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Devil May Cry 5

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The Devil's Own

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The Devil’s Own
Upgrade your Devil Trigger Gauge to max.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Devil May Cry 5 The Devils Own Trophy Guide
In order to upgrade your Devil Trigger gauge, you will need to collect purple orb fragments which can be found through the various missions in the game as well as purchase 5 purple orbs through the customize option in the pre-mission screen under the items tab
The 5 purple orbs will cost you 3,500, 6,000, 9,000, 18,000 and 40,000 orbs totalling 76,500 red orbs and become available at the start of mission 4
The purple orbs will give you one additional bar of Devil Trigger each whereas you will need to find 4 purple orb fragments to gain an additional Devil Trigger bar
The remaining 8 purple orb fragments can be found at the following locations

Purple Orb Fragment 1

Mission 4
Proceed through the mission and go across the railway bridge after summoning Nightmare for the first time. Head into the building pass the Nidhogg Hatchling where you will see the purple orb fragment in plain sight

Purple Orb Fragment 2

Mission 5
Head through the mission going through the warehouse to where you fight the Empusa Queen, straight after the fight, go forward and stay against the left wall, jump up 2 levels onto the containers and turn around
Double jump across holding PS Cross / Xbox A to glide across with Griffon then jump and glide again but this time, you will need to hold the glide for a few seconds where you will then be able to land on the section with the purple orb fragment, if you let go to early you will fall to the floor

Purple Orb Fragment 3

Mission 9
Go through the mission to the catacombs, head down through the hole in the floor then defeat the Empusa, go to the end of the left wall where you will find a wooden barricaded door. Ensure you have 3 bars in your Devil Trigger, focus on the door and press PS L1 / Xbox LB to have Nightmare smash through the door
Go through and defeat all of the enemies that spawn as well as the one in the coffins which can be smashed through with standard attacks.
Once you have defeated all of the enemies in the room, the purple orb fragment will then become available

Purple Orb Fragment 4

Mission 10
Head through the mission to the fight with the 2 Death Scissors then head through to the next fight, immediately after you exit the area, look up to your right and jump up into a cave where you will need to defeat several Empusa as well as an Empusa Queen in order to be able to collect the purple orb fragment

Purple Orb Fragment 5

Mission 11
Once you have gone through the street level and have been introduced to the Hell Judecca enemies, you will fight an Infernal Drake and several other enemies on a rooftop, proceed forward where you will see the purple orb fragment above you before dropping down to your left

Purple Orb Fragment 6

Mission 12
Head through to the statue you need to move and use the Nidhogg Hatchling on the lower level, go through and smash the blood clot then take the first right where you will find the purple orb fragment

Purple Orb Fragment 7

Mission 14
Once you have re-acquired Shadow, Griffon and Nightmare go down to the section where you can destroy the blood clots, once there, head down the left path and drop off to your right about 5 paces down and turn left to acquire the purple orb fragment

Purple Orb Fragment 8

Mission 16
Drop down to the level with the Behemoth and the 2 Infernal Drakes then drop down again, take out the enemies on this level then carefully drop down to your right onto the platform, go to the front side of the platform and double jump to the platform below which has 2 white orbs.
Look left and carefully drop down to the platform containing the purple orb fragment

Once you have purchased the 5 purple orbs as well as having collected the 8 purple orb fragments, your Devil Trigger will be maxed out and your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, The Devil’s own Trophy / Achievement
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