Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Master Of Pyromancy Trophy Guide

Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin

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Master of Pyromancy

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Master of Pyromancy
Learn all pyromancies

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Master Of Pyromancy Trophy Guide
There are 24 Pyromancies throughout Dark Souls II S.O.T.F.S. and to collect them all you have a lot of work to do
Every pyromancy can be collected in offline mode, if you do go for this one in offline mode, which this guide will focus on, you will need to complete the game twice then get to Drangleic Castle where Chancellor Wellager will then sell you a Pyromancy
You will need to go through the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC area (included with the S.O.T.F.S. version of the game)
A good portion of the Pyromancies can be purchased from 6 NPCs throughout the world, the rest are found throughout Drangleic as you make your way through the game
You will, however, need to have a Pyromancy Flame in order to use a Pyromancy for the given amount of times allowed
The NPCs you will need are

Rosabeth Of Melfia

Majula, The Far Fire bonfire
Make your way towards the Shaded Woods which will be inaccessible as Rosabeth will be petrified when you first get to her. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to un-petrify her, then after speaking with her, drop her an item of clothing which unlocks the Change of Clothes trophy / achievement, doing so will also cause Rosabeth to relocate to Majula where she will then sell you her pyromancies

Straid Of Olaphis

The Lost Bastille, Straid’s Cell bonfire
Straid is found easily if you come back on yourself from The Saltfort bonfire in Sinner’s Rise, even though he is technically in The Lost Bastille. Make your way down and back across the bridge, kill the Mummies and go up the stairs, defeat all of the Mummies up the stairs. You will then see a petrified Straid, blocking the entrance to the left cell.
Use a 
Fragrant Branch of Yore to free him, you will then be able to light and travel back to the Straid’s Cell bonfire. In order for Straid to sell you his spells, you must have at least 3 Intelligence and 3 Faith
Whenever you return to Straid, take out the mummies on the same floor as the cells as a priority as if they aggro, they can kill Straid very quickly.
Take special care of the 
Mummy right next to Straid as hitting him will stop him from selling you sorceries, so use a bow / spell to be on the safe side

Titchy Gren

Undead Purgatory, Undead Purgatory bonfire
You will need to meet Titchy Gren and join the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant. Click the link to go to the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Trophy Guide then go to the Sanguinary Covenant Bronze Image PS 10g tester 2guide for information on how to do this
Once you have joined the covenant, Titchy Gren will then sell you his pyromancy

Grave Warden Agdayne

Undead Crypt, Undead Crypt Entrance bonfire
From the bonfire, head through the area, until a voice starts speaking to you, it is imperative you don’t have any light on you and that you have dealt with the torch wielding Hollow, before you go up to Agdayne as any light will turn him hostile until your next playthrough. He will only talk to you in complete darkness, after you have spoken to him the first time, he will then be willing to sell you his spells

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

Aldia’s Keep, Foregarden bonfire
You will have a lot of work to do in order to be able to purchase the one pyromancy Navlaan holds.
Please Note ~ DO NOT! pull the lever round to the left in Aldia’s Keep as this will free Navlaan from his cell making it impossible to obtain his pyromancy
Click the link to go to the Master Of Sorcery Trophy Guide where you can find a complete breakdown on how to enable Navlaan to sell you his spells

Chancellor Wellager

Drangleic Castle, King’s Gate bonfire
You will find Chancellor Wellager on the balcony up the first set of stairs after you have opened the main doors to Drangleic Castle, however, in order for him to sell you his pyromancy, you will need to get to him on NG++
In addition to the 6 NPCs listed above, you will also find several pyromancies scattered throughout the world of Drangleic, as well as finding 3 pyromancies in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC

Below, I will list off all 24 pyromancies, none of these have stat limitations

Rosabeth Of Melfia


1,200 Souls

Fire Orb

3,400 Souls


1,500 Souls

Poison Mist

3,400 Souls

Flash Sweat

2,300 Souls

Iron Flesh

3,500 Souls

Straid Of Olaphis

Toxic Mist

1,500 Souls
You will need the Royal Rat Vanguard soul, trade the soul with Straid for the Toxic Mist Pyromancy

Acid Surge

1,500 Souls
You will need the Royal Rat Authority soul, trade the soul with Straid for the Acid Surge pyromancy

Lingering Flame 

6,700 Souls

Flame Swathe

9,500 Souls

Flame Weapon

10,000 Souls
You will need the Old Witch Soul (Lost Sinner boss), trade this with Straid for the Flame Weapon pyromancy

Titchy Gren


4,500 Souls

Great Combustion

4,800 Souls

Fire Whip

3,800 Souls

Grave Warden Agdayne


5,200 Souls

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

Forbidden Sun

As long as you follow the complete Navlaan guide as mentioned above, you will receive the Forbidden Sun pyromancy after acquiring the Sunset Staff

Chancellor Wellager

Great Chaos Fireball

17,400 Souls

World Loot Pyromancies

Great Fireball

Brightstone Cove Tseldora, Chapel Threshold bonfire
You will firstly need the Brightstone Key which is obtained by defeating Duke Tseldora in the Lord’s Private Chamber which is accessible after defeating the The Duke’s Dear Freja boss
Once you have the key, make your way down the lower level from the Chapel Threshold bonfire then cross the bridge over the spikes to be in a large room full of Spiders, deal with them all then go to the door on the right of where you came in. Go through another door opposite, where you will find the Great Fireball pyromancy in a chest

Fire Tempest

Shrine Of Amana, Crumbled Ruins bonfire, Chest
From the bonfire head around the area to where the Ogre is. I recommend dealing with all the Mages in the area as they have a ridiculous draw distance and they can easily defeat you before you can react at range. At the very edge of the walkable path behind the Ogre will be a chest underwater, in this chest is the Fire Tempest pyromancy

Chaos Storm

Iron Keep, Ironhearth Hall bonfire, Chest
This is the hardest pyromancy to acquire in the game as you ned to make it across lava, open a chest and retrieve the pyromancy before you die. There are a few things you can do in order to help you do this thankfully
First up, ensure you have the Flash Sweat pyromancy, purchased from Rosabeth then equip the Hexer’s armor set ~ Speak with Felkin the Outcast (Huntsman’s Copse, Undead Refuge bonfire) whilst you have 20+ Intelligence and 20+ Faith stats. Max this armour out as much as you can with Twinkling Titanite
I strongly recommend not being part of the Champions covenant then killing the enemies 12 times to remove them from the field of play
Making your way out from the Ironhearth Hall bonfire, cross the bridge then proceed up the stairs. Ensure you roll through the urns on the ledge to cover yourself in water, then don’t hang about, get down the stairs. Use the Flash Sweat pyromancy then run to the chest at the end of the lava walkway. Once you get to it, heal and use Flash Sweat again. Open the chest and retrieve the Chaos Storm pyromancy


Belfry Sol, Belfry Sol Approach bonfire, Chest
Make your way up the ladder from the bonfire then go across to the top right portion of the area, take the left doorway ascend the ladder, go across and down the rooftops then through the doorway, in a chest before you go down the stairs will be the Immolation bonfire

World Loot Crown Of The Iron King DLC Pyromancies


45,000 Souls
You will need the Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash which can be acquired by collecting 12 fragments throughout the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC
In order to find a soul of Nadalia fragment, you will need Smelter Wedges then use a Smelter Wedge on an Ashen Idol, this will then grant you one of the 12 fragments of Nadalia’s Soul. In total, there are 11 Fragments to collect throughout the DLC using 11 Smelter Wedges on the Ashen Idols the 12th is acquired by defeating the famously challenging Fume Knight

Smelter Wedges

Smelter Wedge 1-6

6 Smelter Wedges are found just before you cross the first large chain on an ashen statue

Smelter Wedge 7

1 Smelter Wedge can be obtained after defeating Sir Alonne, once he’s down, head to the right side of the arena, go through the now open door then examine behind the throne

Smelter Wedge 8-11

4 more can be found by going out from the Foyer bonfire, head up the central elevator, at the top, go onto the closest elevator against the back wall. At the top, go right then through the door on the left. Make your way through the area, taking care when near the exploding barrels. Go up the stairs and make your way through to end of this area
Quick tip, hit the horse on the 2nd level that’s spewing fire to send it down the corridor taking care of the enemies for you, in the last alcove is a chest containing the 4 Smelter Wedges

Ashen Idols 

Ashen Idol 1

Head up the stairs from the Brume TowerThrone Floor bonfire

Ashen Idol 2

Descend the large ladder just down the ramp from the first Ashen Idol

Ashen Idol 3

In the room with the large Knight and the enemy throwing firebombs at you opposite the large double doors you can open

Ashen Idol 4-8

4 Ashen Idols are found around the arena where you will fight the Fume Knight, ensure you take them out before fighting him as they can heal the Fume Knight if you allow him to get close to them

Ashen Idol 9

In the room before you go through to fight Sir Allone

Ashen Idol 10

From the Foyer bonfire, go up the central elevator, then up the next 2 elevators, proceed round to the left, there will be an elevator that won’t stop on your floor, wait for it to go below you then roll down onto it and roll off again once you’re on the same level you were just on. Open the double steel doors then the Ashen Idol is behind the 3rd door

Ashen Idol 11

Proceeding from the Foyer bonfire, this time, go through the door on your left which will require you to have the Tower Key. To do so, go from the Foyer bonfire, take the central elevator down, go left then through the first corridor on the right. This will bring you outside, on the far right corner on the edge is a corpse with the Tower Key
Now you have the Tower Key, open the door and go down the stairs, take a left, then behind the first door on the left will be the Ashen Idol

Ashen Idol 12

Going from the Foyer bonfire, go up the second stair case on the left, make your way outside. Cross the chain, then go down the spiral staircase, in the second alcove will be the Ashen Idol

As long as you have removed all 11 Ashen Idols and have defeated the Fume Knight, you will then get a message on screen reading “Nadalia is no more. True Soul of Nadalia acquired.
Once you have acquired the Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash, you can then trade this with Straid for the Outcry pyromancy

Dance Of Fire

Brume Tower, Throne Floor bonfire, Corpse
Proceed down through the area from the bonfire until you get to the long ladder. Descend the ladder then take an immediate right to be in a small room, at the back of the room on a corpse is the Dance of Fire pyromancy

Fire Snake

Brume Tower, Foyer bonfire, Chest
You will first need to have acquired the Tower Key, to do so, go from the Foyer bonfire, take the central elevator down, go left then through the first corridor on the right. This will bring you outside, on the far right corner on the edge is a corpse with the Tower Key
Now you have the Tower Key, proceed back to the Foyer bonfire, this time, you need to open the door to your left once near the central elevator again. Go down the stairs, take a right then open the first door on your right, inside of which will be a chest containing the Fire Snake pyromancy

Collect all 24 pyromancies to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin, Master Of Pyromancy Trophy / Achievement
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