Dark Souls III Master Of Infusion Trophy Guide

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Master Of Infusion

30g tester 2

Master of Infusion
Perform all forms of infusion.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls III Master Of Infusion Trophy Guide
There are 
15 infusions you need to perform in order to unlock this one which will take you near enough through the entire game
An infusion requires infusion gems for the infusion as well as souls for Andre the blacksmith found in Firelink Shrine to provide the service
Andre, will need you to find and delivery him 4 coals throughout the world in order for him to be able to perform certain infusions
Please Note ~ Ensure you find and acquire all 4 coals and all 15 infusion gems then perform every type of infusion in one playthrough. There have been reports of the trophy / achievement not tracking properly if you go for this one over multiple playthroughs. Better to be safe than sorry
Here are the 4 coals and where to find them

The Sage’s Coal

Unlocks Blessed, Crystal and Deep infusions
Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep bonfire
Go out through the swamp staying to the left. When you get to the Darkwraith, defeat it then head into the small tower to find the Sage’s Coal on a corpse

The Farron Coal

Unlocks Heavy, Poison and Sharp infusions
Road of Sacrifices, Keep Perimeter bonfire
For the Farron Coal, head down pass the Ghru enemies and the large Crystal Lizard. Open the gate then slowly head up the stairs to your right to avoid the Black Knight
At the end of the area will be the Farron Coal on a corpse. Bring a Homeward bone with you to avoid fighting the Knight altogether

The Giant’s Coal

Unlocks Chaos, Lightning and Simple infusions
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Anor Londo bonfire
Go up the stairs from and pass the Silver Knights heading left to find the Giant Blacksmith from Dark Souls, now dead (F to pay respects) he is holding the Giant Coal

The Profaned Coal

Unlocks Blood, Dark and Hollow infusions
Irithyll Dungeon, Irithyll Dungeon bonfire
Head down through the Dungeon to where you need to get pass the mass amount of Jailers, if you stand with your back against the passageway one your left when you come into this area. You need the first door on your left
In here will be several Wretch enemies, at the end of this room will be the Profaned Coal on a corpse

Now you have all 4 coals, here is where you can find all 15 infusion gems required

Refined Gem

High Wall of Lothric, Tower on the Wall bonfire
From the bonfire, head out onto the rooftop, deal with the Hollows before one of them turns into a Pus of Man enemy. From here, go over to the left side of the rooftop to find a Crystal Lizard, lock on and hit it once or twice to defeat it to acquire a Refined Gem

Raw Gem

High Wall of Lothric, Vordt of the Boreal Valley bonfire
Head to where you speak with Emma to receive the Small Lothric Banner and the Way of the Blue covenant, just outside of the area is a set of stairs on the left, at the back of this section is a powerful Blue Lothric Knight. Defeat it to earn a Raw Gem

Sharp Gem

Undead Settlement, Dilapidated Bridge bonfire
Go up and around to the left of the building above the bonfire’s location to find a Crystal Lizard, destroy it to get a Sharp Gem

Fire Gem

Undead Settlement, Dilapidated Bridge bonfire
Make your way up to the Tower where the Giant is, speak with Siegward and ride the elevator up (step on then roll off the elevator staying on the same level where another elevator will come down, ride this one up)
Once at the top, head back down and roll off onto a wooden ledge, head out and speak with Siegward. After the dialogue, head down and take out the Demon to acquire a Fire Gem

Crystal Gem

Road of Sacrifices, Crucifixion Woods bonfire
Head towards the Crystal Sage boss area, just before you go into the room with the large pillars either side. Head right and go down the stairs to find a Crystal Lizard, take it out to acquire a Crystal Gem

Heavy Gem

Road of Sacrifices, Old Wolf of Farron bonfire
Go up the elevator then head right, when in the next area with all the Hollows, to the far left of this area is a Crystal Lizard, kill it to earn a Heavy Gem

Hollow Gem

Road of Sacrifices, Keep Perimeter bonfire
Make your way down the stairs then out towards Farron Keep through the hole in the wall on the right
go down the ramp, careful not to fall into the swamp to find a Hollow Gem on a corpse

Deep Gem

Cathedral of the Deep, Cleansing Chapel bonfire
Heading up and through the area to get into the Cathedral of the Deep, once you’re in the Cathedral itself, go pass the first 3 Deacons in the room with the large table and take an immediate right. Go down the stairs, take out the Envagelsit where you will find a Deep Gem outside on the balcony

Blessed Gem

Cathedral of the Deep, Deacons of the Deep bonfire
Head up the stairs and stay right to avoid the enemies, drop off the ledge then go over your right where the Thrall enemies are
Go through and down the corridor on the right to find yourself outside. Take the first right and ride the elevator up then head up the ladder outside on a ledge. From here drop down onto a rooftop, head up then take the first left. Go all the way to the right side of the rafters to find a Blessed Gem on a corpse

Dark Gem

Catacombs of Carthus, Catacombs of Carthus bonfire
From the bonfire, go forward then left taking care not to be hit by the rolling ball, go down the stairs, cross the sewer then up the next set of stairs over to your left on the right wall
At the top of the stairs will be a skeleton with a hat.
Defeat it then head back down the stairs where the rolling ball will then smash against the wall, allowing you to collect a Dark Gem

Chaos Gem

Catacombs of Carthus, Demon Ruins bonfire
Head up the stairs and outback into the Lake hugging the left wall all the way around. If you haven’t turned the ballista off take care of the arrows, in the very top left corner will be a corpse holding a Chaos Gem

Lightning Gem

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Church of Yorshka bonfire
Make your way to the central area where the Fire Witches and the Pontiff Knights are walking down, at the top of this area is a monument, in front of which is a corpse holding a Lightning Gem

Blood Gem

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Church of Yorshka bonfire
Heading down the stairs from the bonfire will be a large dark room containing a good amount of Irithyllian Slaves, as soon as you’re outside, head down the stairs then right before you go down into the water area. At the end of this area in front of a tree is a corpse holding a Blood Gem

Simple Gem

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire
From the bonfire head out and hug the left wall make your way up and around back into the building where you fought Pontiff Sulyvahn
Take a left when back in the building, following the walkway around to find a Crystal Lizard, take it out to acquire a Simple Gem

Poison Gem

Irithyll Dungeon, Profaned Capital bonfire
Go down the ladder from the bonfire, head out then left, go through the first corridor and drop down the hole
In this swamp that makes you toxic over to the left of where you drop down is a Poison Gem

Once you have performed all 15 types of infusion, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls III Master Of Infusion Trophy / Achievement
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