Dark Souls III Master Of Sorceries Trophy Guide

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Master Of Sorceries

30g tester 2

Master of Sorceries
Acquire all sorceries.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls III Master Of Sorceries Trophy Guide
There are a total of 34 sorceries you will need to acquire as you make your way through Lordran, all of which can be acquired in one playthrough thankfully. The majority of the sorceries can be purchased from Orbeck of Vinheim, 2 more can only be acquired from Karla.
You will also need to have defeated the Curse-Rotted Greatwood in the Undead Settlement to be able to trade boss souls with Ludleth in Firelink Shrine
You will need to meet and advance Anri of Astora’s questline through to the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Church of Yorshka bonfire following some very specific steps (detailed below)
Several sorceries can be found throughout the world and finally one is available from the Aldrich Faithful Covenant
Here is how you can get Orbeck and Karla to sell you their respective sorceries

Orbeck of Vinheim

Please Note ~ You will need a minimum of 10 Intelligence before Orbeck will work with you
Orbeck can be found from the Road of Sacrifices, Crucifixion Woods bonfire, head through towards the Crystal Sage boss fight, taking a left as soon as you cross the small bridge.
Make your way around then up the stairs to find Orbeck. Speak with him then select Make A Promise to have Orbeck travel to Firelink Shrine who can be found down to the right of Andre the Blacksmith


Another NPC that you will need to find in order for her to sell you her sorceries can be found in the lowest level of Irithyll Dungeon where the Jailers are congregating near the cells. Karla is found by going to the last cell on the right then head back on yourself down the passageway pass the Jailer to find her cell
To open it, you will need to go across the Toxic swamp in the Profaned Capital, make your way around the rooftop and up the stairs, then head round to the left where at the end of the corridor you will find the Jailer’s Key Ring on a corpse.
Go back to Karla’s cell, open it then speak with her agreeing to Offer Help and then select the dialogue option, Save her Nonetheless where she will then travel to Firelink Shrine, to find Karla, head down the stairs to the left of Andre the Blacksmith, she is in an alcove underneath these stairs. Speak with her and ask to learn Dark Sorceries, allowing you to purchase her sorceries

Anri of Astora

Please Note ~ ensure you follow the steps on any playthrough where you are NOT going for the, The Usurpation Of Fire ending
Anri’s questline, if completed up to a certain point, will net you the Chameleon sorcery but only if you follow a strict set of steps, which are
From the Undead Settlement, Foot of the High Wall bonfire, head down the stairs, take a eft then near the end over to the right will be Yoel of Londor, speak with him and Accept His Service where he will travel to Firelink Shrine. Next you will need to Draw Out True Strength with Yoel which is done by dying 5 times, allowing him to give you 5 free levels.
Once you have done so you then need to fast travel away to any area that isn’t in the Cemetery of Ash, such as the Undead Settlement, Foot of the High Wall bonfire then go back to Firelink Shrine where you will find Yoel dead and a new NPC, Yuria of Londor will be nearby. Speak with her to begin her questline
You then need to speak with Anri and Horace at the Road of Sacrifices, Halfway Fortress bonfire (they’re standing to the left of the bonfire) then after defeating the Crystal Sage in the Road of Sacrifices, head to Firelink Shrine and speak with them before defeating the Abyss Watchers
Make your way to the Catacombs of Carthus through to the rickety bridge you need to cross to fight High Lord Wolnir.
Once across this bridge, hit it where it will fall creating a ladder, take it down and head out into Smouldering Lake. Stick to the right wall and go down the passageway to find Horace, either kill him or leave him, it’s your choice
After you have discovered Horace, go back to the rickety bridge and take the pathway up leading above the bridge, speak with Anri ensuring you DO NOT tell her where Horace is then continue through the game to the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
When there, head to the Church of Yorshka bonfire and attack and kill the “statue” which is actually the Pilgrim of Londor in the left corner from when you enter the Church, you can then collect the Chameleon sorcery from the corpse

Additional Sorceries

Finally, except for the World Loot sorceries, you will also need to join the Aldrich Faithful covenant (click the link to go to the Dark Souls III Trophy Guide then search for the Covenant: Aldrich Faithful Bronze Image PS 15g tester 2 guide), you will then need to, after joining the covenant, ascend it to Rank 1 which requires you to offer 10 Human Dregs that can be acquired from the Devout of the Deep enemies which are found at the top of the ladder from the covenant out to the right. Increase your item discovery to make this quicker.
Once you have 10 Human Dregs, take them back to Archdeacon Mcdonnel, increasing the Aldrich Faithful covenant to Rank 1 where you will then receive the Great Deep Soul

In addition to needing to meet the requirements above, you will also need to collect 4 Scrolls throughout Lordran which will need to be given to Orbeck of Vinheim who will then allow you to buy additional sorceries

Here are the locations of all 4 Scrolls and the sorceries each Scroll unlocks

Sage’s Scroll

Unlocks Farron Hail, Great Farron Dart and Pestilent Mist
Road of Sacrifices, Keep Ruins bonfire
Make your way down the ramp then go left hugging the wall around to find a small island with 3 Ghru enemies and some dead Mushrooms from Dark Souls. The Sage’s Scroll is on this island

Golden Scroll

Unlocks Cast Light, Hidden Body, Hidden Weapon, Repair and Twisted Wall of Light
Road of Sacrifices, Keep Ruins bonfire
Head down the ramp going right, hug the wall as you make your way round taking care around the Basilisks, keep sticking to the left wall to find a cave, inside of which is the Golden Scroll

Logan’s Scroll

Unlocks Homing Soulmass and Soul Spear
Irithyll Dungeon, Profaned Capital bonfire
Go down the ladder then outside, take a left crossing the bridge on your right. Once in the corridors, take a left, right then left to be out on a wooden platform, roll off and roll through the swamp to avoid becoming toxic
Make your way up the ladder and around onto the rooftops, at the top of which will be a powerful sorcerer you will need to defeat then loot to acquire the Logan’s Scroll

Crystal Scroll

Unlocks Crystal Magic Weapon, Crystal Soul Spear and Crystal Soulmass
Lothric Castle, Grand Archives bonfire
Defeat the Crystal Sage in the Grand Archives to acquire the Crystal Scroll

In order to use a sorcery you will need a Staff then head to any bonfire to attune the spell allowing you to use it as many times as is allowed given your FP, providing you have the stats to use the spell of course
Below, I will list all 34 sorceries in the order you can acquire them from Orbeck and Karla then through Anri’s Questline, the Boss Souls, World Loot and finally the covenant sorceries including the FP cost and stats required to wield them

Orbeck of Vinheim

Farron Dart

500 Souls
3 FP, 8 Intelligence

Soul Arrow

1,000 souls
7 FP, 10 Intelligence

Pestilent Mist

1,000 souls
13 FP, 30 Intelligence


2,000 souls
15 FP, 10 Intelligence

Heavy Soul Arrow

2,000 souls
11 FP, 13 Intelligence

Aural Decoy

2,000 souls
15 FP, 18 Intelligence

Magic Weapon

3,000 souls
25 FP, 10 Intelligence

Magic Shield

3,000 souls
30 FP, 10 Intelligence

Great Soul Arrow

3,000 souls
10 FP, 15 Intelligence

Farron Flashsword

3,000 souls
4 FP, 23 Intelligence

Great Heavy Soul Arrow

4,000 souls
14 FP, 18 Intelligence

Soul Greatsword

5,000 souls
23 FP, 22 Intelligence

Great Farron Dart

Sage’s Scroll required2,000 souls
4 FP, 23 Intelligence

Farron Hail

Sage’s Scroll required5,000 souls
4 FP, 28 Intelligence

Cast Light

Golden Scroll required1,000 souls
20 FP, 15 Intelligence


Golden Scroll required, 2,000 souls
20 FP, 15 Intelligence

Hidden Weapon

Golden Scroll required3,000 souls
25 FP, 12 Intelligence

Hidden Body

Golden Scroll required, 3,000 souls
25 FP, 15 Intelligence

Twisted Wall of Light

Golden Scroll required, 6,000 souls
10 FP, 27 Intelligence

Soul Spear

Logan’s Scroll required5,000 souls
32 FP32 Intelligence

Homing Soulmass

Logan’s Scroll required6,000 souls
20 FP, 20 Intelligence

Crystal Magic Weapon

Crystal Scroll required10,000 souls
45 FP, 30 Intelligence

Crystal Soul Spear

Crystal Scroll required15,000 souls
46 FP, 48 Intelligence

Homing Crystal Soulmass

Crystal Scroll required18,000 souls
43 FP, 30 Intelligence


Dark Edge

8,000 souls
26 FP, 30 Intelligence


15,000 souls
40 FP, 32 Intelligence

Anri of Astora’s Questline


20 FP, 12 Intelligence
See full details above on how to acquire the Chameleon sorcery

Boss Soul Sorceries

Crystal Hail

Soul of a Crystal Sage1,500 souls
19 FP, 18 Intelligence
Trade the Crystal Sages’ soul with Ludleth

Deep Soul

Deep SoulSoul of the Deacons of the Deep0 Souls
6 FP, 12 Intelligence
Trade the Deacons of the Deeps’ soul with Ludleth

White Dragon Breath

Soul of Consumed Oceiros10,000 souls
25 FP, 50 Intelligence
Trade Oceiros the Consumed Kings’ soul with Ludleth

World Loot Sorceries

Great Magic Weapon

35 FP, 15 Intelligence
Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire
Turn around from the bonfire, heading down the stairs towards the 3 Ghru enemies. Carry on up and pass the Large Crystal Lizard where you will find the Great Magic Weapon sorcery just to the right on a corpse

Great Magic Shield

60 FP, 18 Intelligence
Irithyll Dungeon, Irithyll Dungeon bonfire
From the bonfire, go forward and deal with the Jailer then drop down one level, go to the last cell on the right and defeat the Corpse Grub enemy (it is very weak to fire) to acquire the Great Magic Shield sorcery

Soul Stream

55 FP, 45 Intelligence
Lothric Castle, Grand Archives bonfire
Head up through the Archives until you get up and round to where the Thrall and Wax Head enemies are. Go pass the 2 Thralls on the steps then head through the left doorway where you will need to fight a very powerful Boreal Knight
Defeat it then head up to the top right corner of this room to find an illusionary wall, go through it where you will find a scholar’s corpse holding the Soul Stream sorcery

Covenant Sorceries

Great Deep Soul

Aldrich Faithful covenantRank 1
9 FP, 20 Intelligence
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Water Reserve bonfire
Once you have acquired 10 Human Dregs, take these back to Archdeacon McDonnel to increase your rank to Rank 1 in the Aldrich Faithful covenant to receive the Great Deep Soul sorcery

That’s all 34 sorceries, acquire them all to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls III Master Of Sorceries Trophy / Achievement
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