Dirt 5 DLC Pack 3 Super Size Trophy Guide

Dirt 5

PS5, PS4, PC
5 ~ Gold Image 1 Silver Image 1 Bronze Image 3
Release Date
Missable Trophies
Glitched Trophies
The DLC pack is currently glitched on PS4 for the trophies
Online Trophies
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
10 Hours

Welcome to the Dirt 5 DLC Pack 3 Super Size Trophy Guide
Super Size is the third DLC pack released for dirt 5, containing 27 new events to compete in and drive the new Bentley Continental GT ice car 

Main Course
Gold Image PS

Main Course
Earn all 81 Stamps available in Super Size Career

Featuring a total of 27 new events to contend with, you earn stamps for your finishing position on each event
A win is required to earn all 3 stamps for each event so play through and win all 27 events to unlock your Trophy

No Half Measures
Silver Image PS

No Half Measures
Gain 3 Stamps in one of the Main Events of Super Size Career

Supersize contains 2 main events which are

  • Land rush around Sao Conrado reverse
  • Ice Race around Chola Lake

You need to earn 25 stamps to unlock these events and with that done you need to win the events to unlock your Trophy

Shore Thing

Shore Thing
Complete the “Rising Tide” and the “Surf n Turf” Brazil Land Rush events

See Main Course Gold Image PS for more information

Travelling in Style

Travelling in Style
Drive 30 miles in the Bentley Continental GT Ice Race Car

The Bentley Continental GT ice car is a Rally GT car and costs 168,000 dirt credits so once purchased choose Arcade from the main menu and then pick any event type and track you wish
Add Rally GT as the car class then start the event, pick the Bentley as your car and compete that event, then repeat these steps until you driven 30 miles at which point your Trophy will unlock

Out of this World

Out of this World
Complete “Race Oddity” Gate Crasher Event

See Main Course Gold Image PS for more information

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get Dirt 5 DLC Pack 3 Super Size Trophies.
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