Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Vendrick Trophy Guide

Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin

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Defeat Vendrick

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Vendrick Trophy Guide
You can find King Vendrick in the Undead Crypt at the very back of the area, walking around, this is where you will acquire the King’s Ring.
However, I wouldn’t engage him straight him as he has seriously high defence and will more than likely one shot you. You will have a lot of work to do in order to stand a chance of having a fair fight against Vendrick
The only way of lowering his defence is to acquire Soul of a Giant by performing certain tasks throughout the world, 3 of these tasks are completed in the various memories you can access after you have acquired the Ashen Mist Heart (click the link to go to the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Trophy Guide then search for the Ancient Dragon Silver Image PS 20g tester 2 for information on this).

Each Soul of a Giant will lower Vendricks defence by 20%, I’d recommend collecting at least 4 of these, the last one is a reward for defeating the Ancient Dragon boss, but given how challenging the fight is, you might want to stick to an 80% reduction 
Below I’ll list what you need to do to lower Vendricks’ defence down to a manageable level

Memory Of Orro

Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower Bonfire
Go to the area where you fought the Pursuer boss, at the back of this area is a large tree being attacked by 2 Hollows, deal with them, then interact with the tree to enter the Memory of Orro, make your way all the way through this area, at the very end on a giants corpse is the Soul of a Giant

Memory Of Jeigh

Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower Bonfire
You will need to have the King’s Ring in order to access this location,from the Cardinal Tower bonfire, head down and through the door across the bridge, you will need the Soldiers Key, which you receive by defeating The Last Giant boss.
Head around and defeat the 
Syan Knight guarding the black door, equip the King’s Ring and go through, light the bonfire then proceed outside to the large tree off to the right
In here you will face a lot of powerful Giants including the Giant Lord boss, who can pose a serious challenge, dodge at the last second and avoid his hits at all cost, his sword proves size matters. Once he’s been defeated, go through the door behind him to find the Soul of a Giant

Memory Of Vammar

Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower Bonfire
If you’ve already destroyed the wall in the room with the Cardinal Tower bonfire, come out of here and take a left, follow the path down to find the tree that looks like a petrified giant, this is where the memory is located. In this memory, you will be making your way through a veritable warzone full of Giants, try and run pass as many as you can as with all memories, you are limited on how much time you can spend here, although you can return at any point.
Make your way through the 
courtyard following the path, only engage the Giants if they leave you no choice. Run up the stairs at the back to face a larger Giant wielding 2 massive clubs, take this guy out, then go over to the Giant slumped against the wall, interact with it to acquire the Soul of a Giant

Elite Giants

Black Gulch, Black Gulch Mouth bonfire
Once you’re in Black Gulch, head down the first ledge until you find the 2 Razorback Nightcrawlers (large worms coming out of the wall). Just pass the Nightcrawlers, you will carefully need to drop down to a ledge below, then drop down twice more to come to a cave with 2 Elite Giants, one of these Elite Giants holds the Soul of a Giant

Ancient Dragon

Dragon Shrine, Shrine Entrance bonfire
You will need to engage and defeat the Ancient Dragon, which quite frankly, isn’t really worth the time effort and agony to reduce the defence of Vendrick by an additional 20%
But seriously, if you really want to take out the Ancient Dragon, equip your best fire resistant armour, have some seriously strong lightning magic / miracles lightning weapons and get ready for a very long, painful fight
The biggest problem here is the 
Ancient Dragon can near enough fill the arena with fire, for me I ran in, got 1 hit in then ran away when he jumped in the air. Try and stay off the left or right of the Dragon as much as you can as his tail can inflict massive damage as well as having frontal swipes. If you stay under the Dragons’ belly this will force him to jump in the air and breath fire down on you. It’s imperative as soon as he jumps that you run to the furthest part of the arena to avoid the massive AOE
Sorcerers will have an easier time of this fight with large AOE attacks as the 
Ancient Dragons’ size can be used against it, he’s essentially one massive hit box that will be difficult to miss. This fight is definitely a test of endurance and your own mental stamina. One thing that will help is having lifegems equipped as this fight is so long and challenging, it wouldn’t surprise me if you ran out of Estus and not being able to heal is never a good thing against a boss such as this. Once you have defeated the Ancient Dragon, firstly, congratulations, secondly, you’ll acquire the Soul of a Giant

With all 5 Soul of a Giant acquired, make your way back to Vendrick, but take note, this old man is still a serious fight even when fully weakened, he has a lot of range given the length of his sword. Roll at the very last second before the attack hits you, if you roll at the start of his animation his attack will track you and you’ll be back to the bonfire very quickly
Vendrick doesn’t appear to have any weaknesses, I did, however, have a much easier time of this fight using fast, light weapons rather than big heavy ones, but it’s all personal preference. For sorcerers / casters, don’t go to far away from Vendrick as he has a nasty charge attack that can seriously hurt if he hits you with it. As with all bosses in the game, whittle his health down, don’t be overly aggressive to the point you’re losing stamina and you’ll have him defeated soon enough
Once Vendrick is down, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin, Vendrick Trophy / Achievement
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