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In total, there are 28 miracles to find throughout the game, all of which can be acquired in offline mode, if you do go for this one in offline mode you will have to complete the game twice then get through your third playthrough to NG++ before Chancellor Wellager will sell you the remaining miracles
You will have a lot of work to do in order to acquire every miracle in the game, including going through 2 of the DLC areas (included with the S.O.F.T.S. version of the game)
The majority of the miracles can be purchased through 6 NPCs found throughout the game
You will need a Sacred Chime equipped then at a bonfire you can attune the miracle, allowing you to cast it the given amount of times allowed

Here’s a brief overview of where the NPCs are found and the requirements you will need to meet in order for them to start selling you their various miracles

  • Licia of Lindeldt, Heide’s Tower of Flame, Tower of Flame bonfire
    After you have defeated the Dragonrider boss, make your way up the stairs to find Licia. Speak with her, exhausting her dialogue where she will then relocate to Majula and start selling you miracles. Please Note ~ !DO NOT! use a Crushed Red Eye Orb near Licia as this will then cause you to invade her, she will then either be dead if you win or no longer sell you miracles if you die
  • Straid of Olaphis, The Lost Bastille, Sinner’s Rise The Saltfort bonfire
    Straid is found easily if you come back on yourself from The Saltfort bonfire in Sinner’s Rise, even though he is technically in The Lost Bastille. Make your way down and back across the bridge, kill the Mummies and go up the stairs, defeat all of the Mummies up the stairs. You will then see a petrified Straid, blocking the entrance to the left cell. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free him, you will then be able to light and travel back to the Straid’s Cell bonfire. In order for Straid to sell you his spells, you must have at least 3 Intelligence and 3 Faith
    Whenever you return to Straid, take out the mummies on the same floor as the cells as a priority as if they aggro, they can kill Straid very quickly. Take special care of the Mummy right next to Straid as hitting him will stop him from selling you sorceries, so use a bow / spell to be on the safe side
  • Felkin the OutcastHuntsman’s CopseUndead Refuge bonfire
    Felkin can be found just to the right of the bonfire, sitting on a chair, facing the wall, you will need at least 8 Intelligence and 8 Faith in order for him to sell you his Miracle
  • Stone Trader Chloanne, Harvest Valley, Poison Pool bonfire
    Come out of the small cave where the Poison Pool bonfire is located, then take a right, just up here, on the right will be Stone Trader Chloanne. Exhaust her dialogue to have her relocate to Majula, after which, she will then sell you her Miracle
  • Cromwell the PardonerBrightstone Cove TseldoraChapel Threshold bonfire
    From the bonfire, go forward then right coming back on yourself, cross over to where you fought the Prowling Magus boss then head right to find a ladder. Ascend the ladder to find Cromwell the Pardoner in a room with some Spiders that won’t aggro unless you attack them
  • Chancellor WellagerDrangleic CastleKing’s Gate bonfire
    You will find Chancellor Wellager on the balcony up the first set of stairs after you have opened the main doors to Drangleic Castle, however, in order for him to sell you 2 of his 3 miracles he has available, you will need to get to him on NG++ 
In addition to the NPCs you can purchase Miracles from, you will also need to attain Rank 3 in the Heirs to the Sun Covenant

Click the button below to go to the main game guide and go to the Selfless Giver guide (Insert Button)

You will also need to proceed a fair way through both the Crown of the Old Iron King and the Crown of the Ivory King DLCs in order to collect 2 more Miracles
Below, I will list off all 28 Miracles including the stat requirements needed in order to cast the Miracle

Licia Of Lindeldt

Heal, 1,500 souls
12 Faith
Med Heal, 3,000 souls
18 Faith
Great Heal Excerpt, 4,500 souls
14 Faith
Replenishment, 3,000 souls
16 Faith
Resplendent Life, 4,500 souls
25 Faith
Caressing Prayer, 2,000 souls
15 Faith
Force, 1,800 souls
12 Faith
Lightning Spear, 6,000 souls
22 Faith
Homeward, 2,400 souls
18 Faith
Guidance, 3,700 souls
12 Faith
Soothing Sunlight, Invade Licia
52 Faith
Please Note ~ Ensure you have every other Miracle purchased from Licia before you go for this one as you are going to need to invade and defeat her, making her unavailable until your next playthrough
Go to where Licia is located then stand next to her and use a Crushed Eye Orb, to find this, go to the Undead Crypt, from the Undead Crypt Entrance, go forward as normal, once you have gone through the room with Grave Warden Agdayne, drop down to the left, go forward then ascend the ladder, on the ledge in a chest is the Crushed Eye Orb
Using the Orb, will cause you to invade Licia, defeat her, then loot her to receive the Soothing Sunlight miracle

Straid Of Olaphis

Great Lightning Spear, 13,000 souls

42 Faith
You will need to have retrieved the King’s Ring from the Undead Crypt. Click the button below to be taken to the main game guide then search for King’s Ring for details on on where to acquire the ring
(Insert Button)
Blinding Bolt, Old King Soul, 10,000 souls
65 Faith
Defeat the Old King in the Iron Keep to acquire the Old King Soul, trade this with Straid to acquire the Blinding Bolt miracle
Sacred Oath, Soul of Velstadt, 3,000 souls
25 Faith
Defeat Velstadt in the Undead Crypt to acquire the Soul of Velstadt, trade this with Straid for the Sacred Oath miracles
Unveil, 2,200 souls
13 Faith
Sunlight Blade, 12,400 souls
36 Faith

Felkin The Outcast

Magic Barrier, 2,700 souls

14 Faith

Stone Trader Chloanne

Soul Appease, 8,800 souls

19 Faith

Cromwell The Pardoner

Great Heal, 8,000 souls

28 Faith
Emit Force, 4,200 souls
20 Faith
Heavenly Thunder, 3,300 souls
17 Faith
Perseverance, 3,500 souls
15 Faith

Chancellor Wellager

Bountiful Sunlight, 11,000 souls

38 Faith
This miracle is only available from Chancellor Wellager on NG++
Wrath of the Gods, 8,200 Souls
30 Faith
This miracle is only available from Chancellor Wellager on NG++
Great Magic Barrier, 9,300 souls
28 Faith

Covenant Miracles

Sunlight Spear, Rank 3 Heirs to the Sun Covenant

55 Faith

World Loot Miracles Crown Of The Sunken King DLC

Denial, Dragon’s SanctumDragon’s Sanctum bonfire, Chest

24 Faith
Please Note ~ You will need a Bow with a good supply of Arrows before you can acquire the Denial miracle
From the Dragon’s Sanctum bonfire, jump across the gap onto the ledge, go to the right, across from you will be a circular stone with a small hole, you need to shoot through this hole with an arrow, hitting the switch. This will cause the circular stone to rotate, jump down go up to the circular stone, taking care not to die on the spikes and shoot another switch through the now accessible hole. Afterwards, head back up to the platform (use the ladder) and shoot another switch through the hole unlocking the circular stone. In the now accessible room in a chest is the Denial miracle

World Loot Miracles Crown Of The Ivory King DLC

Splintering Lightning Spear, Frozen Eleum Loyce, Abandoned Dwelling bonfire

50 Faith
From the bonfire, head out across the ice field with the enemies, follow the stair case up to the right, cross the bridge then again, take a right, ascend the staircase. Cross the bridge then take a left once in the small building pass the ballista, take an immediate left, cross yet another bridge then take a right. At the end of this walkway will be a ladder (which may be invisible but still usable if you haven’t recovered the Eye of the Priestess), the ladder is just before you reach the end of the walkway on the right side, ascend the ladder, where you will find a chest, inside of which will be the Splintering Lightning Spear miracle

Once you have acquired all 28 miracles, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock
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