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Sorceries can make Dark Souls a lot easier for some as they allow you to cause significant damage at range, you will need a staff to cast a sorcery. Ensure you level Intelligence to become more proficient at casting sorceries, you can attune spells at a bonfire, but take care as you only get a certain amount of uses before the spell charge will run out
There are a total of 23 sorceries in Dark Souls Remastered, the majority of which are purchasable from 4 NPC characters you will encounter as you make your way through the game

The 4 NPCs are
  • Griggs of Vinheim
    Whom you can find in the Lower Undead Burg area, you need to buy the Residence Key from the merchant in the Undead Burg, then make your way down the stairs towards the Capra Demon boss fight, take a right, use the Residence Key on the second door on the left, speak to Griggs, he will then go to Firelink Shrine where you can purchase his sorceries
  • Ingward, the Guardian of the Seal
    Ingward be found atop the building in New Londo Ruins, he only has one sorcery, and can be very tricky to get to, continue through the New Londo Ruins until just before you lower the water, go around the back of the building you’ll be in then up the ladder, defeat all of the enemies in the area, then interact with Ingward, if there is one enemy left, he won’t speak to you so ensure you clear them all out
  • Dusk of Oolacile
    She can be a tricky NPC to find, firstly you need to defeat the Hydra in the Darkroot Basin (use magic to have a much easier time of the fight, or wait for the heads to strike then melee them systematically until the Hydra falls) then defeat the Golden Crystal Golem, this will free Dusk of Oolacile, however, to purchase her sorceries, you need to summon her. Her summon sign can be found in front of a boulder, easiest way of making this appear is to use the in game quit game option then reload in, summon Dusk to purchase her sorceries
  • Big Hat Logan
    He can initially be found in Sen’s Fortress, at the top of the Fortress, you can use the mechanism to change the direction the balls are going to go, you need to send them down to where the Sleeping Man-Serpent enemy is, then proceed down this area (make the ball go somewhere else first), then free Logan with either the Cage Key (under the Crestfallen Merchant) or the Master Key (potential starting gift when you begin the game), free Big Hat Logan from his cell, exhaust his dialogue for him to be placed in Firelink Shrine, here you can purchase the majority of his sorceries, once you have obtained the Lordvessel, Logan will be jailed in the Duke’s Archives where you can free him using the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key (in the chest just before you go outside to the Crystal Caves), after doing so, he will then be found in the library (just before you go outside then down to the Crystal Caves) of the Duke’s Archives where he will sell you the Crystal variants of the sorceries. Please note ~ you will need to have a minimum of 15 Intelligence before Big Hat Logan will sell you any sorceries. Once you have purchased all of his sorceries, go off and deafeat the boss, Seath the Scaleless then return to the top of the Archive’s to the room where you initially fought Seath, were automatically defeated and placed in the cell, you will need to defeat Big Hat Logan to acquire his final sorcery. I will also list off the required stats you will need to use the sorcery, however, you can acquire all of these sorceries at 15 Intelligence or above
In addition to the 21 sorceries you can acquire from the 4 NPCs listed above, there are 2 sorceries that are only found throughout Lordran, they are listed here as World Loot sorceries

Below, I’ll list off all 23 sorceries and where you can acquire them in NPC order then all of the World Loot ones at the end

Griggs Of Vinheim

  • Soul Arrow, 1,000 souls
    10 Int
  • Heavy Soul Arrow, 2,000 souls
    12 Int
  • Great Soul Arrow, 6,000 souls
    14 Int
  • Great Heavy Soul Arrow, 8,000 souls
    16 Int
  • Fall Control, 1,500 souls
    15 Int
  • Magic Weapon, 3,000 souls
    10 Int
  • Aural Decoy, 1,000 souls
    10 Int
  • Magic Shield, 3,000 souls
    10 Int
  • Hush
    10 Int
    Dropped by Griggs of Vinheim. Ensure you have all of the above spells from Griggs, you can then attack and kill him, once he’s defeated you can loot the Hush sorcery

Ingward, the Guardian of the Seal

  • Resist Curse, 5,000 souls
    16 Int
    You can purchase this sorcery providing you have cleared out all of the enemies in the vicinity

Dusk of Oolacile

 Hidden Body, 2,000 souls
  • 14 Int
  • Cast Light, 1,000 souls
    14 Int
  • Repair, 10,000 souls
    14 Int
  • Chameleon, 3,000 souls
    14 Int
  • Hidden Weapon, 2,000 souls
    14 Int

Big Hat Logan

  • Homing Soulmass, 20,000 souls
    18 Int
  • Soul Spear, 40,000 souls
    36 Int
  • Crystal Soul Spear, 50,000 souls
    44 Int
    You will need to free Big Hat Logan from his cell in the Duke’s Archives before he will sell you the crystal variants of sorceries
  • Crystal Magic Weapon, 20,000 souls
    25 Int
    Same requirements as the Crystal Soul Spear
  • Homing Crystal Soulmass, 30,000 souls
    24 Int
    Same requirements as the Crystal Soul Spear
  • White Dragon Breath
    50 Int
    Dropped by Big-Hat Logan once you defeat him after killing Seath the Scaleless, as mentioned above, he will be in the room where you first fought Seath, were automatically defeated then placed in the cell

World Loot

  • Remedy, Chest, Blighttown
    16 Int
    From the bonfire in the lowest level (swamp), proceed out, take a left to find the water wheel, go up here, ascend the first ladder, then go around pass the second ladder, continue forward, cross the tree branch then stay left to find a chest containing the Remedy sorcery
  • Strong Magic Shield, chest, Duke’s Archives
    15 Int
    You can find this sorcery on the top level of the inner section of the Duke’s Archives where the Channelers’ enemies are, drop down onto the central staircase, it needs to be angled away from you so as to access the opposite walkway, if it isn’t then use the nearby lever to rotate the staircase, drop down onto it if you’re on the highest level, then proceed right, to find the chest containing the Strong Magic Shield sorcery

That’s all 23 sorceries, once you have acquired them all, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

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