Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Supreme Weapon Trophy Guide

Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin

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Supreme Weapon

50g tester 2

Supreme Weapon
Reinforce a weapon to its limit

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Supreme Weapon Trophy Guide
You can find Blacksmith Lenigrast in Majula, when you first encounter him, his door will be locked.
Make your way over to the Forest of Fallen Giants, purchase Leingrasts Key for 1,000 Souls then go back and open his door, speak with him and he will start doing upgrades once you have travelled to at least 2 areas through fast travel
In order to reinforce a weapon, you will firstly need, a weapon, any standard (non boss) weapon will suffice
In addition, if you speak with Stone Trader Chloanne, just outside of the Harvest Valley, Poison Pool bonfire where she will then relocate to Majula, you will easily be able to purchase the required Titanite Chunks / Titanite Slab required to max out your weapon to +10
You will then require

Titanite Shards

x6 Titanite Shards
Titanite Shards can be purchased from Lenigrast for 800 souls to take your weapon from 0 – +3

Large Titanite Shards

x6 Large Titanite Shards
Large Titanite Shards drop from most enemies in Brightstone Cave Tseldora, using the 6 Large Titanite Shards will enhance your weapon from +3 – +6

Titanite Chunks

x6 Titanite Chunks
You can purchase Titanite Chunks from Stone Trader Chloanne for 6,000 souls each after acquiring the King’s Ring from behind Vendrick in the Undead Crypt which will, when used at the blacksmith enhance your weapon from +6 – +9

Titanite Slab

x1 Titanite Slab
A Titanite Slab becomes purchasable from Stone Trader Chloanne for 13,000 souls after acquiring the King’s Ring which will then allow you to enhance your weapon from +9 – +10

Take all of these items to a Blacksmith (can be done progressively through the game) and level up your favourite weapon
Once you have reinforced your weapon to +10, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin, Supreme Weapon Trophy / Achievement
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