Dark Souls III Master Of Pyromancies Trophy Guide

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Master Of Pyromancies

30g tester 2

Master of Pyromancies
Acquire all pyromancies.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls III Master Of Pyromancies Trophy Guide
There are a total of 27 Pyromancies you will need to collect as you make your way through Lordran. Most of which are acquired from Cornyx of the Great Swamp, several more pyromancies are obtained from Karla
Please Note ~ You will need to defeat the Curse-Rotted Greatwood in the Undead Settlement AFTER discovering the Mound-Makers covenant, otherwise this becomes missable until your next playthrough
Once you have successfully joined the Mound-makers covenant, you are then free to defeat the Curse-Rotted Greatwood where you will acquire the transposing kiln allowing you to trade various boss souls with Ludleth in Firelink Shrine
In addition to this, you will also find a good amount of pyromancies throughout the world of Dark Souls III and finally you will need to ascend the Mound Makers covenant to Rank 2 in order to acquire every pyromancy available
Here is where you can find the NPCs required, starting with

Cornyx Of The Great Swamp

Starting out from the Undead Settlement, Cliff Underside bonfire, make your way up and around to the rooftops where the enemies are throwing Firebombs at you, take all 3 of them out then make your way around the platform to find Cornyx in a cage, speak with him where he will travel to Firelink Shrine and can then be found down to the right of Andre the Blacksmith. Speak with him again where he will start selling you pyromancies
Next up is


Another NPC that you will need to find in order for her to sell you her pyromancies can be found in the lowest level of Irithyll Dungeon where the Jailers are congregating near the cells. Karla is found by going to the last cell on the right then head back on yourself down the passageway pass the Jailer to find her cell
To open it, you will need to go across the Toxic swamp in the Profaned Capital, make your way around the rooftop and up the stairs, then head round to the left where at the end of the corridor you will find the Jailer’s Key Ring on a corpse.
Go back to Karla’s cell, open it then speak with her agreeing to Offer Help and then select the dialogue option, Save her Nonetheless where she will then travel to Firelink Shrine, to find Karla, head down the stairs to the left of Andre the Blacksmith, she is in an alcove underneath these stairs. Speak with her where she will then sell your her pyromancies, providing you give her the correct Tomes (detailed below)
In addition to the 2 NPCs, you will need to join the Mound Makers Covenant (click the link to go to the Dark Souls III Trophy Guide then search for the Covenant: Mound-Makers Bronze Image PS 15g tester 2 guide for information on this) Once you are in this very missable covenant, you will need to raise it to Rank 2 which is no simple task
To ascend the Mound-Makers, you will need to acquire and gift 30 Vetebra Shackles which are farmed from the Carthus Swordsmen that are found throughout the Catacombs

Vetebra Shackles

To ascend the Mound-Makers, you will need to acquire and gift 30 Vetebra Shackles which are farmed from the Carthus Swordsmen that are found throughout the Catacombs
Carthus Swordsmen are the Skeletons with red eyes that attack you unrelentingly. The easiest way I found of farming them is to first ensure you have a good amount of Homeward Bones or the Coiled Sword Fragment then head out from the Catacombs of Carthus, Catacombs of Carthus bonfire, take a right then a left.
Take out the 
2 Swordsmen here, head to the end of the walkway and drop down to the Rats, head left, take out another Swordsman then head up the stairs. Make a left, taking out another swordsmen then come back on yourself taking out the swordsmen
as you go.
Once they’re all dead, repeat the process until you have a total of
30 Vetebra Shackles

Unfortunately, the shackles are a very rare drop so increase your Item Discovery to help make this quicker. Once you have 30 Vetebra Shackles, take them back to the Mound-Makers covenant to receive the Warmth pyromancy


In addition to fulfilling the above requirements, you will also need to find and then gift 5 Tomes found throughout the game to either Cornyx or Karla in order for them both to sell you their more powerful pyromancies
Here are there locations in the order you can find all 5 Tomes including which NPC you should give the Tome to as well as the pyromancies each Tome unlocks to help ensure you don’t miss a single pyromancy

Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome

Give to Cornyx to unlock Bursting Fireball, Fire Orb, Pestilent Mist and Profuse Sweat
Road of Sacrifices, Crucifixion Woods bonfire
Head down into the water taking care around the Giant Crabs, head near the back wall and look to the right where you will see the Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome against a tree

Carthus Pyromancy Tome

Give to Cornyx to unlock Acid Surge, Carthus Beacon and Carthus Flame Arc
Road of Sacrifices, Abyss Watchers bonfire
Proceed down into the Catacombs of Carthus, cross the bridge then head to the back wall and up the stairs to the left. Follow the path round to the left all the way round to a ladder, go down it then follow the path around.
When you’re in the area with the Carthus Swordsmen, take an immediate right to find an illusionary wall (the wall is yellowish compared to the other walls), go through it pass the Skeleton and take a right where you will be able to collect the Carthus Pyromancy Tome

Izalith Pyromancy Tome

Give to Cornyx to unlock Chaos Storm and Great Chaos Fire Orb
Catacombs of Carthus, Old King’s Antechamber bonfire
From the bonfire, head left and go straight ahead to find a large Ghru statue in front of which is the Izalith Pyromancy Tome

Quelana Pyromancy Tome

Give to Karla to unlock Firestorm, Fire Whip and Rapport
Catacombs of Carthus, Demon Ruins bonfire
Head down the stairs and across to the staircase to your right that’s on the floor, careful down here as there are Fire Orbs that have really good range. Take a right at the end then right again. At the end of this path is a light grey wall with tree roots, this is an illusionary wall.
Go through it then head left to find the Fair Lady from Dark Souls holding the Quelana Pyromancy Tome

Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome

Give to Karla to unlock Black Fire Orb and Black Flame
Catacombs of Carthus, High Lord Wolnir bonfire
You can acquire the Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome as soon as the fight with Wolnir begins, however, if you miss it during the fight, you can collect it from a corpse in the top left corner of the room after the fight

Now you have all 4 Tomes here is where you can find all 27 Pyromancies in the order you can find them, through the following categories, NPCs Boss Souls, World Loot, then finally the Covenant
I will also list the stats required for you to wield them as well as their FP cost where applicable
Pyromancies are unique in Dark Souls III as they require both Intelligence and Faith to wield them effectively
In order to use a Pyromancy you will need a Pyromancy Flame which can be acquired by rescuing Cornyx of the Great Swamp (see above) then attune a pyromancy at any bonfire

Cornyx Of The Great Swamp


1,000 souls
10 FP, 6 Intelligence, 6 Faith

Fire Surge

1,000 souls
2 FP, 6 Intelligence

Flash Sweat

1,500 souls
20 FP, 6 Intelligence, 6 Faith

Great Combustion

3,000 souls
17 FP, 10 Intelligence, 10 Faith

Poison Mist

Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome required, 2,000 souls
18 FP, 10 Faith

Profuse Sweat

Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome required2,000 souls
20 FP, 6 Intelligence, 6 Faith

Fire Orb

Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome, 3,000 souls
14 FP, 8 Intelligence, 8 Faith

Bursting Fireball

Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome5,000 souls
14 FP, 18 Intelligence, 12 Faith

Acid Surge

Carthus Pyromancy Tome required, 6,000 souls
24 FP, 13 Faith

Carthus Beacon

Carthus Pyromancy Tome, 8,000 souls
35 FP, 12 Intelligence, 12 Faith

Carthus Flame Arc

Carthus Pyromancy Tome required, 10,000 souls
30 FP, 10 Intelligence, 10 Faith

Great Chaos Fire Orb

Izalith Pyromancy Souls, 10,000 souls
32 FP

Chaos Storm

Izalith Pyromancy Tome12,000 souls
3 FP



Quelana Pyromancy Tome, 7,000 souls
30 FP, 15 Intelligence

Fire Whip

Quelana Pyromancy Tome, 10,000 souls
2 FP, 13 Intelligence, 8 Faith


Quelana Pyromancy Tome, 15,000 souls
2 FP, 18 Intelligence

Black Flame

Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome, 10,000 souls
25 FP, 15 Intelligence, 15 Faith

Black Fire Orb

Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome, 10,000 souls
22 FP, 20 Intelligence, 20 Faith

Boss Souls

Boulder Heave

Soul of a Stray Demon
17 FP, 8 Intelligence, 12 Faith
Road of SacrificesOld Wolf of Farron bonfire
Head up the elevator then follow the stairs where you will find the Stray Demon stomping around on your left.
Take it out to receive its’ soul then trade the 
Soul of a Stray Demon with Ludleth to receive the Boulder Heave pyromancy

Chaos Bed Vestiges

Soul of the Old Demon King, 5,000 souls
35 FP, 20 Intelligence, 10 Faith
Catacombs of Carthus, Demon Ruins bonfire
You will need to take down the Old Demon King to acquire his soul (Click the link to go to the Dark Souls III Trophy Guide then search for the Old Demon King guide for information on this)
Then trade the Soul of the Old Demon King Bronze Image PS 15g tester 2 with Ludleth to receive the Chaos Bed Vestiges pyromancy

Black Serpent

Soul of High Lord Wolnir
19 FP, 15 Intelligence, 15 Faith
Trade the Soul of High Lord Wolnir with Ludleth to receive the Black Serpent pyromancy

World Loot Pyromancies

Iron Flesh

40 FP, 8 Intelligence
Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep bonfire
Make your way into the swamp then head over to your right where you will find the Iron Flesh pyromancy

Toxic Mist

24 FP, 15 Faith
Catacombs of CarthusDemon Ruins bonfire
You will need some good fire resistance armour in order to acquire the Toxic Mist pyromancy as you are going to need to run through lava, which fortunately, doesn’t hurt you anywhere near as much as it did in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II
A good choice for flame resistant armour is the Conjurator Set found in the same location as the Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome from the Road of SacrificesCrucifixion Woods bonfire
From the Demon Ruins bonfire, head down the stairs, take a right, aiming for the stairs on the left in the floor.
Once down here, take a 
right then right at the end taking care around the Fire Orbs
Once in this corridor, go to the end and drop down the hole to your right to find the Toxic Mist pyromancy in the lava

Sacred Flame

25 FP, 8 Intelligence, 8 Faith
Catacombs of Carthus, Demon Ruins bonfire
Starting from the bonfire here, head through the Ruins, taking a right then heading down the stairs to your left in the ground, take a right, head down the passageway and take a right then another right
Take a left, then right, down some stairs, take another left follow the path round, taking care not to be cursed by the Basilisks. Just before you get to the large stairs leading up, take quick left then follow the path to a set of stairs leading down to some lava.
Ensure you have the Conjurator Set equipped (see Toxic Mist above for information) then sprint through the lava ensuring you have your Estus Flask equipped as your Quick Item as the lava will take your health down quickly. The Sacred Flame pyromancy is against the left wall near the back of the lava section

Profaned Flame

30FP, 25 Intelligence
Irithyll DungeonProfaned Capital bonfire
Make your way down through the Dungeon to the lowest level where the Jailers are then follow the path outside and back in to where a Giant will be sleeping against a ledge.
Hit it to wake it up then run across before you get hit, dropping down to the 
walkway. Drop down again where you will find the Profaned Flame pyromancy in the middle of the area with the Rats and the Giants feet

Power Within

30 FP, 10 Intelligence, 10 Faith
Lothric Castle, Grand Archives bonfire
Make your way into the Archives and go through until you find the Wax pool, in front of which are 4 Wax Head Scholars then head through into the dark room with the staircase.
When in this dark room, hug the left wall smashing your way through the tables and chairs to find a small room
Inside this room on a corpse is the Power Within pyromancy

Covenant Pyromancies


Mound-Makers Covenant, Rank 2
50 FP, 25 Faith
You will need to acquire 30 Vetebra Shackles (detailed above) then trade them with Holy Knight Hodrick where you will raise the Mound-Makers to Rank 2, acquiring the Warmth pyromancy in the process

That’s all 27 pyromancies, acquire them all to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls III Master Of Pyromancies Trophy / Achievement
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