Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Curious Map Trophy Guide

Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin

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Curious Map

30g tester 2

Curious Map
Light all flames on the map in Majula

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the complete Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Curious Map Trophy Guide
This trophy / achievement is a long one, as in the entire story needs to be beaten before you can unlock it, along the way you have a series of challenging fights / areas to get through so ensure you are appropriately levelled with your best gear before you go after this one
Firstly, you will need to find Cardinal Cale, from the Forest of Fallen Giants (click the link to go to the Gathering Of Exiles Trophy Guide for information on this), upon speaking with Cale, he will give you the Mansion Key.
Head back to Majula, then go to the mansion at the back of the area, use the key, then head down into the basement.
Defeat the Skeletons down here, proceed through to the back room to find a map on the floor, it’s this map you will need to light all 8 blue fires upon
Below I will list all 8 requirements in the order you can complete them as you make your way through the game. If you have any questions / require clarification, leave a comment below and I’ll get to you as soon as I can

Last Giant

Forest Of Fallen Giants, Cardinal Tower bonfire
Defeat the Last Giant to light the first fire in Majula

Lost Sinner

Sinners Rise, the Saltfort bonfire
Defeat the Lost Sinner to light the second fire in Majula

Old Iron King

Iron Keep, Ironhearth Hall bonfire
Defeat the Old iron King to light the third fire in Majula

Duke’s Dear Freja

Brightstone Cove Tseldora, Chapel Threshold bonfire
Defeat Duke’s Dear Freja to light the fourth fire in Majula

The Rotten

Black Gulch, Hidden Chamber bonfire
Defeat The Rotten to light the fifth fire in Majula

King’s Ring

Undead Crypt, Undead Ditch bonfire
To obtain the King’s Ring, you need to progress through the entirety of the Undead Crypt area, once you’re in the Tomb area, proceed to the back, run pass King Vendrick, do not engage him as he’ll one shot you if this is the first time you’ve been here.
King’s Ring is on a corpse at the back of his arena. Once you have obtained the ring, you will have lit the sixth fire in Majula

Ashen Mist Heart

Dragon Aerie, Shrine Entrance bonfire
You will need to speak with the Ancient Dragon at the top of the Dragon Shrine in order to obtain the Ashen Mist Heart, which, once in your inventory will then have lit the seventh fire in Majula


Drangleic Castle, King’s Gate bonfire
Defeat Nashandra to light the eighth bonfire in Majula

After you have successfully met the requirements above to light all 8 fires in the mansion. Go back to Majula and speak with Cale who will congratulate you, this will complete his side quest, unlocking your Trophy / Achievement

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin, Curious map Trophy / Achievement
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