Dark Souls Remastered Bond Of A Pyromancer Trophy Guide

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Bond of a Pyromancer

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Bond of a Pyromancer
Acquire all pyromancies.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls Remastered Bond Of A Pyromancer Trophy Guide
Pyromancies are incredibly powerful spells that can ruin an enemies health bar. In order to be able to use a pyromancy, you will need to have a Pyromancy Flame equipped in either hand, then at a bonfire, you can then attune any available pyromancy you have enabling you to use it as many times as is allowed
You can acquire a Pyromancy Flame either as a starting gift by selecting the Pyromancy Class at the start of the game from Laurentius Of The Great Swamp after rescuing him in The Depths or from Eingyi after gaining his trust
In total, there are 19 Pyromancies to collect throughout Lordran.
13 of which can be collected from 3 NPCs that have various requirements you will need to meet before they will sell you their respective pyromancies
4 pyromancies are found at specific locations and 2 additional pyromancies are acquired through completing certain covenant tasks
The 3 NPCs you need to find are

Laurentius Of The Great Swamp

Laurentius can be found in The Depths, from the start of the area, make your way down pass the Hollow enemies, go through the water then stay left to find a room with a lot of barrels in there. Roll through these barrels (don’t use physical attacks) to free Laurentius, he can then be found in Firelink Shrine, he will give you the Pyromancy Flame allowing you to cast pyromancies, ensure you purchase his pyromancies before going to Blighttown as speaking to the Daughter of Chaos, or holding a Chaos Pyromancy will send Laurentius hollow, meaning he will no longer sell you the pyromancies required

Quelaana Of Izalith

Quelaana is the most powerful pyromancer you can come across in the game, as such, she only sells pyromancies to those with a +10 or higher Pyromancy Flame, you can upgrade the Pyromancy Flame by selecting the option from Laurentius after freeing him, it will cost you souls to upgrade and to get to +10 you will require a total of 53,500 souls.
You can find 
Queelana behind the large pillar just up and across the swamp behind the large pillar, talk to her and agree to her request to defeat the Bed of Chaos boss (Lost Izalith compulsory boss), ensure you have purchased all of Lurentius of the Great Swamps‘ pyromancies before talking with Queelana

Eingyi Of The Great Swamp

You can only purchase pyromancies from Eingyi providing you have been infected with an egg-head, this is possible in the Demon’s Ruins, attack an Egg-Carrier, allow them to infect you with a Parasite Egg, keep scratching your head (automatic) until your head burst into an egg, as soon as this happens, head to the Chaos Witch Queelags’ boss arena (Blighttown boss), then head down, go to the wall with the eggs (dead end).
Attack this wall to reveal Eingyi, speaking to him whilst you have an “egg-head” will then allow him to sell you the pyromancies he carries, he will also sell you Egg Vermifuge, allowing you to cure your “egg-head” state

In addition to the NPCs, you can also find pyromancies throughout the world of Lordran as you make your way through the game as well as needing to collect 2 pyromancies from covenants 
Below, I will list off all 19 pyromancies in NPC order then the world drops and finally the covenants. You can use Pyromancies with any stats, they have no base requirement, except needing you to have the Pyromancy Flame equipped

Laurentius of the Great Swamp


500 Souls


800 Souls

Iron Flesh

2,000 Souls

Flash Sweat

2,000 Souls

Fire Orb

8,000 Souls

Queelana of Izalith

Great Combustion

5,000 Souls

Fire Whip

10,000 Souls

Undead Rapport

10,000 Souls

Great Fireball

20,000 Souls


30,000 Souls

Fire Tempest

Queelana will gift you this pyromancy after you have defeated the Bed of Chaos boss in Lost Izalith, alternatively, ensure you have collected every other pyromancy from Queelana then defeat her before defeating the Bed of Chaos, at which point, she will then drop the Fire Tempest pyromancy

Eingyi of the Great Swamp

Poison Mist

10,000 Souls

Toxic Mist

25,000 Souls

World Loot

Power Within

Blighttown, Corpse
On the wooden platforms above the swamp in Blighttown, will be a wall hugger enemy, go as far right as you can before descending down to the swamp, you need to defeat this thing (use pyromancies / firebombs / ranged / sorceries, anything but melee to have a much easier time of it), once you’ve defeated it, just pass where it was will be the Power Within pyromancy on the very edge of a wooden ledge

Acid Surge

Painted World Of Ariamis, Corpse
Continue through Ariamis until you get to the Phalanx enemy, from here, open the double doors to be able to access the bonfire, from the Phalanx, head over to the left to find a graveyard in the snow, continue as far left as you can go, behind a wall on a corpse will be the Acid Surge pyromancy 

Fire Surge

Painted World Of Ariamis, Engorged Zombie
You need to be in the same location as  the Acid Surge pyromancy (above), except this time, from the Phalanx, head over to the right of the arena to find a well, descend the ladder, from here, proceed through the tunnels to find a set of stairs (from the ladder go forward, left, left, left, right, staircase) up here will be an Engorged Zombie, defeat this enemy to be able to loot the Fire Surge pyromancy 

Chaos Fire Whip

Lost Izalith, Chest
Proceed through Lost Izalith until you get to the Bed of Chaos boss fight fog gate, from here, continue around to the right at the end of the path will be a chest, inside this chest will be the Chaos Fire Whip pyromancy

Covenant Pyromancies

Great Chaos Fireball

Daughter of Chaos Covenant
You can join the Daughter of Chaos covenant by first getting to Blighttown, defeating Chaos Witch Queelag, then descending through the next area and hitting the illusionary wall at the end of the path. You will need to answer “Yes” to Eingyi, before you can join the covenant, if you have been following this guide, you will already have befriended Eingyi by becoming an “egg-head”, you can speak to the Daughter of Chaos, ask to join the covenant which, when accpeted will reward you with the Great Chaos Fireball pyromancy

Chaos Storm

Daughter of Chaos Covenant
Once you have acquired the Great Chaos Fireball pyromancy, you will then need to acquire 30 Humanity (easily acquired by defeating the Rats in The Depths), once you have acquired 30 Humanity, head back to the Daughter of Chaos, offer the Humanity to her one at a time, once all 30 have been handed over, she will gift you the Chaos Storm pyromancy

That is all 19 pyromancies, once you have collected them all, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls Remastered Bond Of A Pyromancer Trophy / Achievement
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