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In total, there are 31 sorceries that can be earnt as you make your way through Dark Souls 2, this will include going through the DLC areas which are included in the S.O.F.T.S. version of the game to acquire them all
Most of the sorceries can be purchased from 
5 NPCs throughout the world. The rest are acquired throughout the world or in a covenant
 In order to cast a sorcery, you will need a staff then at a bonfire you can attune the spell, allowing you to cast it for the given amount of times allowed

Here is a brief overview of where the NPCs are and the requirements you will need to meet in order for them to start selling you their various sorceries

  • Carhillion of the Fold, No-Man’s Wharf, Unseen Path to Heide bonfire
    Found on a jetty, to the right of the one you need to board the ship and travel to the Lost Bastille, speak with Carhillion when you have at least 8 Intelligence, he will then move to Majula after you defeat the Flexile Sentry boss and will then sell you his sorceries
  • Straid of Olaphis, The Lost Bastille, Sinner’s Rise The Saltfort bonfire
    Straid is found easily if you come back on yourself from The Saltfort bonfire in Sinner’s Rise, even though he is technically in The Lost Bastille. Make your way down and back across the bridge, kill the Mummies and go up the stairs, defeat all of the Mummies up the stairs. You will then see a petrified Straid, blocking the entrance to the left cell. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free him, you will then be able to light and travel back to the Straid’s Cell bonfire. In order for Straid to sell you his sorceries, you must have at least 3 Intelligence and 3 Faith
    Whenever you return to Straid, take out the mummies on the same floor as the cells as a priority as if they aggro, they can kill Straid very quickly. Take special care of the Mummy right next to Straid as hitting him will stop him from selling you sorceries, so use a bow / spell to be on the safe side
  • Weaponsmith Ornifex, Shaded Woods, Shaded Ruins bonfire
    From the Shaded Ruins bonfire, make your way around to the ledge just off to the right, you will find a petrified Lion Warrior, use a Fragrant Branch of Yore and defeat it to receive the Fang Key. Next, go to the wooden slats in the same area so you can fall through to an area with acid (don’t equip anything down here as the acid will break it very quickly except one weapon you don’t mind losing), go up and to the left to find a wooden door, use the Fang Key, speak with Ornifex (exhaust her dialogue), where she will then relocate to Brightstone Cave Tseldora, so head over there
    From the Chapel Threshold bonfire, make your way back out to the flat area, go over to the right and jump the gap (practice jumping first if you’re not confident), then make your way down to the ground level. Careful down here as you will get invaded as well as have to contend with multiple Spiders, Spellcasters that have amazing tracking, a Basilisk, as well as being invaded. Once you have dealt with all of these enemies, go to the wooden door next to the quicksand whirlpool. Inside this small building will be Ornifex, speak with her and she will start selling you sorceries
  • Grave Warden Agdayne, Undead Crypt, Undead Crypt Entrance bonfire
    From the bonfire, head through the area, until a voice starts speaking to you, it is imperative you don’t have any light on you and that you have dealt with the torch wielding Hollow, before you go up to Agdayne as any light will turn him hostile until your next playthrough. He will only talk to you in complete darkness, after you have spoken to him the first time, he will then be willing to sell you his spells
  • Royal Sorcerer Navlaan, Aldia’s Keep, Foregarden bonfire
    This is by far the trickiest NPC to be able to acquire spells from. I will give you a complete overview of what’s required below
    Firstly, get to Aldia’s Keep, then proceed inside, go around to the right to speak with Navlaan
    Please Note ~ There is a lever at the end of the left path that will free Navlaan, it is very important that you DO NOT TOUCH THIS LEVER as he will disappear and also go on an NPC killing spree when he’s out which can seriously mess up your current playthrough
    Speak with Navlaan whilst you’re Hollow (die at least once and don’t use a Human Effigy) and he will request a few things of you before he will sell you his spells
    Your first task is to bring him a Ladder Miniature, which can be acquired from Laddersmith Gilligan (found in Earthen Peak, speak with Gilligan to send him back to Majula) in Majula. You can purchase a Ladder Miniature after you have purchased the longest ladder for 12,000 souls, once acquired, take this back to Navlaan
    Navlaan will then instruct you to collect the Helm of Cale the Cartographer, to find Cale, go to the Forest of Fallen Giants, once you have gone up the stairs, drop down to the right just before you go up the tree trunk to where you can fight the Pursuer, go up the ladder, across the rooftops to go to the top right corner of this area, watch out for the rolling boulder, speak with Cale to send him back to Majula, once he’s there, you will need to light all of the bonfires in the mansion. See Curious Map for more information on this. Once you have lit every bonfire and have unlocked your Curious Map Trophy / Achievement, Cale will gift you his Helm so take this back to Navlaan
    Next up, you need to acquire the Sunset Staff, this used to be easily acquired by killing the Mimic outside Aldia’s Keep, however, in the SOTFS version of the game (PS4, Xbox One etc), it can ONLY be acquired from Felkin The Outcast in Huntsman Copse. In order to acquire the Sunset Staff, you will need 20 Intelligence AND 20 Faith which, if you run a melee build can be a bit of a pain to grind to You do have the option of killing Felkin to acquire the staff, however, ensure you have acquired all of Felkins’ Hexes before hand, otherwise the Master Of Hexes Trophy / Achievement will be unobtainable on this playthrough so having the required stats is the best option here. Once you have the Sunset Staff, return to Navlaan
    Finally you will be tasked with finding the Aged Feather, this can be acquired from the Emerald Herald who appears at the start of the Dragon Aerie location, speak with the Herald to acquire the Aged Feather then return to Navlaan
    Please Note ~ you don’t actually lose the items, simply having any of the 4 required items in your inventory, is enough of a requirement for Navlaan
    After you have acquired all 4 of the items he requires, you will then receive the Unleash Magic sorcery and Navlaan will now sell you his sorceries. Just don’t ever pull the lever on the left pathway as this will still free him!

In addition to the 5 NPCs listed above, you will also need to acquire Boss Souls then trade them in with Straid Of Olaphis in The Lost Bastille to acquire additional sorceries

There are several sorceries located through the world of Drangleic in varying locations, including 2 of the 3 DLC packs (included with the S.O.F.T.S. version), the Crown of the Sunken King and the Crown of Ivory King 
Then finally, you will also need to join the Bell Keeper Covenant see Clangorous Covenant for information on this
I will give you the full list of all 
31 Sorceries and where you can acquire them from and the stats required to use them

Carhillion Of The Fold

  • Soul Arrow, 1,500 souls
    10 Intelligence
  • Shockwave1,800 souls
    13 Intelligence
  • Heavy Soul Arrow2,000 souls
    12 Intelligence
  • Magic Weapon2,000 souls
    10 Intelligence
  • Soul Spear Barrage2,600 souls
    17 Intelligence
  • Great Soul Arrow, 3,000 souls
    14 Intelligence
  • Yearn, 3,000 souls
    19 Intelligence
  • Great Heavy Soul Arrow, 4,500 souls
    16 Intelligence

Straid Of Olaphis

  • Cast Light, 3,000 souls
    14 Intelligence
  • Strong Magic Shield, 6,300 souls
    18 Intelligence
  • Homing Soul Arrow, 6,500 souls
    25 Intelligence

Weaponsmith Ornifex

  • Fall Control, 4,800 souls
    15 Intelligence
  • Homing Soulmass, 6,000 souls
    24 Intelligence

Grave Warden Agdayne

  • Soul Vortex, 10,400 souls
    37 Intelligence
  • Soul Spear, 12,000 souls
    40 Intelligence

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

(Ensure you have read the details above before you go for these)
  • Unleash Magic, acquired once you have completed Navlaans’ questline
    58 Intelligence
  • Great Magic Weapon, 6,000 souls
    18 Intelligence

Boss Soul Weapons

  • Heavy Homing Soul Arrow, 1,500 souls, Ruin Sentinel Soul
    35 Intelligence
  • Soul Shower, 1,500 souls, Scorpioness Najka Soul
    22 Intelligence
  • Crystal Soul Spear, 10,000 souls, Old Paledrake Soul (Duke’s Dear Freja)
    53 Intelligence

World Loot Sorceries

  • Hush, The Lost Bastille, Servants’ Quarters bonfire, Chest
    15 Intelligence
    From the bonfire, go forward and through the door on the right back to where you fought the Ruin Sentinel boss, drop down to the lower level. Face the broken black double doors in the archway and head right, the second from the right wall panel is an illusionary wall, to open the wall, press CROSS / A when close to it. Go into this new area, go up the ladder to find a Chest, inside of which is the Hush sorcery
  • ChameleonHarvest Valley, The Mines bonfire, Corpse
    14 Intelligence
    From The Mines bonfire, head out as normal to the poison pool with the 2 Giants, go across the right path, then drop down to the right of the wooden bridge, on one of these corpses is the Chameleon sorcery
  • Repair, Shaded RuinsShaded Ruins bonfire, Chest
    15 Intelligence
    You will need a Fragrant Branch of Yore,then make your way out from the bonfire then go to the top left of this area, use the Fragrant Branch of Yore on the Lion Warrior, defeat it. Open the chest to acquire the Repair sorcery
  • Soul Greatsword, Drangleic Castle, Central Castle Drangleic bonfire, Chest
    27 Intelligence
    From the bonfire, head out to the right, go up the ladder and down into the room with the statues, go through the door on the right, to find 2 chests, the chest on the left will hold the Soul Greatsword sorcery
  • Soul Bolt, Drangleic Castle, Central Castle bonfire, Chest
    45 Intelligence
    After you have defeated the Looking Glass Knight, just before you go down the elevator, go over to your left to find a chest, inside of which is the Soul Bolt sorcery
  • Homing Crystal Soulmass, Shrine Of Amana, Rhoy’s Resting Place bonfire, Corpse
    32 Intelligence
    From the bonfire, make your way out to the left, careful down here as there are a lot of Mages that can be a pain with their homing magic, pick them off one by one then make your way to the back end of the pillars, just behind a fallen pillar is the Homing Crystal Soulmass sorcery
  • Soul Geyser, Aldia’s Keep, Ritual Site bonfire, Corpse
    64 Intelligence
    From the Ritual Site bonfire, make your way down the stairs then unequip everything, all weapons, armour, rings, equipment, then equip one weapon you don’t mind losing as you need to go through a small lake of acid with a few Rats, try and take the Rats out with ranged attacks then head to the far right corner to acquire the Soul Geyser sorcery
  • Crystal Magic Weapon, Dragon Shrine, Shrine Entrance bonfire, Chest
    26 Intelligence
    Make your way up through the area pass the Dragon Knights, once at the top of the stairs, go around to the left, cross the small bridge. Drop down then proceed forward, go up the spiral staircase where you acquire the Petrified Egg. Drop down to the ledge and go right, the Crystal Magic Weapon sorcery is in the chest

World Loot Sorceries Crown Of The Sunken King DLC

  • Focus Souls, Shulva, Sanctum City, Sanctum Walk bonfire, Corpse
    60 Intelligence
    From the starting bonfire, head forward and drop down the first hole near the Archers, turn around and walk forward, take a right then a left down the ramp, proceed up the small staircase, go forward down the stairs then at the bottom take an immediate left, follow this path through to find a narrow bridge, cross this then go around to the right before you cross the long bridge where the Dragon appeared, you will find the Focus Souls sorcery on a Corpse

World Loot Sorceries Crown Of The Ivory King DLC

  • Soul Flash, Frozen Eleum Loyce, Abandoned Dwelling Bonfire, Chest
    28 Intelligence
    There is a two stage process to get the Soul Flash sorcery, first go out from the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, take a left, go through the snowy area, up the stairs and round to the right, cross the bridge and again, take a right up the stairs then go left, left, left to find a lever. Pull the lever then go back to the Outer Wall bonfire. Go through the area, taking a right, go down the stairs then go through the doorway opposite, at the end of this area will be the Soul Flash sorcery in a Chest
After you have acquired all 31 sorceries, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock
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