Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Secrets Exposed Trophy Guide

Devil May Cry 5

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Secrets Exposed

30g tester 2

Secrets Exposed
Clear all secret missions as Nero, Dante, or V.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Secrets Exposed Trophy Guide
In total, there are 12 secret missions to find and complete in Devil May Cry 5, all of which vary greatly in difficulty from some that will make you want to pull your hair out in frustration to others that are ridiculously simply with the right method
In order to activate a secret mission, you will need to usually get to a hard to reach place where you can then stand on a glowing red section of floor then look around to where you see sections of a pentagram which you will need to line up in order to then activate that particular secret mission
The reward for completing each secret mission will be a blue orb fragment which, when you have 4 blue orb fragments, you will then gain an extra health bar which will be essential if you are looking at completing the harder difficulties that Devil May Cry 5 has to offer
Every secret mission can be completed on Human difficulty and I recommend playing through them as Nero / Dante or V rather than Vergil to ensure your Trophy / Achievement will unlock
Here, I will guide you through all 12 secret missions, how to find them and then how to complete each one as you progress towards your Secrets Exposed Trophy / Achievement

Secret Mission 1

Mission 2
The game will tell you when you have gotten to this secret missions location with a short cutscene explaining how to access secret missions in the game
Stand on the right side of the bed where the floor will glow. Line up the pentagram on the wall looking through the doorway
Once in the secret mission, defeat all of the enemies which appear in under 01:30 in order to complete secret mission 1
Reward ~ Blue orb fragment

Secret Mission 2

Mission 3
Make your way across the buildings to the basement you will need to navigate through. Remove the Qliphoth roots to where you can go up the stairs and through to fight the Death Scissors.
Rather than going up the stairs, drop down to the lowest level of the staircase, stand in the alcove where the floor will light up then look up and line up the pentagram
Once in the mission, you will need to defeat 6 Red Empusa which will try and escape as soon as they can so put the pressure on and take them down quickly
After you have defeated all 6 Red Empusa, without any of them escaping, you will then have completed secret mission 2
Reward ~ Blue orb fragment

Secret Mission 3

Mission 4
Proceed through the mission over the railway bridge then collect the Nidhogg Hatchling before going into the building with the purple orb fragment.
Continue through the mission ensuring you have at least 3 bars of Devil Trigger to use. Once you’re on street level, look at the large wall with the blue cloaked woman and press PS L1 / Xbox LB where Nightmare will then smash through the wall which will unlock you Backroad Bronze Image PS 
10g tester 2 if you haven’t got it already.

Defeat the Demon’s then jump over the wall, go out to the right and follow the path to the end and collect another Nidhogg Hatchling
From here, jump over the small wall in front of you then go forward and look left where you can use a Nidhogg Hatchling allowing in to a small area where you can acquire a blue orb fragment. Use the 2nd Nidhogg Hatchling to get through to the building on your left.
Follow the staircase up, jump up when you can and across to the edge of the building to line up the pentagram where you can access the secret mission
Once inside the secret mission, you will have 35 seconds to collect 20 red orbs, having V’s, Quickplay skill will help a lot here
Collect the orbs up and to your right first then the ones around the table, finally smash through the bookcases to collect the remaining orbs
As long as you collect all 20 red orbs in the time limit, you will complete secret mission 3
Reward ~ Blue orb fragment

Secret Mission 4

Mission 5
Make your way through the mission to the warehouse and go through until you jump up and fight the Demon’s on top of the white containers.
Ensure you save 3 bars of Devil Trigger as straight after the fight you can drop down as you normally would, you will have a yellow wooden wall which, when you press PS L1 / Xbox LB, Nightmare will smash through opening a path
Go through and defeat all of the enemies which will allow you to climb the stairs to your right where at the top you will be able to line up the pentagram and access the secret mission
Having the Promotion skill for Nightmare unlocked will save you a lot of hassle in this mission as you need to complete it without being hit once.
Watch out for the Hell Antenora Demon’s as when they are knocked down they will come at you with a powerful counterattack
Being able to mount Nightmare will essentially make you impossible to be hit for as long as Nightmare lasts for
As long as you don’t get hit and defeat every enemy that appears, you will then complete secret mission 4
Reward ~ Blue orb fragment

Secret Mission 5

Mission 8
Head through to the second lava stream platform then look to your right when looking at the lava where you will see a lantern, jump towards the lantern to land on a small platform.
Hold PS R1 / Xbox RB to lock on to a moving grapple orb then grapple to the second orb, drop down into the cavern, stand in the red light, turn around and line up the pentagram
You will be tasked with navigating your way through 17 grapple orbs without touching the ground. Hold PS R1 / Xbox RB then press PS Square (PS) / Xbox X (Xbox) to shoot and activate a grapple orb where you can then grapple to it.
This may take a few attempts but you’ll learn the course soon enough
Once you have made your way through the course to the platform with the blue orb fragment, you will then have completed secret mission 5

Secret Mission 6

Mission 9
Continue through the mission to just after you can summon Nightmare through the wall to earn the Eagle-Eyed Bronze Image PS Trophy / Achievement then defeat the enemies which appear, after the fight, look to your left to see a series of arches, go to the right behind the arches to see a blue orb fragment through the roots.
Ensure you have 3 bars of Devil Trigger available then focus on the blood clot at the back of the area and summon Nightmare to remove the Qliphoth roots.
From here, go to the back of the area and jump up to the ledge above, stand in the centre of the highest level and line up the pentagram
In this secret mission, you have 20 seconds to defeat 1 Qliphoth tentacle and 2 Hell Caina, ensure you have Devil Trigger available as well as maxed out Griffon and Shadow skill trees.
You do need to fully defeat the enemies with your cane rather than just getting them into a hollow state. Be very quick about it as 20 seconds is no time at all
Once you have defeated all 3 enemies in less than 20 seconds, you will then have completed secret mission 6

Secret Mission 7

Mission 10
Make your way through the mission to where the Infernal Hellbat is introduced to you then ensure you take all of the enemies down as quickly as you can as you are essentially on a timer
You need to defeat the enemies before the pulsing doorway on the right of the arena closes allowing you to go up a walkway to a small cavern
Once in the cavern, stand in the centre on the glowing section then look up and back the way you came in, lime up the pentagram then get ready for one of the worst secret missions in the game
In this secret mission you will have one enemy to defeat, a Death Scissors which can only be defeated when staggered so wait for it to try and attack you then at the last second, hit it where around its head and upper body will pulse with red orbs. As soon as this happens fire a shot from any firearm you have equipped (Ebony & Ivory work well), where if successful you will instantly kill the Death Scissors and complete the secret mission
Any other attack that connects on the Death Scissors will automatically fail the mission (hitting the scissors is allowed)
Once you have successfully defeated the Death Scissors with one hit after staggering it, you will then have completed secret mission 7

Secret Mission 8

Mission 11
Head through the mission to the large series of buildings, drop down and smash the first blood clot on the white and black checked floor. This will then cause a section of building to slide down during a cut scene
From here, jump back up then double jump up the wall in front of you to the level above. Stand on the glowing section and line up the pentagram.
During this secret mission, you will need to maintain an S style rank which can be a challenge as if you are hit once, your rank will drop down below S so take the enemies down as quickly and efficiently as you can taking extra care around the Hell Antenora enemies as when they’re knocked down they will charge at you with a counter that you need to jump over to avoid.
Keep the pressure on the enemies and mix up your moves ensuring you utilise firearms to greatly increase your style rank
Once you have defeated every enemy whilst maintaining at least an S style rank, you will then complete secret mission 8.

Secret Mission 9

Mission 12
Please Note ~ Ensure you have the Cavaliere weapon equipped (received at the end of Mission 11)
Make your way through the mission until you have smashed the 4 blood clots opening the path underneath the statue.
Go up the first set of stairs then turn around, press D Pad Up on the D-Pad to select the Trickster stance. Double jump forward then press PS Circle / Xbox B to dash across to the ledge. Stand on the red glow, turn around and line up the pentagram
When the secret mission starts, pause the game then go to Options> Game Options and ensure Auto-Assist is Off.
Select the Cavaliere and double jump then mash PS Triangle / Xbox Y to be able to stay in the air near enough indefinitely, if you do start getting close to the ground, press PS Circle / Xbox B to dash again with the Trickster stance equipped towards an enemy then keep pressing PS Triangle / Xbox Y to stay in the air
As long as you stay in the air for 15 seconds, you will then complete secret mission 9

Secret Mission 10

Mission 14
Once you have re-acquired Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare, go through the next area to the second blood clot you need to destroy to remove the Qliphoth roots, just behind the blood clot on a small section will be the glowing section you need. Stand there, turn around and look up to be able to line up the pentagram
In this secret mission you need to navigate forward and down to the blue orb fragment which can be a lot harder than it seems
Take a running single jump off the starting ledge, press PS Circle / Xbox B 3 times to propel yourself forward then PS R1+PS Circle / Xbox RB+Xbox B to boost yourself forward considerably.
Finally, hold 
PS R1+PS Cross / Xbox RB+Xbox A to glide forward with Griffon
You need to glide until you are over the blue orb fragment then drop down onto it in order to complete the mission, if you touch the floor in any other way, you will automatically fail the mission
This one took me more attempts than any other to complete so persevere and you’ll get there with practice
Once you have collected the blue orb fragment, you will have completed secret mission 10

Secret Mission 11

Mission 15
Ensure you have every Devil Breaker slot filled with the Gerbera Devil Breaker, then start the mission
Head through mission 15 whichever way you like to the first divinity statue after the fight in the cave with the circular looking exit.
Behind the divinity statue will be a path leading down so follow it to the bottom where a cutscene will play showing you where you can acquire blue orb fragment 27 (if you’re following my blue orb fragment guide, click the link to go to the Physical Perfection Trophy Guide for information on this).
To get up to the secret mission which is on the lower ledge from the blue orb fragment, you need to work your way up each slope at the back of each level after taking out the local enemies which is done by ensuring you have a Gerbera Devil Breaker equipped.
Which is why we have equipped 8 (if you have maxed out Nero) of them equipped so you won’t be able to collect a different Devil Breaker and pressing PS Circle / Xbox B repeatedly to boost yourself up to the top ledge (just under the blue orb fragment, but you’ll need to be on the top ledge in order to jump across to the blue orb fragment) then head around to the right in a small cut-out where you will be able to activate the glowing section and line up the pentagram above
This secret mission requires precision jumping and careful, precise use of the Gerbera Devil Breaker, from the start of the secret mission, jump onto the ledge in front and wall jump up.
Turn around and double jump the gap pressing PS Circle / Xbox B twice to land on the higher ledge. Go forward and left jumping on to the ledge on your left, wait a second for the opposite ledge to start rising, then double jump forward using the Gerbera again.
Finally, jump onto the ledge next to the one you’re on and double jump then use Gerbera to boost forward to the level where the blue orb fragment can be collected
As long as you do all of that in less than 30 seconds, you will then complete secret mission 11

Secret Mission 12

Mission 16
Please Note ~ Ensure you have the Dr. Faust firearm weapon equipped and it is maxed out as you will need it to complete secret mission 12
This is a tricky secret mission to find and may require a couple of attempts to get to given the layout of the level
Drop down through the area to the third level where you fight the Fury and the Chaos enemies, then jump off the right of the exit to land on the ledge below.
Go forward and jump off the edge to land on another small platform, from here, press D Pad Up on the D-Pad to equip the Trickster stance then double jump forward across to the red orb cluster pressing PS Circle / Xbox B to dash forward allowing you to make the jump
Double jump across the gap to the white and green orbs then finally, turn around and jump off to your right. At the back of the ledge will be the glowing section you can stand in, turn around, look up where you can activate the pentagram
Once in the secret mission, if you have Auto Assist on, turn it off Pause> Options> Game Options> Auto Assist then press D Pad Left on the D-Pad to activate the Gunslinger stance, finally press PS Circle / Xbox B to receive a good amount of red orbs from the Red Empusa, once you have acquired over 800 red orbs, you will then have completed secret mission 12

Once you have successfully completed all 12 secret missions, your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, Secrets Exposed Trophy / Achievement
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