Dark Souls III The Usurpation Of Fire Trophy Guide

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The Usurpation Of Fire
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The Usurpation of Fire
Reach “The Usurpation of Fire” ending.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls III The Usurpation Of Fire Trophy Guide
Usurpation Of Fire is the longest / hardest of the endings required in Dark Souls III
You will have a lot of steps to do to unlock this ending and I recommend dedicating an entire playthrough to it just to save any hassle that may occur with the other trophies / achievements along the way
I have broken this guide down into 12 steps to make things more manageable

Step 1

Firstly you will need to find and recruit Yoel of Londor, to do so, head down the stairs from the Undead Settlement, Foot of the High Wall bonfire taking a left. When near the end of the area, stay to the right where you will find Yoel, speak with him, accepting his service where he will go to Firelink Shrine down the path from to the left from Andre the Blacksmith.
Select Draw Out True Strength 5 times by dying over and over (jump off the cliff outside Firelink to speed this up)
After you have drawn out your strength 5 times, warp to any bonfire not in the Cemetery Of Ash then back to Firelink where you will find Yoel dead and a new NPC, Yuria of Londor nearby. Speak with her, exhausting her dialogue

Step 2

Once that’s all done, head through the game to the Road of Sacrifices, Halfway Fortress bonfire and speak with Anri of Astora, exhausting their dialogue.
Proceed through to the Cathedral of the Deep and take out the Deacons of the Deep then head back to Firelink Shrine and exhaust Anri’s dialogue again

Step 3

You now need to through the Catacombs of Carthus from the Road of Sacrifices, Abyss Watchers bonfire. Head across the first bridge and down into the crypt.
Go through the left doorway before going down the long staircase with the Skeleton Ball, follow this path down where you will find Anri again, speak with her, exhausting her dialogue

Step 4

From here, carry on through the Catacombs to find a wooden bridge just before the High Lord Wolnir Boss fight.
Cross the bridge then hit it to create a ladder leading down to Smouldering Lake. Head down into the Lake and stick to the right wall going around the tree trunk, staying against the wall, when you get to a passageway, follow it where you will find Horace, defeat him

Step 5

Next up, head back to the rickety wooden bridge taking the path that leads above the bridge and speak with Anri stating you don’t know where Horace is located

Step 6

Head back to Firelink Shrine and speak with Yuria where she will suggest a potential marriage, exhaust Yurias’ dialogue here then head back to the Catacombs

Step 7

Make your way back to Anri, speak with her again, admitting to killing Horace, this will now save Anri from going Hollow allowing her questline to continue

Step 8

After this, procced through to the Irithyll of the Boreal ValleyChurch of Yorshka bonfire, in the corner, will be an assassin, using the Chameleon spell, DO NOT interact with this assassin, go straight to Anri and speak with her

Step 9

Defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn then before proceeding through to Anor Londo, return to Firelink Shrine, speak with Yuria exhausting her dialogue

Step 10

From here, head back to the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire making your way up through pass the Silver Knights (bring a 100 physical resistance shield) to the base of the spiral staircase that will ordinarily take you up to Anor Londo.
Opposite this staircase will be the Pilgrim of Londor, go through to the Darkmoon Chamber, attending your wedding ceremony (watch the cutscene)

Step 11

Speak with Yuria back at Firelink Shrine, exhausting her dialogue

Step 12

Proceed through the rest of the game until you defeat the Soul of Cinder (final boss) then interact with the bonfire to initiate the Usurpation of Fire ending, unlocking your Trophy / Achievement in the process

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls III The Usurpation Of Fire Trophy / Achievement
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