Dark Souls III Master Of Expression Trophy Guide

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Master Of Expression

30g tester 2

Master of Expression
Learn all gestures.

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls III Master Of Expression Trophy Guide
There are a total of 33 gestures to be found throughout the world of Lothric in Dark Souls 3. 7 of which are default from the start of the game, the additional 26 can be acquired through either NPC questlines, speaking / trading with certain NPCs in the world or by joining certain covenants and interacting with objects as you progress through the game

You won’t need to equip or use the gesture for it to count, simply acquiring them is enough
You can acquire the gestures through multiple playthroughs if you miss any, however, you will need to hold all 33 on one save file
Below, I will list all 33 gestures in the order you can find them as you progress through the Lothric

Point Forward

Automatically acquired at the start of the game

Point Up

Automatically acquired at the start of the game

Point Down

Automatically acquired at the start of the game


Automatically acquired at the start of the game

Jump For Joy

Automatically acquired at the start of the game


Automatically acquired at the start of the game


Automatically acquired at the start of the game


Rest at any bonfire in the game


Upon entering Firelink Shrine for the first time, go down the stairs on the right where you will see Hawkwood the Deserter, speak with him to receive the Collapse gesture


In Firelink Shrine, speak with Andre of Astora (the blacksmith), exhaust his dialogue to receive the Hurrah! gesture

Call Over

Purchase a Homeward Bone from the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine for 750 souls then make your way up to the right of Firelink Shrine until you’re outside near a tower
Opposite the tower is a tree you can run up and jump off to the right to land on the roof of Firelink Shrine. This may take some practice and is easier to do if you unequip your armour (there’s no enemies here). Once on the roof, head into the rafters above Firelink, where in the middle you will find a crows nest
Drop a Homeward Bone (open inventory, select Homeward Bone, choose Leave, select to leave 1) where you will then receive the Call Over gesture
Please Note ~ If you are unable to make the jump across from the tree, wait  until you go for the Patches Squat gesture, you can then roll off the bridge onto the roof and access the crows nest that way

Curl Up

Make your way down the stairs and ladders from the High Wall of Lothric Tower on the Wall bonfire, then proceed through pass the enemy throwing firebombs at you (don’t go outside), take a right and head down to the cell.
You will need the Cell Key to open the cell which is found by going from the same bonfire, this time head down 2 levels, go outside, across the rooftop, drop down and pass the spear wielding Lothric Knight to be in a room with Large Hollow Soldiers and 2 Hounds. Deal with them all then go down the stairs at the back to find the Cell Key
Inside the cell is Greirat of the Undead Settlement who asks who you to find a woman called Loretta in the Undead Settlement
From the Undead Settlement, Undead Settlement bonfire, head into the building, go down one level then out on the balcony where you will see a body bag wriggling with an item on it. Hit this body bag then drop down (careful as there are a lot of enemies down here), collect Lorreta’s Bone then warp back to Firelink Shrine, you will find Greirat down to the left of where Andre the blacksmith is, give him Lorreta’s Bone (no other use for it in the game) to acquire the Curl Up gesture


Starting from the Undead Settlement, Foot of the High Wall bonfire, head down  the stairs then take a left rather than going through the gate, go near enough all the way to the end then on the right, you will find Yoel of Londo who is the only one moving in this section. Speak with him and accept his service to have him appear in Firelink Shrine so head there yourself
In Firelink Shrine, head to where Andre the blacksmith is then head left, down the stairs following the passageway to the end. Choose the Talk option with Yoel of Londor to receive the Beckon gesture


From the Undead Settlement, Cliff Underside bonfire, head out and up onto the rooftops, deal with the 3 Hollows throwing firebombs at you then make your way around as far as you can go to find Cornyx of the Great Swamp in a cage.
Speak with him to send him back to Firelink Shrine
Head back there yourself, go to where Andre the blacksmith is and take a right down the stairs, you will see Cornyx sitting against the wall. Speak with him to learn the Welcome gesture


Proceed through to the elevator that can take you down to the Road of Sacrifices from the Undead Settlement. The first time you come to this elevator, you will meet Siegward of Catarina, speak with him where he will tell you the elevator is confusing him. To activate the elevator, step onto it the roll off before it goes down, this will bring another elevators so ride this up (make peace with the Giant up here to make a couple of sections in the game easier)
Ride the elevator back down around halfway where you can step / roll off onto a wooden ledge, walk outside to find Siegward talking about the Demon roaming around in the village, jump down and defeat the Demon (fight can be challenging so level up first but don’t proceed through the story)
Once the Demon has been defeated, speak with Siegward where you will learn the Toast and the Sleep gestures


Acquired at the same time as the Toast gesture


You can learn the Prayer gesture from Irina of Carim who is found imprisoned in the Undead Settlement, to get to her, you will need to find the Morticians Ashes which can be found from the Undead SettlementDilapidated bridge bonfire
Head forwards then just before you go into the building after the giant is throwing spears, take a left up the hill through the gravestones then go round pass the Thrall that drops down on you. Keep going forward to find the Mortician’s Ashes
Take these back to the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine, where she will now sell you the Grave Key for 1,500 souls. Once you have this, head back to the Undead Settlement, Cliff Underside bonfire
Make your way out from the bonfire, going down the ramps, take right then stay against the right wall. Drop down into the sewer, halfway down on the left is a locked gate, unlock it with the Grave Key, then head down and through the area taking care of the Skeletons as you go, once outside in the gully, head left and straight, go through, mind the Rats then climb the ladder to find Irina of Carim slumped in her cell
Speak with Irina, choosing to Touch her where you will receive the Prayer gesture

Dignified Bow

Whilst you can earn the Dignified Bow from Yuria of Londor, making her appear is highly missable
You first need to find Yoel of Londor, so, from the Undead Settlement, Foot of the High Wall bonfire, head down the stairs and take a left, near the end on the right will be Yoel of Londor, speak with him and accept his service where he will teleport to Firelink Shrine.
Head back there yourself and speak with Yoel who can be found down the left passage from Andre the blacksmith
You will need to Draw Out True Strength from Yoel 5 times, to do so, you need to die 5 times, after accepting Yoel’s service and having not spoken to the Firekeeper. Then go to Yoel selecting the option Draw Out True Strength, this will allow you to level up 5 times for free
Please Note ~ You will need to do all of this before you reach the Catacombs
After this, warp away to any bonfire that isn’t accessible from Firelink Shrine such as the Undead Settlement, Foot of the High Wall then warp back to Firelink Shrine where Yoel will be dead and Yuria of Londor will be leaning against the wall nearby
Speak with Yuria to learn the Dignified Bow gesture

Silent Ally

Silent Ally is a gesture acquired from Orbeck of Vinheim, who can be found in the Road of Sacrifices from the Crucifixion Woods bonfire, head throw the broken ruins pass the Hollows and Mages, head up the stairs then take a left before proceeding through to the area with the arches
Head up the stairs to find Orbeck, bear in mind, however, he will only speak to you if you have 10 or more Intelligence.
Request to learn his 
sorceries where he will then relocate to Firelink Shrine and can be found down to the right of Andre the blacksmith
In order to learn the Silent Ally gesture, you will need to purchase the following spells from Orbeck

  • Farron Flashsword, 5,000 souls
  • Spook, 2,000 souls
  • Aural Decoy, 2,000 souls
  • Pestilent Mist, 1,000 souls

After you have bought the 4th sorcery, talk to Orbeck to learn the Silent Ally gesture

Legion Etiquette

Going from the Farron Keep, Keep Ruins bonfire, proceed down the ramp then around to the right to find a long ladder with 3 Rotten Slugs at its base, climb the ladder then go into the room, over to the left is the Old Wolf of Farron
Pray to the Old Wolf of Farron to acquire the Legion Etiquette gesture

Darkmoon Loyalty

First off, you will need to collect the Dreamchaser’s Ashes, the closest bonfire for this is the Road of Sacrifices, Old Wolf of Farron bonfire so warp there, afterwards you need to leave via the door on your left, go up and around one flight of stairs then the wall directly to your left is an illusionary wall so hit it then walk through to collect the Dreamchaser’s Ashes from the corpse
Take the Dreamchaser’s Ashes to the Shrine Maiden in Firelink Shrine, then leave the area (warp to another location), then come back to Firelink Shrine where a new NPC will have appeared. This is Sirris of the Sunless Realms, speak with her to receive the Darkmoon Loyalty gesture


In Firelink shrine, you will see a series of thrones up to the left of the passageway that leads to Andre the blacksmith, climb the stairs until you reach the largest (Holy King Lothric’s throne), next to this throne will be Ringfinder Leonhard
Speak with him to receive Cracked Red Eye Orb, after this, proceed through the game until you find a Pale Tongue (Cathedral of the Deep, next to the stairs near the second chained giant on a corpse)
After you have acquired a Pale Tongue, return to Ringfinder Leonhard to receive the Lift Chamber Key. To use this, warp to the High Wall of Lothric, Tower on the Wall bonfire, from here, proceed down to the lowest level, staying on the black floorboards
You can then use the Lift Chamber Key on the gate, then take the elevator down. Defeat the Darkwraith to receive a Red Eye Orb. Take the Red Eye Orb back to Leonhard who will then give you the Applause gesture

Quiet Resolve

This gesture can be easily acquired or it can be a real pain, dependant on the choices you make throughout the game
Get through the game until you come to the Road of Sacrifices, Halfway Fortress bonfire, speak with the 2 NPCs standing to the left of the bonfire to initiate Anri of Astora’s questline
Carry on through the game until you have defeated the Deacons of the Deep boss in the Cathedral of the Deep, after this, head to Firelink Shrine and speak with Anri and Horace which will cause them to move to the Catacombs
Please Note ~ Work your way down the gestures list until you get to My Thanks!, do not do this one yet as if you discover Horace in the Smouldering Lake it can cause him to kill Anri making the Quiet Resolve gesture impossible to acquire until your next playthrough
Speak with Anri in the Catacombs, she will be on a ledge above the rickety wooden bridge leading to the High Lord Wolnir boss fight
Interact with Anri, saying nothing about Horace if she asks you, where she will then relocate near the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Church of Yorshka bonfire. Head over there and exhaust Anri’s dialogue to receive the Quiet Resolve gesture


Make your way to the Cathedral of the Deep, Deacons of the Deep bonfire, from here, go up the stairs and round to the right, take the elevator up a level, follow the path round until you find an NPC just before a bridge, this is Unbreakable Patches who will then lower the bridge you were on, take the right path going down the stairs and along the corridors until you’re outside, take a left down the stairs then a right to ride an elevator up
Leave out of the doorway then climb the ladder. drop down onto the rooftop, go up onto the walkway then take the second left alcove to come onto some roof rafters, take the left path then the next right and drop off at the end to your left. On this ledge will be Patches. Speak with him, answer “You know who I am” to receive the Prostration gesture


Speak with Unbreakable Patches in the Cathedral of the Deep (see Prostration for information on this)
Once you have received the Prostration gesture, speak with again and purchase the Catarina Knight set

  • Catarina Helm3,500 souls
  • Catarina Armor, 4,500 souls
  • Catarina Gauntlets, 3,500 souls
  • Catarina Leggings, 3,500 souls

Afterwards, go up the stairs one level, go through the double doors and use the Cathedral of the Deep, Rosaria’s Bed Chamber bonfire and warp back to the Cleansing Chapel. Leave through the front door then take an immediate right, kill the Hollow against the wall before it engulfs itself in flame then interact with the Well in the corner. Speak with SIegward then select the option Throw Armor
After Siegwards’ dialogue has finished, you will receive the Rejoice gesture

Proper Bow

Please Note ~ You can only obtain the Proper Bow gesture, before killing the Abyss Watchers
You will need at least 2 embers for this gesture. Make your way to the Road of Sacrifices, Crucifixion Woods bonfire then go over to the far right path where you will be invaded by Yellowfinger Heysel so defeat him
Afterwards, head to the Road of Sacrifices, Keep Ruins bonfire, head down the ramp and out into the swamp heading left, ensuring you are still embered
Take care around the Basilisks here as they can curse you, Yellowfinger Heysel will invade you again, so defeat him once more
You then need to warp to the Cathedral of the Deep, Rosaria’s Bed Chamber bonfire (see Rejoice for information on this)
Speak with Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth and ask to Join Covenant
Please Note ~ This will fail Sirris’ questline
Once, you’re a member of the Rosaria’s Fingers covenant, you will need to offer a Pale Tongue (see Applause for information on this), offer the Pale Tongue to Rosaria
Now head back to the Road of Sacrifices, Keep Ruins bonfire, head down the ramp, and off to the right where you will find a summon sign (need to be embered) for Yellowfinger Heysel, summon him to learn the Proper bow gesture

Duel Bow

Follow the steps to acquire the Dignified Bow from Yuria of Londor then head to the Farron Keep, Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, use an ember where you will then be able to summon Londor Pale Shade from just next to the bonfire
Once summoned, you will learn the Duel Bow gesture 

By My Sword

From the Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, ensure you are embered then head up towards the Abyss Watchers boss door. Just before it will be a summon sign for Black Hand Gotthard
Summon him to acquire the By My Sword gesture

My Thanks!

Your going to have to navigate a maze like labyrinth in order to unlock this one, take your time and keep your bearings. If you get lost, warp back to the bonfire and start again
Continue through the game until you get to the Catacombs of Carthus, just before the fight against High Lord Wolnir, you will cross a rickety wooden bridge.
Once across, hit the bridge to make it fall down creating a ladder, take this ladder down to come to the Smouldering Lake. Cross the lake, go pass the Carthus Sandworm then up the stairs on your right to light the Demon Ruins bonfire
From here, head through the Ruins, taking a right then heading down the stairs to your left in the ground, take a right, head down the passageway and take a right then another right
Take a left, then right, down some stairs, take another left follow the path round, taking care not to be cursed by the Basilisks.
Just before you get to the large stairs leading up, take quick left then follow the path to a set of stairs leading down to some lava
On this staircase, you will face off against Knight Slayer Tsorig, a very powerful enemy who wields the Fume Knight Greatsword as well as the Black Iron Greatshield
Win or lose against Tsorig to acquire the My Thanks! gesture

Patches Squat

You will need at least 20,000 souls then head to Firelink Shrine to purchase the Tower Key from the Shrine Maiden, from here, head up towards the front exit and take a left up the stairs, head out through the exit then use the Tower Key on the gate head up the stairs then across the bridge ride the elevator up then go up to the highest level to collect the Firekeeper Soul
Take the elevator back down where Unbreakable Patches will have locked the gate, roll off to the left of the gate and down to the lower level of the area, open the gate where you’ll need to, if you haven’t already either fight or run away from Sword Master who will attack you on sight
Head back into Firelink Shrine, taking a right, going to the end of the balcony and round to the right to find Patches, talk to him then Forgive Him
Now you need to leave and then return to Firelink Shrine, go back to Patches location, speak with him again to learn the Patches Squat gesture

Stretch Out

Proceed through the game to the Irithyll DungeonProfaned Capital bonfire. On the same ledge as the bonfire will be Laddersmith Gilligan, interact with his corpse to acquire the Stretch Out gesture

Praise The Sun

Going from the Lothric Castle, Dragonslayer Armour bonfire, go back down towards Lothric Castle head right to find a ladder, careful up here as there are 2 Crossbows as well as a Large Greataxe Hollow that is hiding behind the far wall
Deal with them, drop down then make your way forward, deal with the spear wielding Lothric Knight then in the next room, interact with the Altar of Sunlight to receive the Praise The Sun gesture

Path Of The Dragon

Defeat Oceiros, the Consumed King (see click the link to go to the Dark Souls III Trophy Guide then search for the Oceiros, The Consumed King Bronze Image PS 15g tester 2 Guide for information on this) then proceed through to the back of his area where you will find a corpse
Interact with the corpse to learn the Path of The Dragon gesture

Collect all 33 Gestures to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls III Master Of Expression Trophy / Achievement
If it does help you there’s a couple of quick, free things you can do for us if you’ve got a minute
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