Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Lucatiel Trophy Guide

Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin

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Inherit equipment from Lucatiel of Mirrah

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Lucatiel Trophy Guide
You will have some work to do here to acquire Lucatiel’s equipment, chief among which is not letting her die in any boss fight that you summon her for. If she does die, allow the boss to kill you which will reset progress allowing you to continue Lucatiel’s questline
In order for Lucatiel to give you her equipment, you will need to exhaust her dialogue in 5 different locations, summon her in for 3 different boss fights and as previously mentioned, do not allow her to die once
After you have done all of this, she can then be found in Aldia’s Keep in the hut next to the Foregarden bonfire
Also, ensure you speak to Lucatiel in the following locations in order to avoid any potential issues

No Man’s Wharf

Unseen Path To Heide bonfire
From the bonfire, head across the jetty then up the stairs, you will find Lucatiel leaning against the wall of one of the houses up here. Exhaust her dialogue then proceed through No Man’s Wharf until you have activated the bell bringing the ship over to the end of a jetty.
Ensure you are human (use a Human Effigy if you have died), then summon Lucatiel for the Flexile Sentry boss fight. Ensure she stays alive during the fight

Lost Bastille

McDuff’s Workshop bonfire
Go up the stairs from the bonfire to find Lucatiel leaning against the wall in a small room, exhaust her dialogue then make your way through the Lost Bastille to Sinner’s Rise where you can summon Lucatiel for the Lost Sinner boss fight. Again, make sure she stays alive

Harvest Valley

The Mine’s bonfire
Lucatiel is technically in Earthen Peak, however, going from the The Mines bonfire is a lot easier to get to her location, so from the bonfire, make your way to Earthen Peak. After you cross the bridge over the poison pool, go pass the poison barrels then down the stairs, carry on straight up the corridor then take a right where you will find Lucatiel leaning against a wall. Exhaust her dialogue here
Proceed through the Earthen Peak to the Iron Keep, as long as you are human, you can summon Lucatiel for the Smelter Demon boss fight. Keep her alive during this fight

Black Gulch

Black Gulch Mouth bonfire
A bit of an awkward one this, from the bonfire, head down the ramp, a little way down there will be a small ledge you can drop onto (don’t roll as you’ll fall into the chasm and die). This may take you a few attempts, use a torch to see better if it helps. Once down there, go through the passageway where you will find Lucatiel at the end. Exhaust her dialogue
You can then, if you choose to, summon her for the fight against The Rotten. However, this isn’t essential if you have summoned her for the Flexile Sentry, Lost Sinner and the Smelter Demon boss fights

Aldia’s Keep

Foregarden bonfire
Now if you’ve successfully completed all of the aforementioned steps above, you will then meet Lucatiel in the hut where the Foregarden bonfire is, exhaust her dialogue again where you will then receive her equipment, unlocking your Trophy / Achievement in the process

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin, Lucatiel Trophy / Achievement
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