Show Them All Trophy
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