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Demons Souls Remake

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Guide Created By ~ Griffin

37 ~ Platinum Image 1 Gold Image 5 Silver Image 9 Bronze Image 22
Release Date
Missable Trophies
16 ~ Return To Form Silver Image PS, Unwelcome Guest Silver Image PS, One Shall Fall Silver Image PS, Brother-In-Arms Bronze Image PS, Fists Of Legend Bronze Image PS, Not Fooled Silver Image PS, One Shall Stand Silver Image PS, May You Be Unharmed Silver Image PS, Seekest Soul Power Gold Image PS, A Dash Of Sage Bronze Image PS, Umbasa Bronze Image PS, Worthy Of The Sword Silver Image PS, Road To Possibilities Bronze Image PS, One Of The Few Silver Image PS, Witch In The Tower Bronze Image PS, Legacy Of The Kings Gold Image PS, Sage’s Trophy Gold Image PS, Saint’s Trophy Gold Image PS,

Highly Missable
1 ~ King Of Rings 
Gold Image PS
If you are going for the platinum / King Of Rings trophies it is essential that you choose the Providential Ring as a starting gift when you first start playing the game. If you miss this ring here you will need to make an entire new character then go off and collect all 29 other rings including the Providential Ring making this the most missable trophy throughout the entire souls-borne series
Glitched Trophies
Online Trophies
2 ~ Return To Form Silver Image PS, Unwelcome Guest Silver Image PS,
Difficulty Rating
4/10 for veterans of the genre, 8/10 for newcomers
Approx. time to 100%
100+ Hours

Welcome to the Demons Souls Remake Trophy Guide to help you through the game that started the Souls-borne genre of games
This is the granddaddy of the hardcore genre and it’s definitely flexing its credentials in this remake by BluePoint Games
Please read before starting the game
If you are going for the platinum / King Of Rings trophies it is essential that you choose the Providential Ring as a starting gift when you first start playing the game. If you miss this ring here you will need to make an entire new character then go off and collect all 29 other rings including the Providential Ring making this the most missable trophy throughout the entire souls-borne series
There are a few things to note when playing through the Demon’s Souls Remake, chief amongst which is, especially if you’re new to the genre / game to not die when in human form anywhere except the Nexus as this will shift the game into Black World Tendency making more enemies appear, they have more hit points and deal increased damage
Run to the top of the Nexus whenever you defeat a boss and jump up, run back up to regain your souls then head out into one of the 5 archstones to play through the game
The Cling Ring is essential for this style of play (click the link to go to the King Of Rings guide for more information on this) as it will increase your health to 75% from 50% whilst in Soul form


Slayer of Trophies
All Trophies Obtained


Phalanx’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “Phalanx”

Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria
Phalanx is the first boss you will encounter in Demon’s Souls and can be taken down fairly easily
Deal with the smaller enemies that surround the main boss, essentially carving a path through to the boss then attack keeping an eye on both sides of you for approaching enemies. If needs be, roll back, carve through more of the smaller enemies then attack the boss again
Fire works very well here so utilise whatever fire based items you have such as firebombs to make this fight easier
Once the Phalanx has been defeated, your Trophy will unlock


Tower Knight’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “Tower Knight”

Boletarian Palace, The Lord’s Path
The Tower Knight whilst imposing at first, isn’t that bad when you learn how to deal with him. Get behind his shield and hack away at his ankles where you will see pressure coming out of them. Do this enough and the Tower Knight will fall, where you can access his head now dealing increased damage
If you can complete this fight without killing any Archers up on the battlements, you will also unlock One Shall Fall Silver Image PS, however, if it’s your first time playing the game or you want an easier time of it, go up the stairs taking out the Archers then head back to the Tower Knight
Either way, once the Tower Knight has been defeated, your Trophy will unlock


Penetrator’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “Penetrator”

Gates Of Boletaria, Inner Ward
Penetrator can utilise some fairly powerful attacks so bring a decent shield with you to negate some of the damage you’ll likely incur. He also has very good range and can close distance fairly well. Sorceries are very effective here and allow you to stay out of his melee range for the most part
One attack to be careful of is when his sword starts to glow blue, if he hits you with this attack it will likely kill you so keep distance as best as you can then move back in for the attack
If you have freed Biorr of the Twin Fangs and kill Penatrator with Biorr, you will unlock Brother-In-Arms Bronze Image PS
Whichever way you take down Penetrator, once he’s defeated your Trophy will unlock


False King’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “False King”

Gates Of Boletaria,
The “False King” is the Old King Allant boss and can be a pain to take down. Allant can employ a good amount of combos, devastating AOE attacks and can close range on you in a heartbeat. The majority of his melee attacks can cause a shockwave that can catch you off guard, leaving you open to eat the rest of his combo
Fortunately, he will grunt and groan before attacking mostly so keep an ear out for this, dodging to the side to avoid the shockwave rather than dodging backwards
Whittle his health down keeping your health above half where you will hopefully be able to withstand a couple of hits from a combo should you get caught up in it
Take down the Old King Allant to unlock your Trophy


Armor Spider’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “Armor Spider”

Stonefang Tunnel, Smithing Grounds
Fighting the Armor Spider is not a good time, you start off in a cramped tunnel then having to dodge numerous fireballs and spider webs that if caught in will really slow down movement and prevent your from rolling
Make your way down the tunnel dodging as best as you can on the way then head to the left when in the same area as the Spider
From here, the one attack you need to look out for above all others is when the Armored Spiders’ mouth starts to glow with fire
Here you need to get back to the starting point of the fight (back up the tunnel) as quick as possible as the Spider will unleash a devastating fire AOE that if you’re caught in it, will be a guaranteed death
Immediately after the fire AOE the Spider will start flinging fireballs at you again so block then heal any damage after the initial volley
Make good use of longer / ranged weapons such as a spear or magic to have an easier time of it
Defeat the Armored Spider to unlock your Trophy


Flamelurker’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “Flamelurker”

Stonefang Tunnel, The Tunnel City
Flamelurker is a nasty little fight as he is very powerful and hardly anything hurts him, except magic which can make the fight a bit more manageable
Ensure you stay in front of Flamelurker as much as you can as he will jump to either side or jump backwards which can deal considerable damage.
Also, take care when he raises his hands above his head as an AOE attack will land shortly after
Make good use of your sorceries / magic weapons or just chip away at his health until he’s down where your Trophy will unlock


Dragon God’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “Dragon God”

Stonefang Tunnel, Underground Temple
This is more a fight of patience than a fight of skill. Once you’re through the fog gate head to the right smashing through the broken pillars trying not to get hit by the Dragon Gods’ claws where you will find a ballista, operate the ballista to take off nearly half the Demons’ health
After the cutscene, roll down the stairs then make your way through the path smashing the pillars in your path and use the standing pillars as cover from the Dragon Gods’ attacks
At the end of the path will be another ballista, interact with it to take another large chunk of health from the boss where it will the collapse. Go back the way you just came and out onto the ledge where 3 good hits will defeat the Dragon God, unlocking your Trophy in the process


Fool’s Idol’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “Fool’s Idol”

Tower Of Latria, Prison Of Hope
You will need to find a series of keys which are hidden in plain sight along the walls to access the lower levels of the Prison Of Hope (you need to first go up to be able to go down) then once pass the Statue firing arrow volleys at you (see Time For Rolling Silver Image PS for more information) head up the tower on the right. Go all the way to the end and kill the summoner who is asking for no trouble then head back down and go up the stairs to face the Fools Idol boss
This boss can be a pain, especially if you get caught in the traps. However, avoid the traps and it should be over in a good few hits. Use the pillars on the left side for cover then run in, get a good amount of 2 handed hits if playing melee (magic is pretty much useless in this fight as the boss has a very high resistance to it) then run back to cover
She only seems to attack with one straight shooting, all be it powerful spell
Once you have defeated the Fool’s Idol, your Trophy will unlock


Maneater’s Trophy
Slayer of Demon “Maneater”

Tower Of Latria, Upper Latria
Maneater starts off as a one vs one fight where you need to take care not to get blasted off of the edge by its shockwaves or ram attacks that a shield does little to protect against
Try not to lock on to Maneater when he is in the area as the camera can easily cause you to fall off the side of the walkway as it is very narrow. Use your best weapon / spells to take him down to 25% health where another Maneater will appear
It is very important you dispatch the first Maneater quickly as a two on one is a bad time in this battle.
You can use the flame structure in the middle of the area to provide a good amount of cover, wait for Maneater to ram the structure then go round and attack before he recovers
Once you have taken down Maneater, your Trophy will unlock


Old Monk’s Trophy
Slayer of the Demon “Old Monk”

Tower Of Latria, The Ivory Tower
This is a unique fight in the souls series (Looking Glass Knight tries to get close in Dark Souls II, but the Old Monk is the original and best)
Directly after defeating Maneater you will come to a staircase which at some point, a cut scene will kick in where you will see the Old Monk summon another online human player into the game
This is what makes the fight unique as the difficulty will depend completely on who it is you get summoned in. Now you can completely disconnect your PS5 from the internet where you will face a computer controlled NPC making this a lot easier
Getting up to the Old Monk can be a challenge as you have 2 Octopus-Headed enemies in phantom form that have their attacks sped up considerably from the Prison Of Hope. try and rush them and hope they don’t use the stun attack on you
Once you have taken down the NPC / human player, you will “defeat the Old Monk”, unlocking your Trophy in the process


Adjudicator’s Trophy
Slayer of the Demon “Adjudicator”

Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge
Make your way up and through the area then drop down to the ledge after fighting the Red Knight, go around the ledge through the building and down the stairs to face off against this hulking Demon
The Adjudicator is a strange fight, if you try staying up top and sniping it you will get knocked down by its’ tongue
If you’re going for the One Shall Stand, avoid slashing at its’ open wounds which will make it fall over leaving the golden figure (critical spot) open for attack
As long as you roll through the largely telegraphed attacks you shouldn’t have that many problems here, just remember to heal quickly where necessary
Once the Adjudicator has been defeated, your Trophy will unlock


Old Hero’s Trophy
Slayer of the Demon “Old Hero”

Shrine Of Storms, The Ritual Path
The old hero, whilst imposing at first, shouldn’t pose to many problems for veterans of the series
One attack to watch out for is the AOE, when the Old Hero puts his sword into the ground, run back and use ranged attacks to get a few cheap hits in then go back to either melee damage or stick with ranged
The Old Hero has a few swiping moves, however, he doesn’t have a lot of range allowing you some freedom to move about here then wreck him when he’s finished his move set
Once you have taken down the Old Hero, your Trophy will unlock


Storm King’s Trophy
Slayer of the Demon “Storm King”

Shrine Of Storms, Altar Of Storms
Please Note ~ You need to bring ranged weapons / magic with you for this fight, otherwise it is impossible to complete as the Storm King is a flying enemy that renders melee damage completely ineffective
If you decide to bring a bow with you, you will need a very good supply of arrows as well, however, these do have a weight limit so choose wisely
Once you’re in the fight, head down to the right where you will find a building you can hide behind for some moderate cover.
After a short while the Storm King will appear, use your ranged attacks to damage it as it passes overhead watching out for the manta rays it sends your way
Try not to hit the other rays that are flying about as it just wastes your ammo, heal up when you need to don’t get greedy as you can easily be punished for it
Once you have taken the Storm King down, your Trophy will unlock


Leechmonger’s Trophy
Slayer of the Demon “Leechmonger”

Valley Of Defilement, Depraved Chasm
Leechmonger shouldn’t pose you that many problems as long as getting to it can be more challenging than the fight itself
It has a few spin attacks and near enough every attack leaves leeches on you draining your health for a few seconds, but with a good amount of blocking you should be ok for the most part
You have 2 choices in this fight, wither stay up top with a good shield and ranged weapons / spells or get down in the mud with Leechmonger and take it out with Melee. Either way, as long you block the telegraphed attacks or roll to avoid them completely, you should have Leechmonger down soon enough, unlocking your Trophy in the process


Dirty Colossus’ Trophy
Slayer of the Demon “Dirty Colossus”

Valley Of Defilement, Swamp Of Sorrow
Dirty Colossus is a boss that hits like a truck, however, is fairly easily telegraphed. Agile characters will have an easier time here rolling through its attacks then dealing a good amount of damage before the next attack winds up
Fire damage works well here so either apply Pine Resin to a weapon or pepper the Colossus with Firebombs from a distance
Once the Dirty Colossus has been defeated, your Trophy will unlock


Maiden Astraea’s Trophy
Slayer of the Demon “Maiden Astraea

Valley Of Defilement, Rotting Haven
Maiden Astraea can be found at the very end of the area in a pool of blood, guarded by a very powerful enemy, Garl Vinland whom you need to not kill if you’re going for the platinum (see May You Be Unharmed Silver Image PS for more information)
Maiden Astraea herself doesn’t have any attacks other than a shockwave that sends you back for Garl to fight, so get in there and attack her until she knocks you back, rinse and repeat until she is defeated where your Trophy will unlock


Return to Form
Help a player vanquish a boss

You will firstly, need to have defeated any boss after the Phalanx, from here you can use the Blue Eye Stone before the boss fog gate area where another player will hopefully summon you in (Flamelurker is a good choice)
Help the player kill the boss (you need to hit the boss at least once) then once the boss has been defeated, your Trophy will unlock


Unwelcome Guest
Vanquish a player as an invader

To invade another player you will need to use a Black Eye Stone then when you’re in level range you will be summoned into a fight against another player. The Old Monks area is one of the best in the game for this as the game has the best connection for players to meet as it’s part of the main game
You will need to be in Human Form in order to be able to invade other players’ games
The difficulty of this trophy solely depends on how skilled you are and how good your opponent is so it may take you a few tries
Once you have defeated another player, your Trophy will unlock


One Shall Fall
Vanquish the Tower Knight without killing any archers

This one, although it sounds hard, isn’t that bad as if you stay close to the Tower Knight most arrows will be blocked by him rather than hitting you whilst you hack away at his ankles
As long as you have a good amount of Healing materials / miracles you should be fine to run back, heal then re-engage the boss. Keep doing this until the Tower Knight is down. As long as you didn’t defeat any archers in the process, your Trophy will unlock


Vanquish Penetrator with Biorr

Biorr will need rescuing before he will accompany you when you fight Penetrator. To do so head through the Boleatarian Palace, Inner Ward area. Just after you fight the first solo Red Knight there will be a Fat Official with some Archers behind him, kill the Official and loot the Iron Keyring.
From here head back to where the Blue Knight is at the end of the Lord’s Path area. To the right of which will be a door you can open
Go down and take out another Fat Official, in the cell to the right will be Biorr. Speak with him then head around to the Penentrator fight
With Biorrs’ help, take down the Penetrator boss to unlock your Trophy


Fists of Legend
Vanquish Dragon God with the Hands of God

You can retrieve the Hands Of God which are fist weapons from the tunnel to the left just before the Flamelurker fight
You then need to equip these weapons one in your left hand and one in your right hand before going through the fog gate. The only time you’ll be able to “fight” the Dragon God is after you have used both ballista’s on it where it will then fall down (see Dragon God’s Trophy Bronze Image PS for more information)
Run down to the open area and use the Hands Of God to defeat the Dragon God to unlock your Trophy


Time for Rolling
Cross the walkway through the Idol’s volleys of arrows

This will come automatically as you make your way through the story. Head to the lower level in the Tower Of Latria to where the statue is shooting volleys of arrows at you
Time your rolls carefully to roll through the first volley then straight through the second, it should take you 8-10 rolls to make it to the end where you can close the statue ending the assault
Once you have made it across the bridge, your Trophy will unlock


Not Fooled
Vanquish the Fool’s Idol without hitting any clones

See Fool’s Idol Trophy for information on how to find and be able to permanently defeat Fool’s Idol
As for not hitting any of the clones, there is a nice simple way of knowing if you’re fighting a clone of the Fool’s Idol or the Fool’s Idol herself
Press PS R3, to lock on, if the enemy has a health bar appear then it’s a clone, if you lock on and there’s no health bar, that’s because it’s on the bottom of the screen for the main boss. Using this method and ensuring you take care to only hit the boss, you shouldn’t have that much trouble defeating the Fool’s Idol
After you have defeated the Fool’s Idol without hitting a single clone, your Trophy will unlock


One Shall Stand
Vanquish Adjudicator without having him fall down

Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge
See Adjudicator’s trophy for information on how to get to the Adjudicator
I found the best way was to have a magic spell equipped (you can purchase these from Freke’s Apprentice on the ground floor of The Nexus) and simply lock-on to the small golden figure atop the Adjudicators bulk and take it down this way.
If you haven’t got any magic left, switch over to either a crossbow or a bow (you need arrows for these weapons) then take it down with arrows ensuring you only hit the golden figure on top o the mass
Steer clear of slashing at the Adjudicators’ open wounds to avoid it falling over. Once the Adjudicator has been defeated without falling over, your Trophy will unlock


May you be unharmed
Vanquish Maiden Astraea without killing Garl Vinland

You will need a powerful, fast weapon for this that you are comfortable 2-handing then make your way across the right side of the arena.
Drop down onto the rocks to your right and get to Astraea as quickly as possible (you can neither run nor roll here) and hit her a good amount of times until her shockwave knocks you back
From here, you can either try and take her down before Garl Vinland gets to you, if he hits you back then go up the left side of the area, follow the path around and drop down again where you should be able to finish Maden Astraea off before Garl gets to you again
Either way, as long as you take down Maiden Astraea without killing Garl Vinland, your Trophy will unlock

Gold Image

Seekest soul power
Embrace the power of the Old One

You will need to defeat the Final Boss, King Allant then afterwards you will see the Maiden In Black trying to leave through the light
Hit her once to kill her unlocking the bad ending in Demon’s Souls Remake, unlocking your Trophy


A Dash of Sage
Rescue Sage Freke the Visionary

Sage Freke can be found on the third floor in the Prison Of Hope, you will naturally make your way up to this floor as you progress through the prison finding the keys hung up on the wall as you go
From the archstone, take a right then head up the stairs, head down the corridor through the top right door on the left, from here make your way through and up the end of the left path head down the stairs and around to the right. The Sage will be in the cell at the end of this short path
To be able to open his cell you will need the Special Key which is found on a hook next to the NPC you need to kill in order to permanently defeat the Fool’s Idol boss (take the right path after the statue firing arrows at you, go all the way to the end)
Once you have the key, go back to Frekes’ cell, open it and speak with him to unlock your Trophy


Rescue Saint Urbain

Continue down the path from the Shrine Of Storms, The Ritual Path, head down and through the area, dropping off to the right at the end of the left path and kill the Reaper to defeat all of the ethereal enemies around. Drop down to the lower level and around to the left where Patches will kick you down a pit
Down here will be Saint Urbain at the back of the area, speak with him, exhausting his dialogue then deal with the hostile phantom
Once you have taken down the phantom, your Trophy will unlock


Worthy of the Sword
Deliver Makoto to Satsuki

After you have rescued Saint Urbain (see Umbasa Bronze Image PS for information on this) and have defeated the Storm King (see Storm King’s Trophy Bronze Image PS for information on this), head to the Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge and speak with Satsuki (NPC to the right of the first arch) who will ask you to recover the Makoto Sword

This is easily found by warping to the, Shrine Of Storms, The Ritual Path archstone, go down the path and into the area with the ethereal enemies, drop down and kill the Reaper then head round the back of the area and down the stairs where you originally found Urbain to recover the Makoto
Take the Makoto back to Satsuki then during the dialogue, choose Yes where you will gift him the Makoto, unlocking your Trophy


Road to Possibilities
Give the Searing Demon Soul to Blacksmith Ed

Blacksmith Ed can be found in the Stonefang Tunnel, Smithing Grounds area. Make you way up through the area to find a crank that activates a lift that can be found in the first area from the Smithing Grounds Archstone.
Head down the lift to find Blacksmith Ed
As for the Searing Demon Soul, that can be acquired by defeating Flamelurker (see Flamelurker’s Trophy Bronze Image PS for more information) then interacting with the Underground Temple Archstone to acquire his soul, give the Searing Demon Soul to Blacksmith Ed to unlock your Trophy


One of the few
Obtain Istarelle

Istarelle can be acquired fairly easily by going back up towards the Depraved Chasm area from the Valley Of Defilement, Swamp Of Sorrow archstone
You will need the world in White Tendency where a ladder will appear just before the hut you went through with the first large club wielding enemy in the Depraved Chasm area. Climb this ladder then follow the path up to the top where there will be 3 more club wielding enemies
Defeat them all then collect the Istarelle to unlock your Trophy


Witch in the Tower
Rescue Yuria the Witch

Rescuing Yuria will require a good few items, firstly, you will need the complete Fat Officials armour set which are

  • Official’s Cap ~ Kill the Fat Official behind the closed gate in the Boletarian Palace, Inner Ward area
  • Official’s Clothes ~ Stonefang Tunnel, The Tunnel City, go left pass the exploding minecarts and kill the Fat Official
  • Official’s Gloves ~ Stonefang Tunnel, Smithing Grounds, kill the Fat Official across the collapsing bridge then carefully walk across the plank to loot the gloves
  • Official’s Leggings ~ Stonefang Tunnel, Smithing Grounds, kill the Fat Official behind the exploding barrels

You will also need the Iron Key Ring which is looted off of a Fat Official found after the single Red Knight in the Boletarian Palace, Inner Ward area

Use the Iron Key Ring on the wooden door at the end of the Lord’s Path area to the right of the Blue Knight, kill the Fat Official to receive the Bloody Iron Key

Equip the Official’s Armor Set then head go the right corner where the fountain and the 2 Wolves can be fought in the Inner Ward to find a gate
Head around and through to the tower.
Wearing the Official’s Set causes a staircase to lower. Kill the Fat Official at the top to then unequip the Official’s Set before speaking with Yuria where she will go to the nexus, unlocking your Trophy

Gold Image

Legacy of the Kings
Obtain the Northern Regalia

You will be able to get the Northern Regalia in ng+ and will require the Soulbrandt which can be found next to Old King Allant once he’s been defeated in the Boletarian Palace, The King’s Tower area as well as the Demonbrandt which can be found in the Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria area by using the Mausoleum Key at the top of the battlements where you fight a Blue Knight, take a right instead of a left, pass the Red Knight and use the Mausoleum Key on the large doors
The Mausoleum Key can be acquired from Ostrava (head down behind the first Blue Knight, jump over the railings at the bottom of the stairs) by killing him (he serves no other purpose in the game)
You will also need the False King Demon Soul which can be acquired by killing Old King Allant
Take all 3 of these items (Soubrand, Demon Brand and the False King Demon Soul) to Blacksmith Ed in the Stonefang Tunnel, Smithing Grounds area
Give him all 3 items where he will give you the Northern Regalia, unlocking your Trophy

Gold Image

Sage’s Trophy
All Magic Spells Obtained

Click the link to go to the complete Sage’s Trophy Trophy Guide

Saint's Trophy
Gold Image

Saint’s Trophy
All Miracles Obtained

Click the link below to go to the complete Saint’s Trophy Trophy Guide where we show you a nice little trick to avoid an entire third playthrough

Gold Image

King of Rings
All Rings Obtained

Click the link to go to the complete King Of Rings Trophy Guide

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Demon’s Souls Remake Platinum
If it does help you there’s a couple of quick, free things you can do for us if you’ve got a minute
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