Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Abysmal Covenant Trophy Guide

Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin

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Abysmal Covenant

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Abysmal Covenant
Discover the abysmal covenant

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the complete Dark Souls II Scholar of The First Sin Abysmal Covenant Trophy Guide
This is by far the longest, most difficult covenant to join in the game, you will need to make your way through these 3 locations, the Shaded Woods, Black Gulch and Drangleic Castle, I wouldn’t even attempt to go for this covenant until you can comfortably navigate all 3 of these areas
You will need to find and exhaust the dialogue of Darkdiver Grandahl in all 3 locations, you can do this in any order you wish, once you have found and interacted with him in the third location, you can then join the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. Below, I’ll list off what you need to do in all 3 locations in order to join the covenant

Shaded Woods

In the first open area, over to the right is an area you can fall through a set of wooden slats, do this with nothing equipped whatsoever, apart from a weapon you don’t mind sacrificing as the area has acid that breaks all of your equipment very quickly. In this area will be Darkdiver Grandahl, exhaust his dialogue then move on to the Black Gulch

Black Gulch

Once you’re in Black Gulch, head down the first ledge until you find the 2 Razorback Nightcrawlers (large worms coming out of the wall). Just pass the Nightcrawlers, you will carefully need to drop down to a ledge below, then drop down twice more to come to a cave with 2 Elite Giants, these guys pack a serious amount of health and a bigger punch so be careful as you take them out.
Once they’re both dead you will receive the Forgotten Key which will allow you to open the door on the first ledge you landed on by dropping down.
Use the Forgotten Key on this door and make your way through to the back of this area, interact with and exhaust the dialogue of Darkdiver Grandahl again. Once this is down you need to head off to Drangleic Castle

Drangleic Castle

From the first bonfire you will head out of the room and take a right, you will then be a room with a lot of enemies, each of which destroys a section allowing you to progress into their respective alcoves. You need go to bottom left alcove, then drop through the hole in the floor. Speak with Darkdiver Grandahl, remember, you can do these 3 locations in any order you wish

Once you have found Dardiver Grandahl in the third location, you will then get the option to join the covenant, once you have joined the Pilgrims of Dark covenant, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin, Abysmal Covenant Trophy / Achievement
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