Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Master Of Hexes Trophy Guide

Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin

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Master of Hexes

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Master of Hexes
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Guide Created By ~ Griffin

Here is the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Master Of Hexes Trophy Guide
You will need to collect 23 Hexes in Dark Souls II S.O.T.F.S. Hexes are a strange set of spells for a Dark Souls game as some are cast by a Staff whilst others are cast with a Sacred Chime. As such, in order to cast Hexes, you will need to have a decent amount of stats in both Intelligence and Faith
Every Hex can be acquired in offline mode, which is what this guide will focus on. You will also need to go through all 3 DLC areas, Crown of the Old Iron King, Crown of the Sunken King and the Crown of the Ivory King (all of which are included in the S.O.T.F.S. version of the game)
To equip a Hex, go to any bonfire then attune the spell to the Hex you want to use for the given amount of timed allowed
Hexes are obtainable in a variety of ways, most of them are purchased through several NPCs, here’s a quick overview on how to find each one of the NPCs you will need to find in order to acquire the majority of the Hexes

Straid Of Olaphis

The Lost Bastille, Straid’s Cell bonfire
Straid is found easily if you come back on yourself from The Saltfort bonfire in Sinner’s Rise, even though he is technically in The Lost Bastille. Make your way down and back across the bridge, kill the Mummies and go up the stairs, defeat all of the Mummies up the stairs.
You will then see a 
petrified Straid, blocking the entrance to the left cell. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free him, you will then be able to light and travel back to the Straid’s Cell bonfire. In order for Straid to sell you his spells, you must have at least 3 Intelligence and 3 Faith
Whenever you return to Straid, take out the mummies on the same floor as the cells as a priority as if they aggro, they can kill Straid very quickly. Take special care of the Mummy right next to Straid as hitting him will stop him from selling you sorceries, so use a bow / spell to be on the safe side

Felkin The Outcast

Huntsman’s Copse, Undead Refuge bonfire
Felkin can be found just to the right of the bonfire, sitting on a chair, facing the wall, you will need at least 8 Intelligence and 8 Faith in order for him to sell you his Miracle

Stone Trader Chloanne

Harvest Valley, Poison Pool bonfire
Felkin can be found just to the right of the bonfire, sitting on a chair, facing the wall, you will need at least 8 Intelligence and 8 Faith in order for him to sell you his Miracle

Cromwell The Pardoner

Brightstone Cove Tseldora, Chapel Threshold bonfire
From the bonfire, go forward then right coming back on yourself, cross over to where you fought the Prowling Magus boss then head right to find a ladder. Ascend the ladder to find Cromwell the Pardoner in a room with some Spiders that won’t aggro unless you attack them

Darkdiver Grandahl

Drangleic Castle, King’s Gate bonfire then Under Castle Drangleic bonfire
In order to find Darkdiver Grandahl you need to be a bit clever. Come out of the small room where the bonfire is and take a right, then head over to the top left corner of the room with the statues that come to life, you need to kill one of them as close to the door in the top left corner as you can, the enemy’s soul will the be absorbed by the door allowing it to open. Once inside, walk to the back of the room where the floor will fall away, at the end of this small cave will be Darkdiver Grandahl, speak with him where he will then sell you his Hexes. You can find the Under Castle Drangleic bonfire down here as well. Ensure you light this to make coming back a lot easier

In addition to the Hexes you can acquire from the NPCs, there are 6 scattered throughout the world of Drangleic and the 3 DLC areas.
You will also need to join then get to
Rank 3, the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant. Click the link to go to the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin Abysmal Covenant Trophy Guide for more information on joining the covenant
Below, I will list all 23 Hexes including the stats required to use them

Straid Of Olaphis

Dark Orb

12 Intelligence, 10 Faith
600 Souls

Dark Hail

19 Intelligence
1,500 Souls

Dark Fog

25 Intelligence, 14 Faith
5,200 Souls


40 Intelligence, 24 Faith
11,500 Souls


35 Intelligence, 27 Faith
5,000 Souls
You will need the Giant Lord soul, which you can get in the Memory of Jeigh in the Forest Of Fallen Giants after acquiring the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon in the Dragon Shrine. Trade the soul with Straid for the Repel hex


42 Intelligence, 30 Faith
5,000 Souls
You will need the Old Dead One’s soul (The Rotten), trade this with Straid for the Numbness Hex

Lifedrain Patch

20 Intelligence, 35 Faith
5,000 Souls
You will need the Darklurker soul which you receive for defeating Darklurker who you fight after lighting all 3 fires in the Pilgrims Of Dark covenant side quest. Trade the soul with Straid for the Lifedrain Patch hex

Felkin The Outcast

Dark Weapon

16 Intelligence, 14 Faith
2,700 Souls

Resonant Soul

10 Intelligence, 18 Faith
1,100 Souls

Great Resonant Soul

13 Intelligence, 26 Faith
3,400 Souls

Resonant Flesh

11 Intelligence, 19 Faith
3,400 Souls

Resonant Weapon

15 Intelligence, 42 Faith
4,000 Souls

Cromwell The Pardoner

Scraps Of Life

8 Intelligence, 12 Faith
2,200 Souls

Stone Trader Chloanne

Dead Again

22 Intelligence, 12 Faith
4,000 Souls

Darkdiver Grandahl


12 Intelligence, 21 Faith
4,700 Souls

Profound Still

20 Intelligence, 40 Faith
13,000 Souls

World Loot Hexes

Whisper Of Despair

24 Intelligence, 18 Faith
Grave of SaintsHarval’s Resting Place bonfireCorpse
You will need to have a Pharros Lockstone to acquire this hex, which you can purchase from Merchant Hag Melentia or receive them as rare drops from the Rats in the Grave of Saints. Once you have one, proceed forward from the bonfire, then cross the room, go up the stairs, just to your right will be a Pharros Lockstone contraption, use a Pharros Lockstone on the contraption to lower a bridge. Cross the bridge, go up the stairs where you will find a Corpse holding the Whisper of Despair Hex

Twisted Barricade

38 Intelligence, 25 Faith
Door’s of PharrosGyrm’s Respite bonfireCorpse
Go right from the bonfire, taking care of the Rats in this area quickly as they can inflict Toxic. Proceed through the large cavern aiming for the top right corner, there will be more Toxic Rats in here. Once they’re dealt with, go up the ladder to find the Twisted Barricade Hex on a Corpse

Covenant Hex


30 Intelligence, 47 Faith
Pilgrims of DarkRank 3Drangleic CastleUnder Castle Drangleic bonfire
Reach Rank 3 in the Pilgrim’s of Dark Covenant
In order to get the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant to Rank 3, you will need to work your way through the 3 Abysmal Dungeons that become available after you have spoken with Grandahl once you have found him in Drangleic Castle. These are simple enough, just take care as you make your way through them, once at the end, light the fire to complete that particular dungeon. Complete all 3 Abysmal Dungeons to get the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant to Rank 2
In order to ascend the Covenant to Rank 3, however, you will need to face arguably the toughest boss in the game, The Darklurker, fortunately, it is very weak to lightning, so make very good use of this as you make your way through the fight. Don’t be surprised if this takes you a good number of attempts to complete. It is tough! After you have defeated The Darklurker, return to Darkdiver Grandahl to receive the Climax Hex

World Loot Hexes Crown Of The Sunken King DLC

Promised Walk Of Peace

30 Intelligence, 40 Faith
Shulva, Sanctum CityTower of Prayer bonfire, Corpse
You will need a bow with some arrows equipped for this so ensure you have one. From the bonfire, jump down then make your way left, just before you go into the small building, look across the right side of the area to see a cave. Just to the left of this cave is a switch which is blocked by 3 black statues. Equip your bow and fire a couple arrows to break them, your aim is to hit the switch behind them to raise a platform up. Once you have done so, cross the platform where you will find the Promised Walk Of Peace Hex on a Corpse

Dark Greatsword

55 Intelligence, 29 Faith
Dragon’s SanctumPriestess’ Chamber bonfireChest
Starting from the bonfire, activate the switch to call the elevator then take this down, jumping off on the way down (roughly 3-4 seconds down) where you will be on a small walkway with a corpse one end, turn around from this corpse, walk outside and follow the path around to come to a small room containing a chest, inside of which is the Dark Greatsword Hex

World Loot Hexes Crown Of The Iron King DLC


35 Intelligence, 30 Faith
Brume TowerFoyer bonfireCorpse
From the bonfire, head right go down the ladder and through the passageway. At the end, you want to go down the ladder where you will be invaded by Quicksword Rachel. Despatch her then open the second door on the left, in this small room will be the Recollection Hex on a Corpse

World Loot Hexes Crown Of The Ivory King DLC

Dark Dance

22 Intelligence, 60 Faith
Frozen Eleum Loyce, Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, Corpse
Make your way out from the bonfire taking a right crossing the field where the enemies are. Instead of going up the stairs at the end, go right before the stairs to pass a tree. Take a right at the end and a right again. Stay to the left to be on a large snow mound. On which will be a Corpse holding the Dark Dance Hex

Collect all 23 Hexes to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

That’s the guide complete, I hope it helps you get the Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin, Master Of Hexes Trophy / Achievement
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