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Saint's Trophy
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Saint’s Trophy
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Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Demon’s Souls Remake Saint’s Trophy Trophy Guide
There are 12 Miracles to find in the Demon’s Souls Remake, all of which can be obtained from Saint Urbain who you will have to rescue from the Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge area before he will be available to sell you his Miracles (click the link to go to the Demons Souls Remake Trophy Guide then search for the Umbasa Bronze Image PS trophy guide)
In addition to rescuing Saint Urbain, you will also need to defeat nearly every boss in the game and keep hold of their souls (there’s a way of keeping the boss souls after acquiring all 12 miracles which I’ll get to shortly)
The most missable or the Miracle you will have to do the most work for is Recovery which requires you to acquire 3 Colorless Demon Souls and kill a Primeval Demon

Primeval Demon

Palace Of Boletaria, Gates Of Boletaria
You will need Pure Black World Tendency for the Archstone of the Covetous King which is easily attained by dying several times in human form then return to The Nexus and back to the Boletarian Palace. From here, go into the in game menu and tab right to the World / Character tab, the Boletarian Palace needs to be completely black underneath the archstone
Once done, ensure you have defeated any of the Archdemons’ in the game (all of which are required for their Demons’ Souls) then head over to the Boletarian Palace, Inner Ward area.
Go through here up and around to open the
gate behind the Fat Official and deal with the Penetrator boss
Make your way up the stairs pass the wolves and take a right up the small staircase adjacent to the main stairs. Follow this path around to the left where you will see a Primeval Demon. Kill it to be able to access the Recovery Miracle from Saint Urbain

To acquire the 3 easiest Colorless Demon Souls that won’t negatively impact anything else in the game are

Colorless Demon Soul 1

Palace Of Boletaria, Gates Of Boletaria
You will need the world in either Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency (pure black is the easiest, die several times in human form then return to The Nexus and back to the Gates Of Boletaria archstone) where a gate to the left down the stairs from the archstone will now be open
Follow the path around dealing with the phantom enemies where you will find an NPC, kill her to receive the Master’ Ring then carefully go down the stairs.
Walk onto the rafter then very carefully drop off in front of you where you will land on another rafter, carefully turn and grab the Colorless Demon Soul

Colorless Demon Soul 2

Tower Of Latria, Upper Latria
Make your way through the area until you have knocked the heart down (story progression) then, if we go from the archstone to get your bearings, head straight down the pathway. Take a right then an immediate right once you’re outside, smash through the vases and down the stairs, head right back into the building and right again pass the heart.
The first corpse you come to will hold the Gold Mask, collect this then take it to Sparkly the Crow in the Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge (head up then left into the passage, go up the stairs and take the first left, drop down, climb the stairs, take the first right and follow the path to the tree)
Once at Sparklys’ location, drop the Gold Mask then save and quit the game, reload in to collect the Colorless Demon Soul

Colorless Demon Soul 3

Valley Of Defilement, Swamp Of Sorrow
Head through the swamp as if you’re going to fight the Dirty Colossus boss. Once you’re over the walkways with the large club wielding enemies to find the Filthy Woman sitting just to the left. Purchase the Talisman Of God from her for 5,000 souls then take the Talisman to Sparkly (see Colorless Demon Soul 2 for location information)
Trade the Talisman Of God with Sparkly to receive the Colorless Demon Soul

In addition to the Colorless Demon Souls you will also need to have defeated and ensure you do not use the following boss’ souls

  • Dragon God (Dragon Demon Soul)
  • Old Monk (Golden Demon Soul)
  • Adjudicator (Swollen Demon Soul)
  • Old Hero (Hero Demon Soul)
  • Storm King (Storm Demon Soul)
  • Leechmonger (Writhing Demon Soul)
  • Maiden Astraea (Pureblood Demon Soul)

In order to keep these Demon Souls (saving you an entire playthrough if you’re going for the platinum), ensure you have them all, including the 3 colorless Demon Souls in your inventory with at least 50,000 souls then purchase every Miracle from Saint Urban in The Nexus ensuring you stay in the purchasing menu.
Buy every Miracle then hold down the PS button and close the game
When you reload the game, you will have kept your Trophy and also have every soul in your inventory you had previously as the game can’t autosave whilst you’re in the menu.
If you want to keep the
Miracles then simply skip this step and carry on the game as normal, you will, of course, have lost the souls if you leave the menu

The Miracles and how to acquire them are as follows


Saint Urbain, 3,000 Souls
Cure Poison

Hidden Soul

Saint Urbain, 3,000 Souls
Hide oneself from Black Phantoms


Saint Urbain, 5,000 Souls
Recover HP


Saint Urbain, 20,000 Souls
Send user back to the Nexus

God’s Wrath

Saint Urbain, Dragon Demon Soul
Unleash a powerful force blast


Saint Urbain, Golden Demon Soul
Send Black Phantoms back to their world


Saint Urbain, Swollen Demon Soul
Slowly recover HP over time

Second Chance

Saint Urbain, Hero Demon Soul
Revive user from death once

Anti-Magic Field

Saint Urbain, Storm Demon Soul
Create an area where magic cannot be used


Saint Urbain, Writhing Demon Soul
Cure status ailments


Saint Urbain, Pureblood Demon Soul
Send Resurrect Phantoms in their own world


Saint Urbain, Colorless Demon Soul x3
Recover a large amount of HP

Once you have collected all 12 Miracles, your Trophy will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Demon’s Souls Remake Saint’s Trophy Trophy
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