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Knight's Honor

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Knight’s Honor
Acquire all rare weapons.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls Remastered Knights Honor Trophy Guide
This will more than likely be the last trophy / achievement that you’ll unlock as you need to complete the game fully twice (ng,ng+) then start (ng++) up until the boss Sif, collecting along the way – boss souls, cutting the tails off of certain bosses / enemies, joining certain covenants, killing certain enemies and looting chests / corpses throughout the entire game, taking you through the hardest areas in the game, navigating traps and dealing with some of the optional bosses multiple times on your way to your trophy
In total there are 50 rare weapons to collect
Please Note ~ to ensure you can unlock this trophy as efficiently as possible NEVER consume a boss soul, as once done the game will autosave and you’ll lose the soul (cloud saves help here but then you lose the souls gained anyway)
You will also need a lot of weapons to make the majority of the rare weapons, once you have the required items listed below, you need to take them to the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo.
There you will be able to craft the rare weapon
You won’t need to equip or upgrade any of these rare weapons, simply having them in your inventory will suffice, however, don’t ever sell / drop a rare weapon until your trophy / achievement has unlocked to avoid any potential issues
Here is a list of the boss souls and how many times you’ll need that particular soul, meaning you’ll need to defeat the boss and acquire its’ soul over multiple playthroughs (ng, ng+, ng++) etc.

The 50 Rare Weapons and their locations are as follows, broken down into categories, please read the full list before you start the game so as not to potentially miss any as in subsequent playthroughs they can become very hard to acquire. I’ll also include the stat requirements you will need to effectively wield all of the rare weapons


Here is a list of the boss souls and how many times you’ll need that particular soul, meaning you’ll need to defeat the boss and acquire its’ soul over multiple playthroughs (ng, ng+, ng++) etc

  • Moonlight Butterfly x2 souls
  • Chaos Witch Queelag x2 souls
  • Great Grey Wolf Sif x3 souls
  • Iron Golem x2 souls
  • Crossbreed Priscilla x1 soul
  • Dark Sun Gwyndolin x2 souls
  • Executioner Smough x1 soul (can only be acquired if you defeat Ornstein first)
  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein x1 soul (can only be acquired if you defeat Smough first)
  • Gwyn Lord of Cinder x1 soul
Now I’ll list all of the Boss Soul weapons and the stat requirements you will need to wield them effectively

Crystal Ring Shield

Soul of a Moonlight Butterfly, any +10 Shield
10 Str
You can fight the Moonlight Butterfly at the top of the Darkroot Garden, easy enough fight, bring some firebombs and take her out, once you have the Moonlight Butterfly soul, reinforce any shield to +10 and take it to Giant Blacksmith to forge the Crystal Ring Shield

Moonlight Butterfly Horn

Soul of a Moonlight Butterfly, any +10 Spear
12 Str, 14 Int
Exactly the same as the Crystal Ring Shield, except this time, you need any +10 Spear, once you have the soul and Spear, you can create the Moonlight Butterfly Horn

Chaos Blade

Soul of Queelag, any +10 Katana
16 Str, 14 Dex
Chaos Witch Queelag is a compulsory boss, defeat her to gain her soul, get any Katana to +10 then go off to the Giant in Anor Londo to create the Chaos Blade

Queelag’s Furysword

Soul of Queelag, any +10 Curved Sword
11 Str, 13 Dex
My personal favourite weapon in the game, as above, except this time you’ll need any of the Curved Swords in the game, a good location for these in Anor Londo, kill any of the Painting Guardians to acquire the Painting Guardian Sword, take a +10 version to the Giant to acquire Queelag’s Furysword

Greatshield of Artorias

Soul of Sif, any +10 Shield
34 Str
Sif is an optional boss in the game, and is found at the very back of the Darkroot Garden, and to obtain all 3 rare weapons he holds the soul for, you will need to complete the game twice and then get back to Sif for the final soul which will hopefully lead to your last trophy / achievement in the game if you follow the rest of the guide properly. Take the Soul of Sif and any +10 Shield off to the Blacksmith to acquire the Greatshield of Artorias

Greatsword of Artorias

Soul of Sif, any +10 Straightsword Hilt / Broken Straight
24 Str, 18 Dex, 20 Int, 20 Faith
See Greatshield of Artorias for information on how to obtain the Soul of Sif. Once acquired, take the Soul of Sif and any +10 Straightsword hilt or Broken Straight Sword to the Giant in Anor Londo to acquire the Greatsword of Artorias

Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed)

Soul of Sif, any +10 Straightsword or Greatsword
24 Str, 18 Dex, 18 Int, 18 Faith
See Greatshield of Artorias for information on how to obtain the Soul of Sif. Once acquired, take the Soul of Sif and any +10 Straightsword or Greatsword to the Giant in Anor Londo to acquire the Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed)

Dragon Bone Fist

Core of an Iron Golem, any +10 Fist weapon
20 Str
The Caestus is probably the easiest fist weapon to acquire in Dark Souls and can be purchased from Andre the Blacksmith for 200 souls, take a +10 version of this to the Giant Blacksmith to acquire the Dragon Bone Fist

Golem Axe

Core of an Iron Golem, any +10 Axe
36 Str, 8 Dex
Take any
+10 axe and the Soul of an Iron Golem to the Giant in Anor Londo to acquire the Golem Axe

Lifehunt Scythe

Soul of Priscilla, any +10 Halberd
16 Str, 14 Dex
You can fight Crossbreed Priscilla in the Painted World of Ariamis. Try and cut her tail off in the fight to acquire another material required for another rare weapon (see Tail Weapons for more information).
Take her soul and any
+10 Halberd to the Giant Blacksmith to acquire the Lifehunt Scythe

Tin Darkmoon Catalyst

Soul of Gwyndolin, any Catalyst
4 Str, 16 Faith
You can fight Dark Sun Gwyndolin in Anor Londo by moving the central tower down to its lowest level. Once he’s defeated, you will acquire the Soul of Gwyndolin, take this along with any Catalyst (an item used to cast sorceries) to the Giant in Anor Londo to acquire the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst

Darkmoon Bow

Soul of Gwyndolin, any +10 Bow
7 Str, 16 Dex, 16 Faith
As with the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst, take any +10 Bow to the Giant in Anor Londo to acquire the Darkmoon Bow

Smough’s Hammer

Soul of Smough, any +10 Hammer or Great Hammer
58 Str
In order to acquire the Soul of Smough, you need to kill Dragon Slayer Ornstein in the first half of the boss fight. This will then allow you to kill Executioner Smough acquiring his soul. Take the Great Club (found in the Blighttown swamp) as well as the Soul of Smough to the Giant to acquire Smough’s Hammer.
Please Note ~ I strongly recommend you go for this one in your first playthrough as Smough on ng+ hits incredibly hard making the fight a lot more challenging

Dragonslayer Spear

Soul of Ornstein, any +10 Spear
24 Str, 24 Dex
As above, except this time you will need to take out Executioner Smough first in order to be able to kill Dragon Slayer Ornstein and acquire his soul, take the Soul of Ornstein and any +10 Spear to the Giant to acquire the Dragonslayer Spear

Great Lord Darksword

Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, any +10 Straightsword or Greatsword
20 Str, 10 Dex
Lord Gwyn is the final boss in the game, once defeated, you will need to make your way through the game on ng+ back to the Giant Blacksmith, be especially careful not to use / drop this soul as you’ll only have one more chance to acquire it (ng+) to make the Knight’s Honor trophy simpler to acquire


For these specific rare weapons, you will need to cut the tails off of certain enemies / bosses / NPCs’, you will need a very sharp weapon such as the Halberd Dagger, a decent bow with plenty of arrows and a good amount of luck in being able to acquire the required tails

Drake Sword

Hellkite Dragon, Undead Burg
16 Str, 10 Dex
The Hellkite Dragon is the large Red Dragon you will encounter after you have defeated the Taurus Demon.
Make your way through to the
ladder shortcut to make getting back here a lot easier, equip your bow and arrows, you will need to get underneath the bridge where the Hellkite Dragon is and shoot at its’ tail until you “cut ” it off, once you have severed the tail the Drake Sword will be placed in your inventory automatically (you’ll see this on-screen)

Gargoyle Tail Axe

Bell Gargoyle Boss, Undead Burg
14 Str, 14 Dex
You will face the Bell Gargoyles as part of the main story, ensure you only attack their tails in this fight which can be a tall order, they have a chance when killed to drop the Gargoyle Tail Axe, this is not the weapon you’re after, you actually need to sever their tail so you can actually see the difference on their bodies, only that version of the Gargoyle Tail Axe will count, it will be worth as with a few of these tail cut weapons, to die if you have nearly won the fight then try and get the tail weapon again, otherwise you will need to try again on on ng+, ng++, ng+++ and so on until you’re successful, once you have severed the tail and received the Gargoyle Tail Axe

Dragon King Greataxe

Gaping Dragon, The Depths
30 Str, 8 Dex
You’ll need to go through The Depths as part of the main story, however, the Gaping Dragon is a completely optional fight and one that might take a good few attempts to sever its tail, the problem here is the Gaping Dragon is very large and moves around a lot so even getting a look at the tail is difficult enough without even trying to hit the thing.
Keep trying and as always, if you haven’t acquired the
rare weapon, simply allow the Gaping Dragon to kill you then go back and have another try for the tail, once successful, you’ll receive the Dragon King Greataxe

Dragon Greatsword

Stone Dragon, Ash Lake
50 Str, 10 Dex
Ash Lake is a completely optional area found deep underneath Blighttown, you’ll need to be seriously levelled in order to make it all the way through to the Stone Dragon, who, fortunately is an NPC. From the Blighttown bonfire in the tunnel just off from the swamp, take a left go forward until you get to a large sloped tree trunk, attack the dead end walls (there are 2) until you get to The Great Hollow, proceed down through the Hollow, taking care not to fall down all the way to the bottom, then proceed through to Ash Lake, make your way all the way through this area, taking care not to be hit by the Hydra’s down here, at the end you’ll find the Stone Dragon, hit its tail with any melee attack to acquire the Dragon Greatsword

Priscilla’s Dagger

Crossbreed Priscilla, Painted World of Ariamas
6 Str, 20 Dex
You will find the Painted World of Ariamas, in Anor Londo, at the back of the large room with the Painted Guardians will be a large Painting, interact with this Painting to land in Ariamas, the boss here is Crossbreed Priscilla, keep attacking her tail with a charged attack (hold PS R2 / Xbox RT) to eventually sever her tail, acquiring Priscilla’s Dagger

Moonlight Greatsword

Seath The Scaleless, Crystal Cave
16 Str, 10 Dex, 28 Int
This is by far the hardest of the tail weapons to acquire in the game, Seath is a very tough boss at the best of times, the problem is it utilises a lot of tail attacks, so trying to cut the tail off you’re going to be taking a lot of damage in the process, that combined with the fact you need to be very accurate in hitting the tail all adds to up to a bad time here.
Bring a long reach weapon with like a
Halberd and charge the attack (hold PS R2 / Xbox RTthe second Seath finishes a moveset / combo, then hit the tail, rinse and repeat until you have acquire the tail, if you’re about to defeat Seath and still haven’t severed the tail, allow it to kill you and try again.
Once you have successfully severed
Seath the Scaleless’ tail you will acquire the Moonlight Greatsword


As you go through the game, you will face some very powerful enemies, some of which you’ll need to defeat multiple times in order for them to drop their rare weapons, several of these rare weapons are also only acquired by taking out certain NPCs you’ll come across, however, fail to kill them the first time and you’ll need to do another playthrough in order to face them again, so ensure you are strong enough before taking them on the first time as they get a lot stronger on subsequent playthroughs. Ensure you equip the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring or the Symbol of Avarice to increase the drop rate of these rare weapons
The rare weapon locations are as follows

Stone Greatshield

Stone Knights, Darkroot Garden
38 Str
Just before you ascend the stairs to fight the Moonlight Butterfly boss will be an area with 3 Stone Knights, these Knights are asleep until you get close to them and can prevent you dodging, bring a very powerful, upgraded blunt weapon
The Knights have a very low chance of dropping the Stone Greatshield, there is a bonfire behind a wall, just before you get to this area, next to the door you will need to open in order to get to the Sif boss fight, this might take you a good number of hours or you might get lucky with the drop. It personally took me around 3 hours of straight farming to acquire the Stone Greatshield

Stone Greatsword

Stone Knights, Darkroot Garden
40 Str, 10 Dex
As above, except this time, you’re after the Stone Greatsword, the Stone Knights have a very low chance of dropping either the Shield or the Greatsword so keep farming until you have both, alternatively, you can purchase the Stone Greatsword from Shiva of the East in Blighttown after joining the Forest Hunters covenant

Crescent Axe

Patches the Hyena, The Catacombs
18 Str, 12 Dex, 16 Faith
There are various ways to obtain the Crescent Axe, firstly, you can kill Patches once you find him next to the second spiked bridge to obtain the weapon, however, you can also deny being a Cleric once he talks to you, then survive being pushed down the hole in the Tomb of the Giants, defeat Gravelord Nito after obtaining the Lordvessel which will then see Patches relocated to Firelink Shrine, where you can purchase the Crescent Axe for 10,000 souls, whichever way you choose to acquire this weapon, once it’s in your inventory you won’t need to worry about acquiring it again

Giant’s Shield

Sentinels, Anor Londo
36 Str
Once you get to Anor Londo, you will encounter a Sentinel as soon as you go down the first set of stairs, in total in this area, there are 6 Sentinels, 3 in the first area, and 3 at the opposite end (left  or right out from the bonfire), any of these enemies have a very low chance of dropping the Giant’s Shield. Keep killing them until you acquire the Giant’s Shield

Giant’s Halberd

Sentinels, Anor Londo
36 Str, 12 Dex
The same as the Giant’s Shield, except this time, you are looking for the Giant’s Halberd, which again, has a very low chance of dropping from the Sentinels

Silver Knight Shield

Silver Knight, Anor Londo
14 Str
Once you’re inside Anor Londo, any of the Silver Knights have a chance of dropping the Silver Knight Shield

Silver Knight Spear

Silver Knight, Anor Londo
16 Str, 22 Dex
You will encounter several spear-wielding Silver Knights throughout Anor Londo, as long as the Silver Knight has a spear as a main weapon, you have a chance once its been defeated to drop the Silver Knight Spear

Silver Knight Straight Sword

Silver Knight, Anor Londo
16 Str, 22 Dex
The sword-wielding Silver Knights are the most common of the Silver Knights, any of these Knights have a chance of dropping the Silver Knight Straight Sword

Crest Shield

Oscar, Knight of Artorias, Undead Asylum (2nd visit)
10 Str
You can fight Oscar, Knight of Artorias by returning to the Undead Asylum area (curl up into a ball in Snuggly the Crows’ Nest at the top of Firelink Shrine), defeat Oscar to receive the Crest Shield

Demon’s Catalyst

Demon Firesage, Demon Ruins
12 Str, 10 Dex, 10 Int
The Demon Firesage is an optional boss and can be found down the stairs from the second bonfire in the Demon Ruins.
Simple enough fight, watch out for the AOE attacks, bring some fire resistant armour, when you’ve defeated the
Demon Firesage, you will acquire the Demon’s Catalyst

Izalith Catalyst

Izalith Catalyst, Daughter of Chaos, Lost Izalith
6 Str, 14 Int
You will find a very powerful NPC Pyromancer just outside the fog gate leading to the Bed Of Chaos boss fight, defeat the Pyromancer to acquire the Izalith Catalyst

Channeler’s Trident

Channeler, Duke’s Archives
16, Str, 16 Dex, 24 Int
There will be plenty of Channelers in the Duke’s Archives, there are a few Channelers before you get to the Archives (Undead Parish, The Depths), however, they don’t respawn once defeated leaving the Archives as your only option to farm for the Channeler’s Trident, keep defeating the Channelers until you have acquired the Channeler’s Trident


Paladin Leeroy, Tomb of the Giants
50 Str, 30 Faith
Ensure you have placed the Lordvessel and are human, at which point, Paladin Leeroy will invade you when you can see Ash Lake off in the distance in the Tomb of the Giants, just before you go along the final area towards Gravelord Nito. He is a very tough fight, but can be parried, use this to your advantage
Please Note ~ If Paladin Leeroy falls or gets knocked off the cliff, you will be unable to acquire either the Grant or the Sanctus (below) until your next playthrough.
So on that basis, don’t use charged attacks against him, stick with standard attacks with no knock-back to ensure you will collect the loot once he’s been defeated


Paladin Leeroy, Tomb of the Giants
10 Str, 18 Faith
As with the Grant above, once Paladin Leeroy has been defeated you will acquire both the Grant and the Sanctus

Black Knight Shield

Black Knights, Kiln of the First Flame
16 Str
In the final area of the game, The Kiln of the First Flame, you will need to get through several Black Knights, any of these Knights have a chance of dropping the Black Knight Shield

Black Knight Sword

Black Knights, Kiln of the First Flame
20 Str, 18 Dex
The same as with the Black Knight Shield, except you will acquire the Black Knight Sword from sword wielding Black Knights

Black Knight Greataxe

Black Knight, Kiln of the First Flame
36 Str, 18 Dex
There is one Greataxe-wielding Black Knight, in this area, fortunately the Black Knight Greataxe appears to have a higher drop-rate than the other weapons, making it easier to acquire, keep running the Kiln until the Black Knight drops the Black Knight Greataxe

Black Knight Greatsword

Black Knight, Kiln of the First Flame
32 Str, 18 Dex
You can find two Greatsword-wielding Black Knights, take them out until they drop the Black Knight Greatsword

Black Knight Halberd

Black Knight, Kiln of the First Flame
32 Str, 18 Dex
There is one Halberd-wielding Black Knight, this is the rarest of the Black Knight weapons as it has the lowest drop rate, personally I spent nearly 5 hours of straight farming with the Gold Covetous Serpent Ring equipped to finally get the Black Knight Halberd to drop


You will come across these rare weapons as you make your way through the game, they are all collected either on corpses or in chests throughout the world, take care though as some are guarded by very powerful enemies

Astora’s Straight Sword

Corpse, Valley of Drakes
10 Str, 10 Dex, 14 Faith
In front of the Undead Dragon in the Valley of Drakes on a corpse

Dragon Crest Shield

Corspe, Valley of Drakes
10 Str
In the same location as Astora’s Straight Sword above on a different corpse will be the Dragon Crest Shield

Black Iron Greatshield

Corpse, Anor Londo
36 Str
From where you first fight the Painted Guardians in Anor Londo, make your way down from the rafters to the floor, at the back of this room is a large painting, which will take you to the Painted World of Ariamis, next to the painting on a corpse will be the Black Iron Greatshield

Dragon Tooth

Chest, Anor Londo
40 Str
From the bonfire inside Anor Londo with the Silver Knights around, go through the door to find a fireplace, hit this fireplace to remove the illusionary wall, go through to this new area, in the top corner, there will be 4 chests, they’re not mimics, however, as always in Dark Souls, always give them a tap to make sure they’re safe, the chest on the left of the 4 will contain the Dragon Tooth

Havel’s Greatshield

Chest, Anor Londo
50 Str
In the same location as the Dragon Tooth above, ensure you open all 4 chests to acquire Havel’s Greatshield (always check for mimics before opening a chest)

Dragonslayer Greatbow

Corpse, Anor Londo
20 Str, 20 Dex
Once you have made your way through Anor Londo and are in sight of the Ornstein and Smough boss fog gate, go to the highest part of this area on the top balcony, jump through the window at the front of Anor Londo to land a small ledge, on a corpse on this ledge will be the Dragonslayer Greatbow


Corpse, Painted World of Ariamis
10 Str
Proceed to the far side of the Ariamis to find a long bridge at the end of which is a very powerful Undead Dragon, roughly halfway across this bridge is a corpse with the Bloodshield

Velka’s Rapier

Corpse, Painted World of Ariamis
8 Str, 16 Dex, 16 Int
From the centre of the area where you can fight the Phalanx, head over to the right of the area, use the Annex Key (underground sewers of the Ariamis) to open the door here, go up the stairs then hit the wooden planks on the right, at the end of this walkway will be Velka’s Rapier on a corpse

Effigy Shield

Corspe, Tomb of the Giants
10 Str, 16 Faith
Upon entering the Tomb of the Giants, proceed through until you get to the area with the large Skeleton Beasts, go across the small walkway on the right, then down the slope to the left and double back on yourself, walk along the walkway, smash the rocks at the end to find a corpse with the Effigy Shield


You will need to join 2 separate covenants as you make your way through the game, by joining them you will then acquire their rare weapons automatically, the 2 Covenants are as follows

Gravelord Sword

Gravelord Servant Covenant, The Catacombs
24 Str, 13 Dex
In order to join the covenant, you will need an Eye of Death (3 of which can be found behind the Titanite Demon) and to get through the Catacombs until you are in the long corridor with the stone coffins lining the walls, here will be a Titanite Demon (behind of which are your Eye Of Death x3) in this room, you will see one stone coffin protruding out from the rest, interact with this coffin and select the option “Nestle Into It.
After the cutscene, you will need to go the
large coffin and pledge your allegiance to Gravelord Nito. Please Note ~ this is only possible providing you haven’t already defeated Gravelord Nito, if you have then you can retry on subsequent playthroughs, once you have successfully joined the Gravelord Servant covenant, you will acquire the Gravelord Sword

Dark Hand

Darkwraith Covenant, The Abyss
This is definitely one of the longest of the rare weapons to acquire…usually. Allow me to explain, As you make your way through the New Londo Ruins, lower the water to reveal the Darkwraith enemies, these have an incredibly low chance of dropping the Dark Hand, this can take many hours of farming to acquire a Dark Hand
Alternatively, you can join the Darkwraith Covenant, to do so you need to not speak Frampt at Firelink Shrine or place the Lordvessel
You need to go through the New Londo Ruins, defeat The Four Kings (after defeating Sif), once they’re defeated, you will be able to run to the back of the Abyss to find Kaathe.
You need to answer “
Yes” the first time he asks you, otherwise, you will not be able to join the Darkhand Covenant, once you have joined the Darkhand Covenant, you will then acquire the Dark Hand

That’s all 50 rare weapons throughout Dark Souls, once you have collected all of them, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls Remastered Knight’s Honor Trophy / Achievement
If it does help you there’s a couple of quick, free things you can do for us if you’ve got a minute
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