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King of Rings
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Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Demon’s Souls Remake King Of Rings Trophy Guide
There are 30 Rings to find in the Demon’s Souls Remake, 26 from the original game leaving 4 new ones
One of which is the highly missable Providential Ring which can only be acquired as a gift when you start a new game or if you can get hold of a deluxe edition code. There is no way around this as it stands
The rings’ locations and how to find them are

Providential Ring

Raises item discovery
Starting Gift
Ensure you choose the Providential Ring as a starting gift

Cling Ring

Less HP reduction when in soul form
Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria
Make your way up to the top of the battlements in the Boletarian Palace, go pass the Blue Knight and the fog gate then continue forward to the end, carefully go down the stairs dealing with the enemies. At the bottom, pull the lever to open 2 gates, in between these gates on a corpse is the Cling Ring

Thief Ring

Become harder for enemies to detect
Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria
Make your way to the top of the battlements then kill the Blue Knight guarding the fog gate, go through the fog and down the stairs, at the bottom of the staircase to the left is a railing you can vault over (D Pad Up+PS Circle) on this ledge will be the Thief Ring on a corpse

Flame Resistance Ring

Increases resistance to flame
Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria
You will need the world to be in white tendency (kill the Phalanx and the Tower Knight without killing any NPCs)
Once done, head back to the Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria and head up to the top of the area where the Red Drake will spew fire over the bridge full of enemies.
Take a left down a passageway out to an area where there were 2 Drakes (Red and Blue) previously. Go up onto the open area which is now accessible to find the Flame Resistance Ring on a corpse

Ring Of Great Strength

Raises equipment weight limit
Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria
Go to the location where you found the Flame Resistance Ring. On the next corpse will be the Ring Of Great Strength

Ring Of Herculean Strength

Raises item carry capacity
Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria
You will need to make your way to the top of the area where you fight the first Blue Knight then rather than going through the fog gate go forward and down the stairs until you get to a balcony. Hit the chains to drop 2 bodies to the floor, go to the bottom of the stairs, open the gates if you haven’t done so already where you find the Cling Ring.
Loot the corpses to receive the Jade Hair Ornament. Take the Ornament to Stockpile Thomas in the Nexus, once you have given it to him you will receive the Ring Of Herculean Strength

Gash Resistance Ring

Increases resistance to bleeding
Boletarian Palace, The Lord’s Path
Head down rom the first tower you come to where the Red Drake is blasting the bridge with fire. At the lower level, head left taking care of the crossbow soldiers where you will find the Gash Resistance Ring on a Corpse to the left in the darkness

Poison Resistance Ring

Increases resistance to poison
Stonefang Tunnel, Smithing Tunnel
Make your way through the area then turn the water off using the crank in front of the water wheel then head down the ramp, take a right and go down to the now accessible area.
Stay against the left wall to go through an gate into a small room. Inside of which will be the Poison Resistance Ring on a corpse

Plague Resistance Ring

Increases resistance to plague
Stonefang Tunnel, The Tunnel City
Head right from the Archstone deal with the enemies then roll down the platforms. Go back on yourself after the third drop to find the Plague Resistance Ring on a corpse

Master’s Ring

Damage + from optimal hits, otherwise less
Stonefang Tunnel, Underground Temple
Once you have defeated Dragon God, make your way back up to the second ballistas’ location and head around to the left from the staircase to find the Masters Ring

Ring Of Magical Sharpness

Raises magic power, lowers magic defence
Tower Of Latria, Prison Of Hope fourth floor
Once you’re on the fourth floor head around to the last cell on the left side of the floor, in here will be several spiked tombs, in the one on the left there is  a corpse will fall out once you open the tomb. This corpse holds the Ring of Magical Sharpness

Clever Rat’s Ring

Attack power rises when HP is at 30% or lower
Tower Of Latria, Prison Of Hope
Firstly, cross the bridge where the statue is firing arrows at you (click the link to go to the Demons Souls Remake Trophy Guide then search for the Time For Rolling Silver Image PS guide for information on this) then shut it off by pulling the lever
Head back to the bridge you just crossed where you will find the Clever Rat’s Ring on a corpse

Dull Rat’s Ring

Defence rises when HP is at 30% or lower
Tower Of Latria, Prison Of Hope
Lord Rydell can be found on the 2nd floor of the Prison of Hope, however, to access his cell you will need to acquire the Prison of Hope, 2F W. Cell Key from Upper Latria just above where you drop the first chain holding up the heart, you will need the Tower of Latria to be in Pure White World Tendency before you can access it though
An easy way to achieve this is to never enter the Tower of Latria archstone in Human form, ensure you have defeated every boss (Fools Idol, Maneater & the Old Monk) in soul form (kill yourself in the Nexus by throwing yourself off the top of the staircase in between boss fights) then go and collect the Key
Once you have the key, head back to the Prison of Hope area, take a right from the starting cell, go up the stairs. Go all the way through the level as if you are going down to the statue firing arrows at you. Just before the last set of stairs going down, stay on this level, heading around to the left to find Lord Rydell in his cell
Free him to receive the Dull Rat’s Ring

Fragrant Ring

Slowly restores MP over time
Tower Of Latria, Upper Latria
Head up and around once you have broken the first chain holding up the heart to find a cage you can step inside of and be taken down to the sewers, from here, head up the stairs and across the platform to drop down where the Fragrant Ring will be behind a pulsing vein / ventricle 

Ring Of Avarice

Obtain more souls when slaying enemies
Tower Of Latria, Upper Latria
After you have dropped the heart, head forward from the Archstone, taking a series of rights until you are at the base of the area where the dropped heart is, follow the path around the heart to find the Ring Of Avarice on a corpse

Graverobber’s Ring

Become harder for black phantoms to detect
Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge
Head through the area as if you were going to the Adjudicator boss fight. One you have gone around the ledge with the Skeletons, head inside and go up the stairs and follow the ledge around to find a narrow wooden plank you can cross. On the stone ledge will be a corpse holding the Graverobber’s Ring

Ronin’s Ring

Reduce rate of weapon wear
Shrine Of Storms, Altar Of Storms
Go back towards the The Ritual Path area. Once you get to the glowing water, drop down to the right where there’s a small opening. Just inside here on a small patch of land will be the Ronin’s Ring

Ring Of Magical Dullness

Lowers magic power, raises magic defence
Valley Of Defilement, Depraved Chasm
Head up from the archstone staying right, drop down to the small walkway where the enemy with the fire spear is then drop off the edge of the sloped roof.
Head down through the hole in the floor to find a small platform on which will be a corpse holding the Ring Of Magical Dullness

Regenerator’s Ring

Slowly restores HP over time
Valley Of Defilement, Swamp Of Sorrow
Head through the passage then down the right side of the walkway dropping down into the swamp at the end. Stick to to the wall on the right to find the Regenerator’s Ring on a corpse

Cat Ring

Decrease damage from falls
Valley Of Defilement, Swamp Of Sorrow
Make your way down into the swamp then go over to the top right corner where a phantom will be patrolling. On a small island to the right of the phantom is the Cat Ring

Ring Of Sincere Prayer

Raises miracle power & casting time
Valley Of Defilement, Rotting Haven
Defeat Maiden Astraea in the Valley Of Defilement, Rotting Haven ensuring you interact with her Archstone to receive the Ring Of Sincere Prayer

Eternal Warrior’s Ring

Increases stamina recovery speed
Boletarian Palace, Gates Of Boletaria
You will need to acquire the Mausoleum Key from Ostrava who can be found by vaulting over the railings pass the first Blue Knight you face. Kill Ostrava to receive the Key then head back up to the top of the battlements (where you faced the Blue Knight), head right to face a Red Knight. Behind which is the Mausoleum
Inside the Mausoleum is Old King Doran who is arguably the hardest enemy in the game. Make good use of magic / ranged attacks and don’t go blow for blow with him as you will lose every time near enough
Poison Cloud is a very useful way of defeating him, however, hope he doesn’t heal as he will be straight back to full health
Parrying works very well for melee builds, bring a decent shield with you such as the Dark Silver Shield which can be acquired from Garl Vinland during the Maiden Astraea boss fight in the Valley of Defilement area
Defeat Old King Doran, looting his remains to receive the Eternal Warrior’s Ring

Foe’s Ring

The Nexus
Complete Mephistopheles’ questline ensuring you have rescued and defeated Yuria The Witch to receive the Foe’s Ring
In order to free Yuria, click the link to go to the Demons Souls Remake Trophy Guide then search for the Witch In The Tower Bronze Image PS guide

Ally’s Ring

The Nexus
Acquired from the Monumental after achieving Pure White Character Tendency
Once you have spoken with the Monumental after having defeated the first boss, the Phalanx, you need to ensure you say “Yes” to his request, otherwise the Ally Ring will be unobtainable until your next playthrough, again, ensuring you choose “Yes
You character tendency will carry over so ensure you don’t attack any NPC in the Nexus on your NG+ cycle until you have received the Ally Ring

Ring Of Devout Prayer

Increases miracle memory capacity
Valley of Defilement, Swamp of Sorrow (Rotting Haven)
You will need to acquire a very powerful weapon in the game, the Large Sword of Moonlight from the Swamp of Sorrow, however, it is a lot easier to get to it by going from the Rotting Haven archstone. Head out from the Dirty Colossus boss arena, taking a right, follow the path down pass the filthy woman then take a right through the swamp
Ensure you have some sort of ranged attack, either a bow or an offensive spell to take out the Mosquitos in your way then proceed up and around the wooden platforms where the slugs are. At the top of the platform there will be a large cluster of slugs hanging over a large drop. Stay to the left of the slugs then attack them until they fall down
From here, make your way roughly halfway back down the platforms then roll off back into the swamp. You will now need to make your way back to the right of the area where you will need to take down a lot of slugs, don’t get greedy here as given their numbers, you might get into trouble if you go at them to quickly, conserve your stamina as you can’t roll in the swamp
Once you have taken enough slugs down. Grab the Large Sword of Moonlight which you then need to trade with Sparkly the Crow
Sparkly is found in the Shrine of Storms, Island’s Edge by going up the first staircase, go left through the passageway then up the tower, drop down to your left making your way through the tunnel and up the stairs. Follow the grass path up and around to find Sparklys’ tree
Open your inventory and drop the Large Sword of Moonlight. You will then need to Save & Quit your game. Reload back in and collect the Ring of Devout Prayer

Ring Of The Accursed

Become enemies’ top attack priority
Boletarian Palace, Inner Ward
Click the link to go to the Demons Souls Remake Trophy Guide then search for the Witch In The Tower Bronze Image PS guide
In the same room where you rescue Yuria will be the Ring Of The Accursed on a Corpse

Ring Of Magical Nature

Increases magic memory capacity
Boletarian Palace, Inner Ward
Click the link to go to the Demons Souls Remake Trophy Guide then search for the Witch In The Tower Bronze Image PS guide
In the same room where you rescue Yuria will be the Ring Of Magical Nature on a Corpse

Ring Of Longevity

Increases max HP
Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge (Ritual Path)
First up, you are going to need to farm a Pure Bladestone which can be acquired in any world tendency, I say this as I’ve heard reports from people this has to be obtained in pure black world. This is false as I managed to get my Pure Bladestone in pure white
The Pure Bladestone can only be obtained from the Black Skeletons in the Shrine of Storms, Island’s Edge area. However, the quickest way of farming for this is to go into the Ritual Path area (where you killed the Adjudicator), make your way up the stairs whilst you have the Providential Ring equipped (increases drop rate) then, if luck is on your side you’ll only need to kill the Black Skeleton a handful of times until the Pure Bladestone drops, if, however, if your luck was like mine…. well, you’ll have a lot of time to admire the scenery. It took me 370 kills until I finally received a Pure Bladestone. I sincerely hope you are luckier than I was
Once you have the Pure Bladestone, you will need to take this to Sparkly the Crow who can be found by going up the stairs from the Island’s Egde archstone. Take a left through the small passageway, climb the stairs, stay left and drop down under the archer. Climb the stairs the follow the dirt path up and around
When you get to Sparkly’s tree, drop the Pure Bladestone then Save & Quit out of the game. Reload your game then ensure you collect the item which will be on the floor. This item is the Ring of Longevity

Sodden Ring

Tower Of Latria, Upper Latria
You will need to be in Pure Black World Tendency before the Sodden Ring will appear
Head forward and up the stairs, cross the walkway, taking the stairs up where the lift is, ride the lift up and follow the stairs around, take the left path making your way into the cage on the left. Take the cage down into the sewer area, from here, follow the left wall around to a large pillar where you will find the Sodden Ring

Ring Of Uneven Scales

Raises item burden, lowers equip burden
Stonefang Tunnel, Tunnel City
Go forward and take a left pass the exploding minecarts. At the end of the tunnel on the right will be a Fat Official. Ensure you have the Providential Ring equipped (to increase your Item Discovery) then farm the Fat Official until you receive a Gold Coin (rare drop)
Take the Gold Coin to Sparkly The Crow in the Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge area (head up and around to the left up the Tower, follow the path up to find Sparklys’ Nest)
Trade the Gold Coin (drop the Gold Coin, Save & Exit, reload the game) to receive the Ring Of Uneven Scales

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Demon’s Souls Remake, King Of Rings Trophy
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