Dark Souls III Ultimate Estus Trophy Guide

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Ultimate Estus

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Ultimate Estus
Reinforce the Estus Flask to the highest level.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls III Ultimate Estus Trophy Guide
In order to reinforce an 
Estus Flask, you will need to acquire Estus Shards which can be found throughout the Lordran
There are a total of 11 estus shards to be found giving you a 15 uses of Estus for each bonfire you rest at.
These will work with either the 
Estus Flask or the Ashen Estus Flask restoring either your HP or FP for a given amount
Once you have collected an Estus Shard, take it to Andre the Blacksmith and select the option, Reinforce Estus Flask
Here is where you can find all
11 Estus Shards in the order you can find them

Estus Shard 1

Cemetery of Ash, Firelink Shrine bonfire
From the main bonfire, head up the stairs to the left and go outside, here there is a tree you can run up then jump across to the adjacent roof. Head down the rooftop and in through the doorway on your right
In here, go to the middle of the rafters, head left to find the Estus Shard
Please Note ~ If you are unable to make the jump from the tree, come back to Firelink Shrine and purchase the Tower Key from the Shrine Maiden for 20,000 souls, allowing you to ascend the Tower where you can drop off of the bridge on to the rooftop then follow the steps above

Estus Shard 2

High Wall of Lothric, Tower on the Wall bonfire
Head down 2 levels then make your way outside and across the rooftops, go down the ladder and into the building with the Lothric Knight, proceed forward and down to the area with the large Hollows and the 2 Hounds
On the anvil to the right of the room is the Estus Shard

Estus Shard 3

Undead Settlement, Undead Settlement bonfire
Make your way through the building to come to an area with a lot of enemies including an Evangelist all around a large bonfire
Either deal with the enemies or sprint pass them and grab the Estus Shard just in front of the fire

Estus Shard 4

Road of Sacrifices, Crucifixion Woods bonfire
Stay to the edge of the shore going down through the passageway next to the building that takes you to the Crystal Sage.
Careful down here as there are 2 Lycanthropes waiting for you so deal with them then head left, in the top right corner is the Estus Shard

Estus Shard 5

Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep bonfire
Make your way out through the swamp from the bonfire, towards the archway opposite you. Against a wall near some Rotten Slugs is the Estus Shard

Estus Shard 6

Cathedral of the Deep, Cleansing Chapel bonfire
Directly outside where the bonfire is, head up the small hill and kill the 4 Hollows praying to an altar. In front of this altar is the Estus Shard

Estus Shard 7

Catacombs of Carthus, Old King’s Antechamber bonfire
In the top left corner of the bonfire room is an illusionary wall, go through it then take your first left
At the end of the corridor on your left is the Estus Shard

Estus Shard 8

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Anor Londo bonfire
Go up and around through Anor Londo until you are on the ground floor. Over to your left around halfway up as you are facing the boss’ fog gate is a chest (not a mimic) containing the Estus Shard

Estus Shard 9

Irithyll Dungeon, Irithyll Dungeon bonfire
Head down through the Dungeon until you come to the lowest level with the army of Jailers. Get pass them then follow the walkway around and as you get back into a building, there will be a mimic chest on your right. Take it out to receive your Estus Shard

Estus Shard 10

Lothric Castle, Lothric Castle bonfire
Make your way directly forward from the bonfire, dropping down, your aim is to get to the elevator that takes you down to the Consumed King’s Garden area
Halfway down this elevator you can roll off onto a ledge, when outside take a right down the stairs to find the Estus Shard

Estus Shard 11

Lothric Castle, Grand Archives bonfire
Head to the very top of the Archives then take a left to go up and around to the rooftop near where there are 3 Winged Cathedral Knights.
Stay on the lower section making your way right, go up the last set of stairs then through the first acrhway on your right. The Estus Shard will be at the end of this rooftop

That’s all 11 Estus Shards, ensure you turn them all in to Andre the blacksmith to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls III UItimate Estus Trophy / Achievement
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