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Welcome to Dark Souls II S.O.T.F.S.
Here is the complete trophy / achievement guide to help you make your through the game as smoothly as possible
I recommend you have a good read through the guide as you will have a lot of work to do in order to unlock every trophy / achievement the game has to offer

PS4, Xbox One, PC
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Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
Technically none as if you mess up, you can try again on your next playthrough, however, the difficulty can seriously increase so be careful with the choices you make. Do not kill any NPC throughout the game and have a good read of this guide before you start. Remember, you can have multiple save files on the go in Dark Souls II S.O.T.F.S.
Never use a boss soul unless instructed to do so in this guide and never waste your materials
You will need to complete the game twice then on your third playthrough, make your way through the first 2 thirds of the game in order to acquire the Master Of Pyromancy and Master Of Miracles trophies / achievements
Also, the trophy / achievement Lucatiel of Mirrah is probably the most highly missable out of all trophies / achievements as one mistake can end her questline
If you have any questions, ask in the comments below and I’ll get to you as soon as I can
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
1 ~ Gathering of Exiles,
Online Trophies / Achievements
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
200+ Hours (skill dependant)

The Dark Soul
Platinum Image
GS - 50

Acquire all trophies

Self Recollection
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Reclaim flesh and set out as an Undead

Shortly after you start the game, you will come to a hut, in here you can choose a class and set off through the World, once you have set off, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

King's Ring
Silver Image
GS - 20

Acquire the King’s Ring

You can acquire the King’s Ring late on in the game, make your way to the Undead Crypt, then proceed through the area, at the end of the crypt will be a docile King Vendrick, do not engage him unless you’re seriously high levelled as he can very easily one shot you, the King’s Ring is on a corpse at the back of this area
As soon as you have collected the ring, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Ancient Dragon
Silver Image
GS - 20

Acquire Ashen Mist Heart

You will need to get to the very top of Dragon Aerie (head up to the very top of Aldia’s Keep, defeat the Guardian Dragon then ride the elevator up) which is no easy task, ensure you are a very high level with incredibly powerful weapons / spells, Dragon Aerie, will see you have to get pass some very high level Dragon Knights, all of which can one shot you if you get caught out, at the very top of the area is the Ancient Dragon boss, whom you won’t actually need to fight in order to acquire the Ashen Mist Heart, simply speak with the Ancient Dragon to acquire the Heart
As soon as you have the Ashen Mist Heart, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

The Heir
Gold Image
GS - 100

See the ending

There is only one ending in Dark Souls 2. Complete the main story, defeating Nashandra (final boss), then watch the cut-scene to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Last Giant
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Defeat the Last Giant

The Last Giant is technically the first boss in Dark Souls II and is found at the end of The Forest of Fallen Giants, you will need to go down the elevator then make your way to the end of the path, go through the fog gate to start the fight
It’s a fairly simple fight, avoid the AOE attacks when the Giant stamps its’ feet and watch out for the swipe attacks as they can knock you back with a long recovery
Use fire if you have it to have a much easier time of it, if you’re really struggling, level up a few times then come back
Once you have defeated the Last Giant, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Sinner's Bonfire
Silver Image
GS - 20

Light the primal bonfire in Sinner’s Rise

From The Saltfort bonfire in Sinner’s Rise, head down through the levels to the elevator, ride this down then run through or fight the enemies as you go through the water section, defeat the Lost Sinner boss, which will then allow you to go through to the area with the primal bonfire, light this bonfire to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Iron Keep Bonfire
Silver Image
GS - 20

Light the primal bonfire in the Iron Keep

Once you get to Iron Keep, equip your best fire resistant armour and make your way through, once you get to the Ironhearth Hall bonfire, head through to the end of the Iron keep, defeat the Old Iron King, taking care you don’t get knocked down the hole during the fight. Once you have defeated the Old Iron King, make your way through the new area to find the primal bonfire, light this bonfire to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Gulch Bonfire
Silver Image
GS - 20

Light the primal bonfire in the Black Gulch

Bring your best poison resistant armour and a very good fire weapon. Make your way down the first ledge, staying right at the end to find the Hidden Chamber bonfire, this will be the closest bonfire to the, The Rotten boss, who can be a challenge, stick behind it as best as you can and whittle its’ health down
After you have defeated The Rotten, proceed through the area to find the primal bonfire, light this bonfire to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Brightstone Bonfire
Silver Image
GS - 20

Light the primal bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora

Once you have gotten to Tseldora, proceed through and down to face off against Duke’s Dear Freja, a very powerful arachnid boss, stick to its’ back as best as you can, fighting her head on will see you back at a bonfire over and over again, use firebombs if you’re melee or pyromancies to deal significant damage.
Once you have defeated Freja make your way through to find the primal bonfire, light this bonfire to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Looking Glass Knight
Silver Image
GS - 20

Defeat Looking Glass Knight

You will face off against the Looking Glass Knight near the top of Drangleic Castle and can pose a decent challenge
Please Note ~ Check Moonlight Greatsword as you will need to summon Benhart to potentially receive his equipment
I strongly recommend you go for this fight in offline mode as Looking Glass Knight has a unique ability to summon 2 human players, who, given their level and abilities in comparison to yours could make this fight nigh on impossible
In offline mode, he will, given the chance, summon 2 NPC Phantoms, that will be a lot easier to deal with than other human players
Sorcerers / Pyromancers / Clerics will have a very difficult time in this fight as when the Knight blocks magic with his shield, the spell will bounce off
Melee fighters will have a much easier time of it in this fight, treat the Knight like any other humanoid enemy, wait for the combo to finish then get in there and punish, rinse and repeat, taking care of the NPCs quickly if any are summoned as they can take this fight to the next level, especially if you’re online
Once you have defeated the looking Glass Knight, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Silver Image
GS - 50

Defeat Vendrick

You can find King Vendrick in the Undead Crypt at the very abck of the area, walking around, this is where you will acquire the King’s Ring. However, I wouldn’t engage him straight him as he has seriously high defence and will more than likely one shot you. You will have a lot of work to do in order to stand a chance of having a fair fight against Vendrick
The only way of lowering his defence is to acquire Soul of a Giant by performing certain tasks throughout the world, 3 of these tasks are completed in the various memories you can access after you have acquired the Ashen Mist Heart (see Ancient Dragon for information on this). Each Soul of a Giant will lower Vendricks defence by 20%, I’d recommend collecting at least 4 of these, the last one is a reward for defeating the Ancient Dragon boss, but given how challenging the fight is, you might want to stick to an 80% reduction 
Below I’ll list what you need to do to lower Vendricks’ defence down to a manageable level

  • Memory of Orro, Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower Bonfire
    Go to the area where you fought the Pursuer boss, at the back of this area is a large tree being attacked by 2 Hollows, deal with them, then interact with the tree to enter the Memory of Orro, make your way all the way through this area, at the very end on a giants corpse is the Soul of a Giant
  • Memory of Jeigh, Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower bonfire
    You will need to have the King’s Ring in order to access this location,from the Cardinal Tower bonfire, head down and through the door across the bridge, you will need the Soldiers Key, which you receive by defeating The Last Giant boss. Head around and defeat the Syan Knight guarding the black door, equip the King’s Ring and go through, light the bonfire then proceed outside to the large tree off to the right
    In here you will face a lot of powerful Giants including the Giant Lord boss, who can pose a serious challenge, dodge at the last second and avoid his hits at all cost, his sword proves size matters. Once he’s been defeated, go through the door behind him to find the Soul of a Giant
  • Memory of Vammar, Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower bonfire
    If you’ve already destroyed the wall in the room with the Cardinal Tower bonfire, come out of here and take a left, follow the path down to find the tree that looks like a petrified giant, this is where the memory is located. In this memory, you will be making your way through a veritable warzone full of Giants, try and run pass as many as you can as with all memories, you are limited on how much time you can spend here, although you can return at any point. Make your way through the courtyard following the path, only engage the Giants if they leave you no choice. Run up the stairs at the back to face a larger Giant wielding 2 massive clubs, take this guy out, then go over to the Giant slumped against the wall, interact with it to acquire the Soul of a Giant
  • Elite Giants, Black Gulch, Black Gulch Mouth bonfire
    Once you’re in Black Gulch, head down the first ledge until you find the 2 Razorback Nightcrawlers (large worms coming out of the wall). Just pass the Nightcrawlers, you will carefully need to drop down to a ledge below, then drop down twice more to come to a cave with 2 Elite Giants, one of these Elite Giants holds the Soul of a Giant
  • Ancient Dragon, Dragon Shrine, Shrine Entrance bonfire
    You will need to engage and defeat the Ancient Dragon, which quite frankly, isn’t worth the time effort and agony to reduce the defence of Vendrick by an additional 20%
    That said, in our quest here at Griffins Gaming Guides, we strive to give you the best possible guides so here’s my strategy for defeating the Ancient Dragon….. Turn the console off then he has no power…. Sell the game and have it medically erased from memory…. Never start the game in the first place so you never have to know the pain of trying to defeat this city sized beast
    But seriously, if you really want to take out the Ancient Dragon, equip your best fire resistant armour, have some seriously strong lightning magic / miracles / lightning weapons and get ready for a very long, painful fight. The biggest problem here is the Ancient Dragon can near enough fill the arena with fire, for me I ran in, got 1 hit in then ran away when he jumped in the air. Try and stay off the left or right of the Dragon as much as you can as his tail can inflict massive damage as well as having frontal swipes. If you stay under the Dragons’ belly this will force him to jump in the air and breath fire down on you. It’s imperative as soon as he jumps that you run to the furthest part of the arena to avoid the massive AOE. Sorcerers will have an easier time of this fight with large AOE attacks as the Ancient Dragons’ size can be used against it, he’s essentially one massive hit box that will be difficult to miss. This fight is definitely a test of endurance and your own mental stamina. One thing that will help is having lifegems equipped as this fight is so long and challenging, it wouldn’t surprise me if you ran out of Estus and not being able to heal is never a good thing against a boss such as this. Once you have defeated the Ancient Dragon, firstly, congratulations, secondly, you’ll acquire the Soul of a Giant

With all 5 Soul of a Giant acquired, make your way back to Vendrick, but take note, this old man is still a serious fight even when fully weakened, he has a lot of range given the length of his sword. Roll at the very last second before the attack hits you, if you roll at the start of his animation his attack will track you and you’ll be back to the bonfire very quickly
Vendrick doesn’t appear to have any weaknesses, I did, however, have a much easier time of this fight using fast, light weapons rather than big heavy ones, but it’s all personal preference. For sorcerers / casters, don’t go to far away from Vendrick as he has a nasty charge attack that can seriously hurt if he hits you with it. As with all bosses in the game, whittle his health down, don’t be overly aggressive to the point you’re losing stamina and you’ll have him defeated soon enough.
Once Vendrick is down, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Supreme Weapon
Silver Image
GS - 50

Reinforce a weapon to its limit

You can find Blacksmith Lenigrast in Majula, when you first encounter him, his door will be locked. Make your way over to the Forest of Fallen Giants, purchase Leingrasts Key for 1000 Souls then go back and open his door, speak with him and he will start doing upgrades once you have travelled to at least 2 areas through fast travel
In order to reinforce a weapon, you will firstly need, a weapon, any standard  (non boss) weapon will suffice.
You will then require

  • 6 titanite shards (10 of which can be purchased from Lenigrast for 800 souls) to take your weapon from 0 – +3
    6 large titanite shards
  • 6 large titanite shards (drops from most enemies in Brightstone Cave Tseldora) to take your weapon from +3 – +6
  • 6 titanite chunks (purchase from Stone Trader Chloanne for 6000 souls each after acquiring the King’s Ring) to take your weapon from +6 – +9
  • 1 titanite slab (purchase from Stone Trade Chloanne for 13000 souls after acquiring the King’s Ring) to take your weapon to +10

Take all of these items to a Blacksmith (can be done progressively through the game) and level up your favourite weapon
Once you have reinforced your weapon to +10, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Gesture Maestro
Silver Image
GS - 50

Learn all gestures

Click the button below to be taken to the complete Gesture Maestro guide

Master of Sorcery
Silver Image
GS - 30

Learn all sorceries

Click the button below to be taken to the complete Master Of Sorcery guide

Master of Miracles
Silver Image
GS - 30

Learn all miracles

Click the button below to be taken to the complete Master Of Miracles guide

Master of Pyromancy
Silver Image
GS - 30

Learn all pyromancies

Click the button below to be taken to the complete Master Of Pyromancy guide

Master of Hexes
Silver Image
GS - 30

Learn all hexes

You will need to collect 23 Hexes in Dark Souls II S.O.T.F.S. Hexes are a strange set of spells for a Dark Souls game as some are cast by a Staff whilst others are cast with a Sacred Chime. As such, in order to cast Hexes, you will need to have a decent amount of stats in both Intelligence and Faith
Every Hex can be acquired in offline mode, which is what this guide will focus on. You will also need to go through all 3 DLC areas, Crown of the Old Iron King, Crown of the Sunken King and the Crown of the Ivory King (all of which are included in the S.O.T.F.S. version of the game)
A good number of the Hexes can be purchased from 5 NPCs throughout the world of Drangleic
They are as follows

Straid of Olaphis, The Lost Bastille, Straid’s Cell bonfire
Straid is found easily if you come back on yourself from The Saltfort bonfire in Sinner’s Rise, even though he is technically in The Lost Bastille. Make your way down and back across the bridge, kill the Mummies and go up the stairs, defeat all of the Mummies up the stairs. You will then see a petrified Straid, blocking the entrance to the left cell. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free him, you will then be able to light and travel back to the Straid’s Cell bonfire. In order for Straid to sell you his spells, you must have at least 3 Intelligence and 3 Faith
Whenever you return to Straid, take out the mummies on the same floor as the cells as a priority as if they aggro, they can kill Straid very quickly. Take special care of the Mummy right next to Straid as hitting him will stop him from selling you sorceries, so use a bow / spell to be on the safe side

Felkin the OutcastHuntsman’s CopseUndead Refuge bonfire
Felkin can be found just to the right of the bonfire, sitting on a chair, facing the wall, you will need at least 8 Intelligence and 8 Faith in order for him to sell you his Miracle

Stone Trader Chloanne, Harvest Valley, Poison Pool bonfire
Come out of the small cave where the Poison Pool bonfire is located, then take a right, just up here, on the right will be Stone Trader Chloanne. Exhaust her dialogue to have her relocate to Majula, after which, she will then sell you her Miracle

Cromwell the PardonerBrightstone Cove TseldoraChapel Threshold bonfire
From the bonfire, go forward then right coming back on yourself, cross over to where you fought the Prowling Magus boss then head right to find a ladder. Ascend the ladder to find Cromwell the Pardoner in a room with some Spiders that won’t aggro unless you attack them

Darkdiver Grandahl, Drangleic Castle, King’s Gate bonfire, Under Castle Drangleic bonfire
In order to find Darkdiver Grandahl you need to be a bit clever. Come out of the small room where the bonfire is and take a right, then head over to the top left corner of the room with the statues that come to life, you need to kill one of them as close to the door in the top left corner as you can, the enemy’s soul will the be absorbed by the door allowing it to open. Once inside, walk to the back of the room where the floor will fall away, at the end of this small cave will be Darkdiver Grandahl, speak with him where he will then sell you his Hexes. You can find the Under Castle Drangleic bonfire down here as well. Ensure you light this to make coming back a lot easier

In addition to the Hexes you can acquire from the NPCs, there are 6 scattered throughout the world of Drangleic and the 3 DLC areas. You will also need to join then get to Rank 3, the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant. Click the button below to be taken back to the main game guide then go to the Abysmal Covenant guide for more information on joining the covenant
In order to get the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant to Rank 3, you will need to work your way through the 3 Abysmal Dungeons that become available after you have spoken with Grandahl once you have found him in Drangleic Castle. These are simple enough, just take care as you make your way through them, once at the end, light the fire to complete that particular dungeon. Complete all 3 Abysmal Dungeons to get the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant to Rank 2
In order to ascend the Covenant to Rank 3, however, you will need to face arguably the toughest boss in the game, The Darklurker, fortunately, it is very weak to lightning, so make very good use of this as you make your way through the fight. Don’t be surprised if this takes you a good number of attempts to complete. It is tough!
After you have defeated The Darklurker, you will then receive the Climax Hex

Below, I will list all 23 Hexes including the stats required to use them. To equip a Hex, go to any bonfire then attune the spell to the Hex you want to use for the given amount of timed allowed

Dark Orb, 600 souls
12 Intelligence, 10 Faith
Dark Hail, 1,500 souls
19 Intelligence, 12 Faith
Dark Fog, 5,200 souls
25 Intelligence, 14 Faith
Affinity, 11,500 souls
40 Intelligence, 24 Faith
Repel, 5,000 souls
35 Intelligence, 27 Faith
You will need the Giant Lord soul, trade this with Straid for the Repel hex
Numbness, 5,000 souls
42 Intelligence, 30 Faith
You will need the Old Dead One’s soul (The Rotten), trade this with Straid for the Numbness Hex
Lifedrain Patch, 5,000 souls
20 Intelligence, 35 Faith
You will need the Darklurker soul, trade this with Straid for the Lifedrain Patch hex

Felkin the Outcast
Dark Weapon, 2,700 souls
16 Intelligence, 14 Faith
Resonant Soul, 1,100 souls
10 Intelligence, 18 Faith
Great Resonant Soul, 3,400 souls
13 Intelligence, 26 Faith
Resonant Flesh, 3,400 souls
11 Intelligence, 19 Faith
Resonant Weapon, 4,000 souls
15 Intelligence, 42 Faith

Cromwell the Pardoner
Scraps of Life, 2,200 souls
8 Intelligence, 12 Faith

Stone Trader Chloanne
Dead Again, 4,000 souls
22 Intelligence, 12 Faith

Darkdiver Grandahl
Darkstorm, 4,700 souls
12 Intelligence, 21 Faith

Profound Still, 13,000 souls
20 Intelligence, 40 Faith

World Loot Hexes Main Game
Whisper of Despair
, Grave of Saints, Harval’s Resting Place bonfire, Corpse
24 Intelligence, 18 Faith
You will need to have a Pharros Lockstone to acquire this hex, which you can purchase from Merchant Hag Melentia or receive them as rare drops from the Rats in the Grave of Saints. Once you have one, proceed forward from the bonfire, then cross the room, go up the stairs, just to your right will be a Pharros Lockstone contraption, use a Pharros Lockstone on the contraption to lower a bridge. Cross the bridge, go up the stairs where you will find a Corpse holding the Whisper of Despair Hex

Twisted Barricade, Door’s of Pharros, Gyrm’s Respite bonfire, Corpse
38 Intelligence, 25 Faith
Go right from the bonfire, taking care of the Rats in this area quickly as they can inflict Toxic. Proceed through the large cavern aiming for the top right corner, there will be more Toxic Rats in here. Once they’re dealt with, go up the ladder to find the Twisted Barricade Hex on a Corpse 

Covenant Hexes
Climax, Pilgrims of Dark, Rank 3, Drangleic Castle, Under Castle Drangleic bonfire
30 Intelligence, 47 Faith
Reach Rank 3 in the Pilgrim’s of Dark Covenant. See the above description on how to do this.
As soon as you reach Rank 3 you will receive the Hex, Climax

DLC World Loot Hexes

Crown of the Sunken King DLC
Promised Walk of Peace, Shulva, Sanctum City, Tower of Prayer bonfire, Corpse
30 Intelligence, 40 Faith
You will need a bow with some arrows equipped for this so ensure you have one. From the bonfire, jump down then make your way left, just before you go into the small building, look across the right side of the area to see a cave. Just to the left of this cave is a switch which is blocked by 3 black statues. Equip your bow and fire a couple arrows to break them, your aim is to hit the switch behind them to raise a platform up. Once you have done so, cross the platform where you will find the Promised Walk Of Peace Hex on a Corpse

Dark Greatsword, Dragon’s SanctumPriestess’ Chamber bonfire, Chest
55 Intelligence, 29 Faith
Starting from the bonfire, activate the switch to call the elevator then take this down, jumping off on the way down (roughly 3-4 seconds down) where you will be on a small walkway with a corpse one end, turn around from this corpse, walk outside and follow the path around to come to a small room containing a chest, inside of which is the Dark Greatsword Hex

Crown of the Old Iron King DLC
Recollection, Brume Tower, Foyer bonfire, Corpse

35 Intelligence, 30 Faith
From the bonfire, head right go down the ladder and through the passageway. At the end, you want to go down the ladder where you will be invaded by Quicksword  Rachel. Despatch her then open the second door on the left, in this small room will be the Recollection Hex on a Corpse 

Crown of the Ivory King
Dark Dance, Frozen Eleum Loyce, Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, Corpse
22 Intelligence, 60 Faith
Make your way out from the
bonfire taking a right crossing the field where the enemies are. Instead of going up the stairs at the end, go right before the stairs to pass a tree. Take a right at the end and a right again. Stay to the left to be on a large snow mound. On which will be a Corpse holding the Dark Dance Hex

Collect all 23 Hexes to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Brilliant Covenant
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover a most brilliant covenant

This requires you to find the Heirs of the Sun covenant, which can be found just before you go through into the Earthen Peak area
Make your way through the area until you find a bridge with the poison gas below, corss the bridge then take an immediate left down the path, at the end of this path will be the Altar of Sunlight
Interact with the Altar, once you have successfully joined the Heirs of the Sun covenant, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Protector Covenant
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover the covenant of the protectors

You will need to join the Blue Sentinels covenant to unlock this one, whilst this is possible near enough at the start of the game, I recommend you leave this one until you’re around level 40-50 as you will need to fight and defeat the Old Dragonslayer (Ornstein) who, whilst not as challenging as he was in Dark Souls, still packs a decent punch
In addition, you will also need to have found / earnt a Token of Fidelity, this can be acquired by either helping another player defeat any boss as a White Phantom (You will need the White Sign Soapstone, which is given to you by Mild Mannered Pate found in the Forest of Fallen Giants just after you have fought either the Pursuer or have proceeded through to the area just before you get mobbed by the enemies, speak with Pate to receive the White Sign Soapstone). Once you have this, use it in front of any boss gate, ensure you’re playing online, if another player summons you and you both defeat the boss, you will then receive a Token of Fidelity
Alternatively, you can make your way to Huntsman Copse, continue all the way through the area to find a rickety wooden bridge, roughly halfway across, you will be able to see an item on a small ledge underneath the bridge. Carefully drop down and get the Token of Fidelity from the Corpse
Make your way through to Heide’s Tower of Flame, in the centre of the area will be a large circular room with 3 Old Knights, take the left exit out of this room, head up the ramp, lower the drawbridge then fight and defeat the Old Dragonslayer, he utilising lightning and dark damage, has fairly decent range and can hit with some powerful combos.
Defeat him then proceed up the staircase, you will then find Blue Sentinel Targray, give him the Token of Fidelity and agree to join the Blue Sentinels covenant
Once you have successfully joined the covenant, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Sanguinary Covenant
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover the covenant of the bloodthirsty

You will need to have defeated the Executioner’s Chariot boss in Hunstman Copse, once that’s done, proceed through the now accessible area to find Titchy Gren
In order to be able to join the Brotherhood Of Blood covenant, you will need a Token of Spite, this can be acquired by either killing the host whilst you’re a red phantom during an invasion or pay Laddersmith Gilligan 12,000 souls, to make a ldder that leads down to the Gutter, descend the ladders until you come to a chest, just before the Gutter location appears on the screen, in this chest will be a Token of Spite
Once you have a Token of Spite, make your way back to Titchy Gren and accept to join the covenant, at which point, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Covenant of the Meek
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover the covenant of the meek

The first covenant you can join in the game, once you get to Majula, head off to the large structure to the to the right. Speak with Crestfallen Saulden and accept to join the Way of the Blue covenant, as soon as you have joined, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Gnawing Covenant
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover the covenant of rodents

Once you have defeated the Royal Rat Vanguard in the Grave of Saints, make your way through the now open passageway, speak with the rat here, accept to join the covenant. Once you have successfully joined, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Clangorous Covenant
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover the clangorous covenant

Once you’re in the Lost Bastille, head to the Servant’s Quarters bonfire, you will need to have a Pharros Lockstone in your inventory
From the bonfire go down the ladder in the room, over to the left of the ladder will be a Pharros Lockstone contraption, insert the Pharros Lockstone, to have a light shine on a section of wall, smash this wall then make your way across the small bridge to find yourself in Belfry Luna, just pass this door will be the Mrionette, speak with him to join the Bell Keepers covenant, one you’re successfully a member of the covenant, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Covenant of Ancients
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover an ancient covenant

You will need to have made it through the Iron Keep and be strong enough to navigate Dragon Aerie successfully to even stand a chance of joining the Dragon Remnants covenant
Make your way through Dragon Aerie until you come to the area just before you go up the steps to talk to or fight the Ancient Dragon, defeat the enemies here then drop down to the right, into a lower area. Down here, you will face some more Dragon Knights, defeat them all proceed through the area to find an Altar, upon which will be a Petrified Egg, collect his Egg then leave the area and head off to Iron Keep
Once at the start of the Iron Keep area, head over the bridge, then take a right up the stairs, be careful of the enemies here, they will follow you up the stairs, so clear them out first, in a room up here you will find the NPC, Magerold of Lanafir, give him the Petrified Egg, then request to join the covenant
Once you have joined the Dragon Remnants covenant, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Covenant of the Fittest
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover the covenant of the fittest

One of the first covenants you can join in the game, however, be very careful when you choose to join this covenant as it makes a challenging game, significantly more so. In this covenant, the damage you take will be increased by around a third
To join this covenant, head to Majula, then proceed up the right side of the path that ordinarily takes you to Heide’s Tower of Flame, interact with the large stone rock, accept to join the covenant of Champions, at which point, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Abysmal Covenant
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Discover the abysmal covenant

This is by far the longest, most difficult covenant to join in the game, you will need to make your way through these 3 locations, the Shaded Woods, Black Gulch and Drangleic Castle, I wouldn’t even attempt to go for this covenant until you can comfortably navigate all 3 of these areas
You will need to find and exhaust the dialogue of Darkdiver Grandahl in all 3 locations, you can do this in any order you wish, once you have found and interacted with him in the third location, you can then join the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. Below, I’ll list off what you need to do in all 3 locations in order to join the covenant
Shaded Woods ~ in the first open area, over to the right is an area you can fall through a set of wooden slats, do this with nothing equipped whatsoever, apart from a weapon you don’t mind sacrificing as the area has acid that breaks all of your equipment very quickly. In this area will be Darkdiver Grandahl, exhaust his dialogue then move on to…
Black Gulch ~ Once you’re in Black Gulch, head down the first ledge until you find the 2 Razorback Nightcrawlers (large worms coming out of the wall). Just pass the Nightcrawlers, you will carefully need to drop down to a ledge below, then drop down twice more to come to a cave with 2 Elite Giants, these guys pack a serious amount of health and a bigger punch so be careful as you take them out. Once they’re both dead you will recieve the Forgotten Key which will allow you to open the door on the first ledge you landed on by dropping down. Use the Forgotten Key on this door and make your way through to the back of this area, interact with and exhaust the dialogue of Darkdiver Grandahl again. Once this is down you need to head off to…
Drangleic Castle ~ From the first bonfire you will head out of the room and take a right, you will then be a room with a lot of enemies, each of which destroys a section allowing you to progress into their respective alcoves. You need go to bottom left alcove, then drop through the hole in the floor. Speak with Dardiver Grandahl, remember, you can do these 3 locations in any order you wish.
Once you have found Dardiver Grandahl in the third location, you will then get the option to join the covenant, once you have joined the Pilgrims of Dark covenant, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Selfless Giver
Gold Image
GS - 50

Max-out devotion to covenant

You can max out your devotion to any of the above covenants, the easiest of these to do is the Heirs of Sunlight covenant, this is by far the easiest covenant to rank up as you will need Sunlight Medals, in order to acquire these quickly, you just need to grind out a group of Falconers in the Shaded Woods, they are very simple enemies to defeat and respawn infinitely as long as you are part of the covenant of Champions (this will make the game harder however, so be aware of this).
You will need a total of 30 Sunlight Medals to bring your allegiance to the Heirs of the Sun covenant to Rank 3.
There are a few things you can do to increase the drop rate of the Sunlight Medals, these are, equipping the Jester’s Cap (bought from Magerold of Lanafir in the Iron Keep for 2,000 souls), the Prisoner’s Tatters (defeat the Hollows in Huntsman’s Copse) and the Watchdragon Parma (acquired by defeating the small dragon in Heide’s Tower of Flame) and equipping the Gold Covetous Serpent Ring (found in Iron Keep). All 4 of these items greatly increase your item discovery, meaning you will find more Sunlight Medals for defeating the Falconers
From the Shaded Woods bonfire, head out of the left door, defeat the Falconers then either Homeward Bone or run back to the bonfire, rinse and repeat until you have 30 Sunlight Medals. If after 2 or 3 runs you don’t receive a single Sunlight Medal, simply quit out and reload. This should help you to acquire more, quickly
Once you have 30 Sunlight Medals, make your way back to the Altar of Sunlight, gift all of the Medals one by one. After you have gifted the 30th Sunlight medal, you will then be Rank 3 in the Heirs of the Sun covenant, which will then unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Curious Map
Silver Image
GS - 30

Light all flames on the map in Majula

This trophy / achievement is a long one, as in the entire story needs to be beaten before you can unlock it, along the way you have a series of challenging fights / areas to get through so ensure you are appropriately levelled with your best gear before you go after this one
Firstly, you will need to find Cardinal Cale, from the Forest of Fallen Giants (see Gathering of Exiles for information on this), upon speaking with Cale, he will give you the Mansion Key. Head back to Majula, then go to the mansion at the back of the area, use the key, then head down into the basement. Defeat the Skeletons down here, proceed through to the back room to find a map on the floor, it’s this map you will need to light all 8 blue fires upon
Below I will list all 8 requirements in the order you can complete them as you make your way through the game. If you have any questions / require clarification, leave a comment below and I’ll get to you as soon as I can

  • Last Giant (boss), Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower bonfire
    Defeat the Last Giant to light the first of the 8 fires in the mansion
  • Lost Sinner boss (boss), Sinner’s Rise, The Saltfort bonfire
    Defeat the Lost Sinner to light another of the 8 fires in the mansion
  • Old Iron King boss (boss), Iron Keep, Ironhearth Hall bonfire
    Defeat the Old Iron King to light another of the 8 fires in the mansion
  • Duke’s Dear Freja (boss), Brightstone Cove Tseldora, Chapel Threshold bonfire
    Defeat Duke’s Dear Freja to light another of the 8 fires in the mansion
  • The Rotten (boss), Black Gulch, Hidden Chamber bonfire
    Defeat The Rotten to light another of the 8 fires in the mansion
  • King’s Ring, Undead Crypt, Undead Ditch bonfire
    To obtain the King’s Ring, you need to progress through the entirety of the Undead Crypt area, once you’re in the Tomb area, proceed to the back, run pass King Vendrick, do not engage him, he’ll one shot you if this is the first time you’ve been here. The King’s Ring is on a corpse at the back of his arena. Once you have obtained the ring, you will have lit another of the 8 fires in the mansion
  • Ashen Mist Heart, Dragon Aerie, Shrine Entrance bonfire
    See Ancient Dragon for how to acquire the Ashen Mist Heart
  • Nashadra (final boss), Drangleic Castle, King’s Gate bonfire
    Defeat Nashandra to light the (if you followed this list in order) the 8th fire in the mansion

After you have successfully met the requirements above to light all 8 fires in the mansion. Go back to Majula and speak with Cale who will congratulate you, this will complete his side quest and unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Change of Clothes
Silver Image
GS - 30

Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear

In Majula, if you take the path through to the Shaded Woods, you will find a petrified Rosabeth of Melfia. You will need a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free her from her petrified state, once you have done so, speak with her and she will request something to wear, open your inventory and drop any wearable piece of equipment (head, body, arms or legs), Rsoabeth will then collect this item and equip it, which will unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Gathering of Exiles
Silver Image
GS - 30

Increase the population of Majula

You will need to find 7 NPCs dotted around the world as you make your way through Dark Souls 2 S.O.F.T.S. Whilst you can find these NPCs in any order, this trophy / achievement is a bit buggy, so it’s best to do this in the order I’ll list them (the order you can find them)

  • Merchant Hag Melentia, Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower bonfire
    Just before you go down the ladder after clearing the courtyard of Hollows will be Melentia, interact with her, purchase any item, then exhaust her dialogue, she will then go back to Majula
  • Cardinal Cale, Forest of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower bonfire
    Make your way through the area until you come to a large sloped root, rather than going up this route, progressing through the game, instead, jump off to the right, then go up the ladder, make your way to the top left corner to find a series of caves, go up the ramp (taking care to avoid the boulder that comes down). You will find Cale at the top of this ramp, talk to Cale until you have exhausted his dialogue, which will then send him back to Majula
  • Rosabeth of Melfia, Majula, The Far Fire bonfire
    You will find Rosabeth at the entrance to the Shaded Woods, she is the petrified statue blocking the contraption to open the gate. You will need a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free her, once she’s freed, talk to her, to have her relocate to Majula
  • Licia of Lindeldt, Heide’s Tower of Flame, Tower of Flame bonfire
    Once you have defeated the Dragonrider boss, head up the stairs, speak with Licia, exhaust her dialogue where she will then head off to Majula
  • Carhillion of the Fold, No Man’s Wharf, Unseen Path to Heide bonfire
    Ensure you have at least 10 Intelligence then head to No-Man’s Wharf, once you have rung the bell (not mandatory to interact with Carhillion), you will see 2 jettys. One leading to the ship and another one on the right, take the jetty on the right to find Carhillion. Exhaust his dialogue then you will be able to find him in Majula
  • Stone Trader Chloanne, Harvest Valley, Poison Pool bonfire
    Come out of the small cave where the Poison Pool bonfire is located, then take a right, just up here, on the right will be Stone Trader Chloanne. Exhaust her dialogue to have her relocate to Majula
  • Laddersmith Gilligan, Earthen Peak, Central Earthen Peak bonfire
    Just pass this bonfire, stay left, smash the wooden barrier, out on the ledge will be Laddersmith Gilligan, exhaust his dialogue to send him off to Majula

That’s all 7 NPCs you will need to send off to Majula, if, after you have sent the 7th NPC there and you haven’t unlock your trophy / achievement, speak to each of the NPCs in Majula, this should then fix the issue and unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Moonlight Greatsword
Silver Image
GS - 30

Inherit Benhart of Jugo’s equipment

This can be a very challenging trophy / achievement to unlock
You need to firstly speak with Benhart just outside where you find and then free Rosabeth of Melfia from her petrified state using a Fragrant Branch of Yore. After you have freed Rosabeth, speak with Benhart again, he will then become available as a summon for several boss fights throughout the game, here in lies the difficulty. You will need to summon Benhart a minimum of 3 times throughout 3 different boss fights on one playthrough, and he MUST NOT DIE in any of these encounters, if he does die, you will be unable to inherit his equipment until the next playthrough making this even more challenging
I strongly recommend you utilise cloud saves before every fight, as this will help you massively should Benhart die
You will need to be human in order to summon, so ensure you have a good supply of Human Effigies, the 3 boss fights you can summon him for are as follows

  • Prowling Magus ~ Benharts summon sign is in a tent at the Brightstone Cove Tseldora Army campsite, summon him then take down the Prowling Magus boss as quickly as you can, ensuring of course, Benhart stays alive until the conclusion of the battle
  • Looking Glass Knight ~ Just outside the fog gate for this boss fight in Drangleic Castle will be Benharts’ summon sign, this fight can be very challenging to keep Benhart alive, try and always stay in between Benhart and the Looking Glass Knight, the problem is Benhart is trying to be very aggressive towards the Knight and usually dies in a few hits. It will be prevalent to sacrifice yourself if this fight is going badly for Benhart which will allow you to retry the fight allowing Benhart to be at full health again
  • Elana, Squalid Queen ~ in the Dragon’s Rest area you will face off against Elana, this fight is incredibly challenging and the one that breaks Benharts’ questline for most people. Elana has buckets of health and has the ability to summon very powerful Knights, has very strong AOE attacks and can close range on you very quickly. Benhart will usually die to the Knights that appear whilst you’re trying to deal with Elana. This fight is probably the one fight in the game where managing the enemies’ placement is of the utmost importance, if Benhart starts getting low on health, try and sacrifice yourself / kill Elana quickly as this fight on ng+ and beyond becomes a ridiculous attempt to keep Benhart alive. Good luck with this one, you’ll need it

Once you have successfully kept Benhart alive for these 3 boss fights, you will need the Ashen Mist Heart (see Ancient Dragon for information on this). Go to the Forest of Fallen Giants, head back to where you defeated the Pursuer, head over to the large tree, interact with the tree to access the Memory of Orro, as soon as you’re in the memory, you will see Benhart, talk with him to receive his equipment
Once you have inherited Benharts’ equipment, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Holder of the Fort
Silver Image
GS - 30

Inherit Captain Drummond’s equipment

You will need to have made it pretty much through the entire game and have acquired both the Ashen Mist heart (see Ashen Mist Heart for information on this) and have acquired the King’s Ring (see King’s Ring for information on this) before you can attempt to acquire Captain Drummond’s equipment
Once you have acquired both of these items, equip the King’s Ring then go to the Cardinal Tower bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants, head down the ladder, cross the bridge and go through the door (as long as you have acquired the Soldiers Key from just before the Last Giant boss arena, if not, go and collect it)
Then open head left up the stairs, there will be a Syan Knight and 2 NPCs up here you will have to deal with (don’t aggro the Syan Knight until you have dealt with the NPCs)
Next, ensuring you have the King’s Ring equipped, approach the black double doors which will now open, go through and down, ensuring you light the The Place Unbeknownst bonfire
From here, ensure you are human (use a Human Effigy) then proceed outside and interact with the tree to enter the Memory of Jeigh. Before you go up the first flight of stairs, summon Captain Drummond, the tricky part is, you need to keep him alive until the end of the memory
This is probably the trophy / achievement that will require you to grind out some serious levels making yourself very powerful above all others in the game as in the Memory of Jeigh you will have to take on and defeat the Giant Lord boss who seems to only want to target Captain Drummond. Dispatch the Great Lord as swiftly as possible. If Drummond des, allow yourself to be killed before leaving the memory.
After you have successfully completed the Memory of Jeigh with Drummond surviving. Make your way back to the Cardinal Tower bonfire then down the ladder again, this time going left through the door, proceed forwards then take the first right when you’re outside. Take the first left to see 2 Hollows attacking a Tree, defeat them
Interact with the tree to be placed into the Memory of Vammar. Proceed down the corridor to find Captain Drummond lying on some wood. Exhaust his dialogue to receive his equipment, where your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock

Silver Image
GS - 30

Inherit equipment from Lucatiel of Mirrah

You will have some work to do here to acquire Lucatiels equipment, chief among which is not letting her die in any boss fight that you summon her for. If she does die, allow the boss to kill you which will reset progress allowing you to continue Lucatiel’s questline
In order for Lucatiel to give you her equipment, you will need to exhaust her dialogue in 5 different locations, summon her in for 3 different boss fights and as previously mentioned, do not allow her to die once
After you have done all of this, she can then be found in Aldia’s Keep in the hut next to the Foregarden bonfire
Also, ensure you speak to her in the following locations in order to avoid any potential issues
No Man’s Wharf, Unseen Path to Heide bonfire
From the bonfire, head across the jetty then up the stairs, you will find Lucatiel leaning against the wall of one of the houses up here. Exhaust her dialogue then proceed through No Man’s Wharf until you have activated the bell bringing the ship over to the end of a jetty. Ensure you are human (use a Human Effigy if you have died), then summon Lucatiel for the Flexile Sentry boss fight. Ensure she stays alive during the fight

Lost Bastille, McDuff’s Workshop bonfire
Go up the stairs from the bonfire to find Lucatiel leaning against the wall in a small room, exhaust her dialogue then make your way through the Lost Bastille to Sinner’s Rise where you can summon Lucatiel for the Lost Sinner boss fight. Again, make sure she stays alive

Harvest Valley, The Mines bonfire
Lucatiel is technically in Earthen Peak, however, going from the The Mines bonfire is a lot easier to get to her location, so from the bonfire, make your way to Earthen Peak. After you cross the bridge over the poison pool, go pass the poison barrels then down the stairs, carry on straight up the corridor then take a right where you will find Lucatiel leaning against a wall. Exhaust her dialogue here
Proceed through the Earthen Peak to the Iron Keep, as long as you are human, you can summon Lucatiel for the Smelter Demon boss fight. Keep her alive during this fight

Back Gulch, Black Gulch Mouth bonfire
A bit of an awkward one this, from the bonfire, head down the ramp, a little way down there will be a small ledge you can drop onto (don’t roll as you’ll fall into the chasm and die). This may take you a few attempts, use a torch to see better if it helps. Once down there, go through the passageway where you will find Lucatiel at the end. Exhaust her dialogue
You can then, if you choose to, summon her for the fight against The Rotten. However, this isn’t essential if you have summoned her for the Flexile Sentry, Lost Sinner and the Smelter Demon boss fights

Aldia’s Keep, Foregarden bonfire
Now if you’ve successfully completed all of the aforementioned steps above, you will then meet Lucatiel in the hut where the Foregarden bonfire is, exhaust her dialogue again where you will then receive her equipment, unlocking your Trophy / Achievement in the process

Smith for Life
Silver Image
GS - 30

Inherit Steady Hand McDuff’s equipment

You can find Steady Hand McDuff in the Lost Bastille. Just before you go down the long staircase, you need to send the barrel you’ll find at the top down in a straight line so it smashing into a subsequently destroys the wall at the bottom of the stairs, if you fail to send the barrel down in a straight line, rest at a bonifre then go back to try again and be very gentle when you touch the barrel and make sure you touch it dead centre.
Once the wall has been destroyed, go and speak to McDuff, after this, head to the Iron Keep, go over the first bridge, through the building then take a right across the decond bridge over the lava. Take a right, then do a running jump onto the ledge, go down the broken staircase to find the Dull Ember
After you have collected the Dull Ember, make your back to Steady Hand McDuff, give him the Dull Ember, then purchase roughly 15,000 souls worth of infusion stones with him for any weapon
Once you have spent enough souls with Mcduff, he will then give you a Titanite Slab, at which point, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Garrulous Miser
Silver Image
GS - 30

Inherit Laddersmith Gilligan’s equipment

Make your way through Earthen Peak to the Central Earthen Peak bonfire, just pass this bonfire, stay left, smash the wooden barrier, out on the ledge will be Laddersmith Gilligan, speak with him then make your way back to Majula. You will then find Gilligan next to the large hole, purchase his longest ladder for 12,000 souls, then talk to Gilligan again to receive the Melu Scimitar, at which point, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Reflections on Disembodiment
Silver Image
GS - 30

Inherit equipment from the head of Vengarl

Once you are in the Shaded Woods, rest at the bonfire then take the right path through the foggy area. Stay left until you can take your first left up a ramp, once you’re in the area with the round pillars head over to the right and interact with the rocks there
Speak with the Head of Vengarl until you receive Vengarl’s Helm, at which point your Trophy / Achievement unlocks

This is Dark Souls
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Die for the first time

If you manage to leave this one until your last trophy / achievement. You are a true God at this game and a legend
For the rest of us mere mortals, this will more than likely be one of if not the very first Trophy / Achievements you’ll unlock

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